Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fiendish ISIS beheaders or high-tech Israeli neo-Nazis? Which are worse?

    On the one hand, ISIS barbarians sweep through Syria and Iraq, beheading civilians and soldiers with swords, axes and machetes as they go.  On the other hand, Israeli neo-Nazis use modern sophisticated high-tech warhead blitzkrieg missiles to murder defenseless women, innocent children and even donkeys and goats in Gaza.

    Which is worse?

    ISIS just executed 50 Syrian soldiers by chopping off their heads and impaling the heads on spikes  Israeli neo-Nazis recently blew up six Egyptian soldiers -- just by pushing a button.

    Which is worse?

    Libyan mobs killed Muammar Gaddafi and our American ambassador by hand  Israeli neo-Nazis slaughtered more than 200 children from afar.

    Which is worse?

    20 Saudis blew up the World Trade Center, killing approximately 4,000 Americans.  Israeli neo-Nazis used their AIPAC lobbying power in Congress, the White House and the New York Times to get America into various brutal and unnecessary wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, killing approximately 6,000 American soldiers and one million Iraqis and Afghans, most of them civilians.

    Which is worse?

    German Nazis during WWII loaded Jews, gypsies and gays onto box cars, shot them, gassed them and made lampshades from their skin.  Israeli neo-Nazis don't go to all that trouble.  They just blow up helpless women and children in Gaza while lounging around in their La-Z-Boy recliners at Dimona.

    Which is worse?

PS:  Whether the killing is done by ISIS, Libyan mobs, Taliban extremists, Hamas defending the children of Gaza from slaughter, or Israeli neo-Nazis, you can be fairly certain that the American military-industrial complex and/or AIPAC's congressional lobby had a hand in the killing somehow -- either by supplying the weapons, training the killers or secretly egging them on.

PPS:  Someone suggested that we might have a "Hunger Games" kind of contest here, where judges select which type of mass murder they think is worse.  But I say no to that idea.  Why?  Because whether you are a victim of hand-made cottage-industry slaughter or a victim of high-tech mass genocide, dead is dead.  Let the souls of the innocent dead victims themselves judge our actions here.

    Whether you are an innocent child awaiting certain death in Auschwitz or in Gaza, how would you chose to die?  Or would you choose to not die at all?

    "Did anyone in a position of power in America, Israel or the UN even try to prevent our horrible and painful deaths?" ask our ghostly judges -- who then vote thumbs down for the whole lot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The United Nations is dead: It did not stop the slaughter

    Remember the League of Nations?  Of course you don't.  It is dead in the water.  Why?  Because it could not, would not and did not stop World War II.  Remember Guernica?  Remember Warsaw?  Remember that horrible and heartless bombing of London that went on and on?  The League of Nations did not stop the slaughter.

    But what is even more shamefully dead right now than the failed and pathetic League?  The United Nations. 

    The UN just stood around with its finger up its nose as Iraq was destroyed, Afghanistan was blown up, Libya was demolished, Syria ran red with blood, eastern Ukraine was turned into twisted bone and steel; while Chile, Haiti, East Timor, Bosnia, Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Honduras, Lebanon, Vietnam, Cambodia and Guatemala were tortured.  And now Gaza has become a slaughterhouse of such epic creulty that its grisly and unjustifiable death has gone far beyond war crimes -- the blitzkrieg of London pales in proportion.

    Under-funded and bound and gagged by the war-mongers who control it, the United Nations is now dead in the water.  And America's heart and soul has died with it.

    Here is a videotape of Joan Rivers, who used to be an American comic, hysterically screaming for more and more bloodshed in Gaza.  It's painful to watch.  "They started it!"  No, the Palestinians did not start it.  Palestinians have been being systematically slaughtered in their own land for the last 65 years.  They have no right to fight back?  Not according to Joan Rivers -- or apparently not according to the United Nations either.

    Here is a videotape of eastern Ukraine being flattened shamelessly by American-backed neo-Nazis. 

    Here is a videotape of American-backed ISIS foreign fighters beheading Syrian Christians (caution: graphic).  And then ISIS moved on to rape Mosul in Iraq.

