Saturday, October 13, 2018

Immigrants: Indians are finally taking back America?

     Well, what do you know?  The buffalo are gone from the Great Plains, 100 million Native Americans are dead, Lakota lands are now being stolen by oil companies, most A.I.M. leaders are either murdered or wrongfully in jail, and Chief Joseph will fight no more forever.  The Indian Wars are truly over.

     Or are they?

     There appears to be a new breed of Native American that has started the Indian Wars all over again -- reluctant warriors.

     Was it Sitting Bull who traveled to Washington DC, saw how many White men there were back there and said, "Holy cow!  These white-eyes are everywhere!  We're never going to get our lands back!"  And although Sitting Bull defended his Lakota family with all his heart and soul, it was no use.  There were just too many White men grabbing up his homeland.

     But now the tide appears to have turned -- as a whole new group of Native Americans are currently pouring into the USA in great numbers, thousands a day, coming up from the south to reclaim Native lands.

     "Who me?" say the immigrants.  "I'm only just looking for a job here.  Whatda ya got?"  Stoop labor?  Meat packing?  Trench diggers and roofers?  Nannies and maids?  "Count me in."

     Who knew that our red-skinned brothers from the south would come here to right a great wrong, to take back stolen lands?

     "Not me," say the immigrants.  And yet the thing speaks for itself.  So what's the story here?  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you?  Nope.  "What goes around comes around."

     But it really doesn't have to be like this -- all this "us versus them" bull dookie, yet another unnecessary repeat of America's infamous genocidal policy modeled after George Armstrong Custer and Hitler's rantings in Mein Kampf.

     There is a better way.

     We can all learn from each other.

          It has been scientifically proven that wherever cultures and races interact nicely, we can always see new talents, insights, solutions and ideas being born.  To quote one of America's greatest philosophers, "Please won't you be my neighbor...."

PS:  I'll be going to El Paso in early November to work on the Beto O'Rourke campaign (who in their right mind would even consider voting for sleazy Ted Cruz?)  And does anyone know the location of any I.C.E. slave-labor camps down there that I can picket while I'm in El Paso?  In the spirit of Crazy Horse?

      I know that there is a grossly-huge tent-city concentration camp for young Native American children at Tormillo but don't know how to get down there.  Would Uber give me a Lyft?  These camps are truly horrid -- but the good news is that all those useless white tents that were left over surplus from the "war" on Iraq can now be happily sold to us gullible taxpayers (again).

     I also plan to visit Juarez while I'm down there.  Any hot tips on the best taco places to visit in Juarez?  And does Juarez have a Yelp site these days?


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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Wasteland: How our Good Ole Boy network is taking America down

     Hey, you!  Yes, you.  The person in front of me right now -- sitting at your computer or punching buttons on your SmartPhone.  Are you happy with your life as it currently is?  "Sure." 

     But what will you think about it ten years from now?  After ten more grim and static years of endless "war," corrupt judges, climate catastrophe, job outsourcing, growing homelessness and allowing the Good Ole Boy network to run our country?

     What chance for a happy life will you have then?  Frankly?  It will suck to be you.

     The wealthy old farts who run America now?  They have no vision.  For them it is only and always just "grab and go".  How long, exactly, do you think that will last?  How long before they grab and run with your own life as well, mess with it, steal all the nutrients out of it, suck it dry -- until you will be lucky to score even some low-life job at the Walmart or be cannon fodder in some bug-infested jungle somewhere?  Or be pole-dancing at some exclusive hunting lodge in Texas?  Or eating cat food out of a jar?  Or....

     Are you getting my point here yet?  That America's good ole boy network, with its Super PACs and its lobbyists in the White House and Congress and its power over our judicial system?  These good ole boys simply do not know how to create.  They only know how to destroy.  And just exactly how long do you honestly think that America (and you) will survive with these misanthropes and cavemen at the helm, slashing and burning like the pirates they are?

     Seriously?  Would you really want to be alive ten years from now?  In a world where creativity is the enemy, where freedom is frowned upon and where dirty old men hold the future of our world in their small-minded, greedy, uncalloused and blood-stained hands?  Where America has become a non-productive wasteland?

    We outsiders, we millennials, we women and Blacks and immigrants and children and Native Americans and grandmothers?  We have been burned in the past.  We are being burned right now.  But are we truly going to stand by and get burned in the future as well?


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Friday, October 05, 2018

R-E-S-P-C-T: No one's gonna take the Supreme Court seriously any more

     Sadly, Aretha Franklin is dead.  And, sadly, the Supreme Court's reputation is gonna be dead too -- when Brett Kavanaugh becomes one of its justices.  There's only so many times that the Supremes can viciously "sock it to" American democracy and still even pretend to be a respected and venerable organization.

      To paraphrase the Queen of Soul herself, several Supreme Court justices have already become "no-good heart breakers, liars and cheats" after illegally handing over the White House to George W. Bush in 2000 and then handing America over to carpetbaggers after the "Citizens United" decision.  Not to mention the Clarence Thomas scandal.  Nah, let's go ahead and mention it!  Anita Hill was right.

     Allowing someone like visibly-unhinged Brett Kavanaugh to join the Supreme Court is only going be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  Here is a man who not only went ballistic in full public view but, in just one short paragraph of his speech before the Senate judicial committee, used the I-word nine different times.  As they say, the word T-E-A-M has no "I" in it -- and neither does the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  We're screwed.

     To quote the immortal Aretha again, "I get tired, keep on tryin' -- you're runnin' out of foolin' and I ain't lyin'."  Kavanagh lied to us under oath?  This perjurer is gonna make the perfect next link in that "Chain of Fools" already on the Supreme Court.

      America needs to "Think" about what, exactly, it expects from our highest court -- and then demand only "Do-right-all-night" judges.  Otherwise there "Ain't no way" that our Supreme Court will ever get any respect from decent Americans again -- and that's just sad.

PS:  I also got no respect for elected representatives who take big bucks from lobbyists, government heads of state who lie through their teeth (Bibi Netanyahu immediately comes to mind -- but who else?), FBI agents who lied about Leonard Peltier, propagandists who try to make us hate Syria/Russia/Yemen/immigrant children/Black people for fun and profit, any man who doesn't "make me feel like a natural woman" -- and all of those greedy bastards in Washington.  I've "Never loved a man" who put greed above morality.

     Isn't it time for us to stop tolerating all these lies and corruption, demand some core virtues from our leaders and take the "Freeway of Love" instead?

PPS:  The USA has just spent hundreds of billions of dollars on an airplane that doesn't even work?  Wow, just wow.  How many thousands of squandered dollars per US taxpayer is that?  Math is not my strong point -- but even I can figure out that it has been money totally wasted.  They shoulda spent some of that money on vetting future Supreme Court justices instead.

      And America's closest ally in the Arab world is currently in danger of becoming a failed state due to its own legendary corruption.  Ultimately, no human being anywhere has any R-E-S-P-E-C-T for corruption in government -- either at home or abroad.  "Every chain has got a weak link."  And with all its own moral corruption, America itself could possibly become the next failed state.


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