Tuesday, December 27, 2022

JFK, the Middle East, inflation & Ukraine: Has America become a serial killer?


JFK, the Middle East, inflation & Ukraine: Has America become a serial killer?

      "Jane, you gotta be nuts to ask a question like that," you might say at this point.  But somebody's got to ask it.  The actual glaring truth is that if America were a person instead of a country, it would long ago been thrown in jail to rot forever.  America would have gone down in criminal history along with Son of Sam and Jeffry Dahmer.  Just look at the facts.

     Many of America's best and brightest have been systematically murdered whenever they dare stick their heads up while playing our cruel Whack-a-Mole game that passes for politics here.  And we also have a strong record of electing the scum of the earth to highest office as well.
  Take a look at George Herbert Walker Bush for instance.  It's always the quiet polite boy next door that everyone finds it hard to believe is a serial killer -- and yet just look at the horrors committed by the CIA under his watch.  Shudders go up my spine just even thinking about all those bodies that got chopped up in GHW Bush's secret cannibalized basements back then.

      "But, Jane, you can't say stuff like that!"  Even if it's true?

      George Herbert Walker came from a good family.  Always polished his shoes.  And yet John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered on his watch.  And then there was also the Soviet Union debacle while Bush was Prez.  Millions died.  "But you can't pin all those evil Russian oligarchs' crimes on him!"  I can and I will.

    Back in 1987, Reagan and Gorbachev cut a deal.  Gorbachev came to Reagan and said, "I too hate the Soviet Union.  Let's end this mess and then Russia and America can become friendly trading partners."  Funny how that didn't happen on George Herbert Walker Bush's watch, once he got elected to the resolute desk in 1988 after shamelessly libeling and slandering Michael Dukakis.  Instead Gorbachev's hopeful Russian bride also got chopped up and slow-cooked in the crock pot by Yeltsen's oligarchs -- on Bush's instructions.  Yuck!    

      When Bill Clinton took office, Yugoslavia got slow-cooked too.

     Then came 9-11 on George Junior's watch.  We're still not allowed to talk about that either.  Then there was Afghanistan and Iraq.  More millions found their way into America's crock pot.  "We'll bring democracy to the Iraqis," proclaimed George Herbert Walker's nitwit son Dubya.  Instead, Iraq was brutally raped and slow-cooked.  Like father, like son.

      Next came Barack Obama, a most welcome change.  No more Son of Sam leading America's greatness.  The crock pot could now be stored in the closet and no more young damsels would be lured to the basement?  Dream on.  Libya, Yemen, Palestine (again) and Syria got slow-cooked too.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Is it dinner time yet?

     "But what about Trump?" you might logically ask next.  Honestly?  I think that he might have deluded himself that he could finally stop America from opening that basement door wider -- but then Trump chickened out.  Or was bribed.

       Not to be outdone with regard to America's Most Wanted, our very own Federal Reserve then swung into action and started luring Yuppies and Millennials off the streets and into its own version of the all-American slow cooker.  "But the Federal Reserve is so clean-cut and wholesome," you might reply.  Yeah then why have so many Americans become bankrupt and/or homeless on its watch?  And why is that crock pot in the basement still plugged in?  Inflation is no accident.  Serial killers are at it again.  Watch your back.

     And just look at what America is up to now.  Even now, almost none of its clueless citizens can believe that America is a serial killer.  "Sanction Russia" we now cry -- when all along we shoulda sanctioned George Herbert Walker Bush the day after Kennedy was shot.  Or hauled GWB off to San Quentin the day that the Twin Towers fell.  Or arrested Biden the day that he started giving Zelensky $1,600,000 an hour in order to keep the Federal Reserve's Ponzi scheme going.  Instead, Biden coulda given that money to us.  Nope, now we're in the crock pot too.  


     Because we failed to keep our eyes out for all those innocent-looking serial killers with well-polished shoes.
PS:  Now that "just three weeks to flatten the curve" has somehow miraculously stretched into over 146 weeks -- and now that most Americans have been jabbed and boostered again and again with "safe and effective" vaccines for the past 720 days, why are our friends and neighbors still suffering and/or dying from COV$D?  Even Jeffry Dahmer and Son of Sam working together couldn't have accomplished that feat!

     And now our very own sweet-faced innocent-looking Anthony Fauci and his quietly-polite playmate Bill Gates clearly can't be trusted near any basement doors or slow cookers either.


Netflix just made a movie about Jeffrey Dahmer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVHHs-xllqo

As for Big Pharma, I think that my brain might explode if I took on even one more American Serial Killer right now.  But at least the new mRNA jabs don't contain aluminum:  https://thehighwire.com/videos/aluminum-expert-unearths-likely-cause-of-alzheimers/

Then there's that freak-fest in Ukra$ne.  I shouldn't even be posting this because the Ukrainian speaker in it looks so, er, Ukrainian.  But I just can't resist Scott Ritter:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTebcdUHolc
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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Dying of COV$D: How "misinformation" saved my life

Dying of COV$D: How "misinformation" saved my life

     While camping in the Sierra mountains two weeks ago, I almost froze my arse off.  Not a good look for me.  Not at all.  "Your nose is blue," said my camping buddy.  Take me back to civilization!  Too late.  I had already caught a chill.

     Went to work the next night.   Felt like hell.  Everything kept violently spinning and spinning whenever I opened my eyes.  "Make it stop!"  Failed a PCR test.  What!  After spending over 1008 days traveling all over the entire freaking world in perfect health, has the dread COV$D monster finally snared me in its evil grip?  That's just weird.