    And here is a videotape of an entire city in Gaza being completely demolished by American-backed neo-Nazis in less than an hour.  Hundreds of homes destroyed.  Children and horses and ladies blown up like they didn't even matter, had no right to live.

    This is worse than London, worse than Guernica.

    And who pays for all this slaughter?  You and me.  Our souls too are dead in the water unless every man, woman and child in America drops everything immediately and marches on the Pentagon in protest -- until all our money stops pouring into the coffers of death-peddlers.

    And where is Ban Ki Moon, the UN's secretary general, during all of this slaughter?  Happily drinking coffee at Starbucks in New York?  He should be out picketing the Pentagon too.  And the White House.  And Congress.  And Halliburton and Boeing.  And that CIA fortress at Langley too -- if he ever wants to keep his job and save the United Nations from becoming just another tragic footnote to history, just another League.  Or to save his own soul.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Obama & Congress sitting in a tree, spending our money to kill babies

[Author's note:  Yes, I know that I should be grateful that John McCain wasn't elected in 2008 because he would have had America in the middle of WW III by now and there probably would have been bunkers and anti-aircraft missile launchers (and also lots of American dead babies) outside my bedroom window instead of just robins, but still...we are already up to our necks in wars, proxy wars and dead babies as it is -- and I'm sick of it.]

    President Obama and Congress may hate each other's guts regarding a whole lot of domestic issues -- but with regard to foreign policy, Obama and Congress just can't kiss each other's butts fast enough when it comes to agreeing to kill as many babies as humanly possible in as many foreign countries as they possibly can.  And ASAP.

    Obama and Congress spend American taxpayers' money on killing babies in foreign lands like there is no tomorrow; as if all our hard-earned money could just magically and automatically replenish itself overnight like some magical ATM that never stops working, an inexhaustible resource that has no limits or end.

    "Seven trillion dollars gone forever?  No problem.  It'll grow back.  The important thing here is to keep producing all those dead babies."  Can't stop now.  There are still a few left alive.

    In Haiti, dead babies.  "They all would have died in fifty or sixty years anyway."

    In Ukraine, dead babies.  "But those babies were rebels, clearly red-diaper babies!"

    Afghanistan's dead babies keep piling up like cordwood.  "We thought they were Taliban!  Diapers, not head-cloths?  Nah."

    Dead babies in Iraq, murdered by ISIS, weaponized and trained by Obama and Congress.  "Just collateral damage that got in the way of the oil.  Again.  Pesky babies."

    Dead babies in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and, hopefully, Iran next.  "Those babies possessed WMDs!"

    Dead babies in Libya, Egypt, Africa and Palestine.  "Ah, the smell of dead babies in the morning."

    Dead babies in Honduras.  "They won't be camping at our borders any more -- because they will be dead."

    And don't forget poor bleeding Syria, where Congress and Obama happily released the Kraken, er, ISIS on all kinds of babies that used to be living.  "Those babies were dictators!  They had to go!"

    And now Obama and Congress have solemnly shaken hands and agreed that Palestine and Gaza both need more dead babies too.

    "The only difference between the
'shooting fish in a barrel' attack on the USS Liberty and the 'shooting fish in a barrel' attack on Gaza is that there were no babies on board the USS Liberty.  What a waste."

    And even as we speak, Obama and Congress still tirelessly continue to work together, constantly dragging gigantic bags of gold coins over to the Pentagon; hundreds of thousands of black bags that contain over half of all the money that we Americans will ever earn in our lifetimes -- huge black bags of gold, all clearly labeled "Dead Baby Fund".

    I want no part of any of this.

    Do you?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ukraine, Negroponte & missiles -- oh my!

    Poor Ukraine just can't seem to catch a break. 

    Its ancient history reads like a whole patchwork quilt of disaster stories and its modern history gets even worse.  First there was that insanely terrible Ukraine famine of 1932-33, artificially manufactured by Joseph Stalin in order to forestall a revolt.  And in just those two short years, 25,000 Ukrainians a day died of starvation -- until more than 10 million people were dead.

    Then Hitler's Nazis killed 150,000 Jewish Ukrainians at Babi Yar and used eastern Ukraine as a bloody staging area for the siege of Stalingrad.  3.5 million Soviet soldiers died in Nazi prison camps during World War II and many of those soldiers were local boys.  Ultimately, more than five million Ukrainians died fighting Nazi Germany and most of Ukraine's 1.5 million Jews were wiped out.  Poor Ukraine!

