Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Big Five: Autism, Alzheimer, Androgyny, ADHD & Anxiety

Disclaimer:  The following article is not intended in any way to step on the toes of Big Pharma.  I'm simply not that courageous -- or that wealthy.

     In these modern times in America, there appears to be five relatively new, common and major changes in the way that many of our human brains function.  In alphabetical order, they are ADHD, Alzheimers, androgyny, anxiety and autism.

     "But Jane," you might say, "there really hasn't been any real increase in these five types of human brain function.  Science has simply gotten better at detecting and recording them."  That could be true.  Take for instance the brain-pattern change in Americans that we now call ADHD.  I'm sure we've always had hyperactive kids.  It's just that now we medicate them instead of letting them run loose on the farm.

     And I also hear that Isaac Newton was autistic -- as were Michelangelo, DaVinci and many other geniuses in the past that were never diagnosed back in the day.

     As for Alzheimers, they used to just call it "senile dementia," right?  And in the days of Oscar Wilde, androgyny was always kept in the shadows (or else in the jails).  And back in my grandmother's day, anxiety was also kept in the closet -- or else quietly referred to as a "nervous breakdown".

     So maybe there hasn't been a major increase in autism, anxiety, Alzheimers, ADHD and androgyny after all -- and the highly-intensified use of various new brands of medications and vaccines and GMOs and food processings and pollutions really do have nothing to do with any of this stuff. 

     It just seems that way.


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