     Three days later, the assistant manager of my apartment complex came to inspect something or other in my unit and found me semi-conscious, collapsed on the bathroom floor, almost dying.

     Ambulances were called.  
     "Don't touch me, don't move me, just let me write out my last will and testament and then shoot me!" I cried as the room continued to spin and spin.  My ears hurt.  The room spun.  I was unable to move.  So much pain.  Did I really have the dread COV$D?  That will teach me to blithely play the fool.  Millions have already died of COV$D.  Was it now my turn?

     At the hospital ER, they could do absolutely nothing helpful.  "You must have vertigo."  Fine.  Just put me out of my pain.  They shot me up with Ofirmev, Benadryl, Omnipaque, Toradol, Adivert, Reglan, Zofran and a huge bag full of saline solution.  Big Pharma's whole warehouse of weapons went into my arm.  Nothing. 

     "Anything to stop the pain!" I kept begging like the wimp that I was, mentally preparing myself to welcome the Grim Reaper. 

     They gave me a CT scan.  They gave me an electrocardiogram.  They gave me another PCR test.  "You must have COV$D," my ER doc finally decided.  "All we can do now is admit you to the COV$D ward and give you Remdesivir."

     Remdesiver?  Holy shite!  Suddenly I pulled myself back from Walking Toward the Light.  "Isn't that the stuff they invented to cure Ebola, only to discover that Remdesivir was actually more deadly than Ebola?"  The doctor just shrugged.  Remdesivir is almost a death sentence!  
     Since I'm obviously going to die anyway, let me just go home and die in my bed.  Let the Evil Globalist Bastards take over the world without me.  The Davo$ Boyz, the Federal Re$erve and all those other big men with slick hair and private jets can now run the planet without me.   I.  Don't.  Care.  Because, unlike the rest of you suckers, I'll be dead.  "Goodbye cruel world."  But somehow I managed to escape the COV$D ward and run for (what was left of) my pathetic life.

      And then a miracle happened, a miracle called "friends".  One friend showed up with chicken soup.  One friend gave me an acupressure massage.  One friend brought me pumpkin pie.  Another helped wash my hair.  A call went out on the internet to our local anti-vaxxers, the ones who get ridiculed regularly by Rachel Maddow, Jimmy Kimmel and their other cronies on the MSM.

      While being force-fed with chicken soup wasn't enough -- it was a good start.  And then even more "misinformation" started rolling in.  Thank God!  But what really saved me was the Queen of Misinformation herself.  Remember that nursery rhyme they used to sing to us?  "In came the doctor.  In came the nurse.  In came the Lady with the Alligator Purse."  And the lady with the alligator purse herself somehow ended up on my doorstep.

     "Your blood pressure is low, your blood oxygen is shocking, your blood sugar is definitely not good.  We need to bring in the big guns here."  Fine with me.  Maybe I wouldn't mind not dying after all.  I could finish writing my next novel?

       She pulled out some Ivermectin.  "Horse-dewormer."  Ta-da!  I was never so glad to see horse de-wormer in my life.  What else was in there?  Hydroxychloroquine, the med that only fools, Trumpers and COV$D survivors believe in -- and also a homeopathic remedy called carbo vegetabilis.  You know homeopathy?  The latest stuff that Congress is desperately trying to outlaw?  And the alligator purse also contained some sort of concoction that the MSM has told us is as dangerous as swallowing bleach.

       Then I was also given the usual "misinformation" superstars such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, zinc, quercetin, NAC, serrapeptase, potassium, an herbal immuno-complex, hawthorn, glutathione, and melatonin to help me sleep.  All the stuff that Big Pharma hates and FaceBook "fact-checkers" hate too. 

     The alligator purse appeared to be bottomless -- filled to the brim with misinformation heresy.  "Do you want to live or don't you?"  Sure, why not.  The misinformation treatments continued.  My blood-oxygen levels shot up.  My eyes stopped glazing over.  The room finally stopped spinning.  I could almost even walk to the bathroom by myself.

      Long story short?  I'm alive and well today due to "misinformation".

PS:  In contrast, last week a local man who I know had also gotten really sick.  He went to the hospital.  They gave him "Run, Death is Near," many nurses' generic name for Remdesivir.  They put him on a vent.  Last thing I heard, his blood oxygen levels were 45 and he was dying.  But at least the poor schmuck isn't misinformed!  And Big Pharma is making a profit.  And FaceBook's fact-checkers highly approve of his treatment.    

PPS:  Did I even have COV$D or not?  My hospital test results are kinda confusing.  The report sez I tested positive -- but also "presumptive positive or inconclusive."  Huh?  Then the report goes on to say, "While various diseases and conditions may be discussed in an imaging report, this does not indicate a disease is present.  An imaging report may describe common variations of normal anatomy, as well as possible disease, and can only be interpreted in the context of a patient's medical history, examination, and other test results."

     Now I'm really confused.


How to survive your hospital visit -- more times than we would like to admit, our hospitals don't even have a clue as to what they are doing:  https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/good-morning-chd/protocol-kills-protecting-your-rights-at-the-hospital/

"Pizza!" said the Lady with the Alligator Purse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B840Xxf4Hl8

Then there's the even more intense dangers to our lives from the Deep State, central banking, etc. that even an Alligator Purse won't cure.  Please check out Scott Ritter and Greg Mannarino: 


       Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.  And while you're at it, please buy my books https://www.amazon.com/Jane-Stillwater/e/B00IW6O1RM%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share