    Then Chernobyl blew up.

    Then there was a series of corruption scandals, assassinations, price de-regulations, worker strikes, coal mine explosions and a 3.5 billion deficit to deal with during the 1990s, and the new Ukraine republic was destabilized to the point where its major exports became online porn, mail-order brides and Mafioso types running protection rackets in Sacramento.

    Then there was that famous CIA-backed "Orange Revolution" in 2004, yet another total disaster -- followed this year by Kiev's famous beer hall putsch.

    Geez Louise, why can't our CIA ever come up with a plan that Americans can be proud of?

    The 2014 neo-Nazi putsch in Kiev, the various resultant slaughters of Resistance fighters in eastern Ukraine and the recent shooting down of Malaysia's MH17 all seem to have one thing in common:  Like any other CIA-backed "nation-building" operation throughout the known world, they are all sort of shadowy, shady and hard to define.  However, I am certainly going to try to define them.

    To try to understand the pattern of what just happened in Ukraine, you first gotta to go all the way back to Central America during Ronald Reagan's reign and climb into the mind of John Negroponte -- a one-trick-pony kind of guy whose major contribution to America's international diplomatic policy was the judicious use of snipers and other Trojan-horse-style agitators to initiate various casus-belli false-flag operations.

    And since that time when all Hell was unleashed on Central America thanks to John Negroponte (and we still have all those kids at our borders to prove it too), wherever there has been any kind of protests against CIA policy throughout the world, our John's dead-eye sniper dudes would show up on the sly, take out a few key people on both sides and then just sit back and watch the fun as both sides began to tear each other apart. 

    Negroponte's signature handiwork soon became available in Iraq, for instance, happily starting wars between Sunnis and Shias. 

    And even before Iraq received the benefit of Negroponte's ingenious full monty, there was also the bloody aftermath of 9-11 -- wherein some crazy Saudi dudes blew up the Twin Towers and Negroponte's homeys then blamed it on Afghanistan.  And we taxpayers are still paying for that one.

    And wasn't Negrgoponte's can't-fail modus operandi also employed in Syria too?  And Scotland?  And Gaza?  But I digress.

    It's almost 100% certain that Negroponte's brain-children were also at play during the Ukraine protests in Maidan Square last winter too, when both police and protestors were shot at by snipers.  And the result?  Kiev's very own beer-hall putsch and seizure of the government by pro-CIA thugs.  Poor Ukraine.

    The breadbasket of eastern Europe and a jewel in anybody's crown is now once again wracked by war and killing and death.  And the Odessa Steps run red with blood.  Again.

    "So get to your point, Jane." 

    What am I really trying to say here?  That perhaps Negroponte and his ballistic-favoring minions have now taken his sniper-attack method of starting conflicts to a whole new level -- and are now using long-range missiles instead of long-range rifles to get the dance started?  And thus shooting down the Malaysia airline and blaming it on Russia or Ukrainian Resistance fighters is an idea that he and/or his CIA buddies would definitely come up with?  Just saying. 

PS:   According to several MSM reports regarding the deadly missile that shot down Malaysia MH17, apparently the Russians did it.  Apparently Russian bad guys loaded a BUK missile onto a truck, drove through the night like Humphrey Bogart, arrived in eastern Ukraine, set up the equipment, fired at the plane and then high-tailed it back to Russia, not even stopping for coffee or to blow up anything else on their way back.
    That doesn't make any sense. 

    Russia wouldn't benefit at all from doing something like this -- but who else had means, motive and opportunity?  Let's ask our John.
    And blaming it on Ukrainian Resistance fighters doesn't make any sense either.  They haven't done anything like this before or since.  Why just this one time?

as anyone asked this one simple question yet?  "Has the Resistance shot anything else out of the sky with missiles besides just this one plane?"  Have any fighter jets, helicopters, dragons, pterodactyls or sea serpents been shot down by the Resistance as well?  Or was it only this just one lucky shot from, perhaps, some out-of-control pissed-off Ukrainian Resistance fighter's high-powered BB gun super-soaker