Sunday, February 26, 2017

What if every car in the world stopped running today?
     What would happen if every single car in the world suddenly stopped running?  What would you do?  You'd have to walk to the nearest farm for your produce.  Or start growing it yourself in your own back yard.  "I could probably do the farming gig okay, but what about stuff like iPhones and toilet paper?" you might ask.  "Where could we get that?"  Living without toilet paper might become our next greatest fear -- but at least we'd have clean air.  

    What would happen if the Federal Reserve was suddenly eliminated?  All those dollar bills that say "Federal Reserve" on them in big block letters would suddenly become obsolete.  But at least we wouldn't have trillions of dollars in digital pretend-money zooming around cyberspace and then crash-landing into the world's largest banks instead of into our own pockets where they belong.

    Immigrants are now and always have been the fresh lifeblood of America's work force.  The Prez should be banning the Federal Reserve instead of immigrants.

     What if no one could procreate any more, starting with the very next time that anyone had sex?  Yikes!  No more babies?  That would be hard.  The innocence and joy of a baby is the best gift in the world.  But at least the children we still have now would be cherished, there wouldn't be so many throw-away children any more and we would think twice before dropping bombs on babies in the Middle East and starving all those little kids in Africa.  Perhaps we would actually start treasuring the children we have now -- more carefully than gold.

     What if there suddenly wasn't any government any more?  Apparently President Trump is picking his new cabinet based almost solely on the criteria that each Secretary he picks positively hates the agency or department that he or she is now in control of?  No more schools, post offices, affordable housing, paper money, infrastructure, workers' rights, national parks, justice, healthcare, whatever.  Good luck with that one.

       What if, suddenly, there are no more worries about climate change -- because it has already arrived and human beings are already dying by the millions?  I have a friend in Alaska.  She said, "Winter in Alaska isn't any fun any more.  All the snow is melted and we only have slush."  Really?  All of it has melted?  In Alaska, formerly known as America's icebox?  "Well, there isn't a whole lot of it left."  And it's clearly going to go downhill from there.

     And what if, suddenly, there isn't any more [so-called] war?  No more nuclear weapons, drones, tanks, sarin gas, napalm, ICBMs, F-16s, assault rifles, DU blasters or cluster bombs for us to spend our money on.  "Jane, now you are just being silly.  The weapons industry is the only industry we've got left these days.  Think of all those people without jobs!"

     "Hey, maybe they could grow vegetables?  Work in a toilet-paper factory?"  That would be nice.

PS:  Here are some URL links with regard to why we need to stop all of America's "wars" and also stop all that shrill propaganda we constantly get bombarded with, trying to drive us into so-called wars like we were just so many cattle that could be prodded into their pens and slaughterhouses.  For instance, who knew that an ISIS propaganda film, "The White Helmets," would win an Oscar?


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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gambling on the darkness after Trump

     I'm still here in Las Vegas, covered in neon and surrounded by false hopes.  But still and all, riding up and down The Strip in the front seat of the Deuce bus at night is magical, almost like Christmas; there are that many colored lights.

     But the towering Trump building here, rather like Trump's foreign policy, is pretty much in darkness at this point.  Why is that?  Some say that it is because he forgot to apply for a casino license.  I should wander over there tomorrow and find out.  Investigative reporting at its best.

     Many of the things that President Trump is doing right now are also foolhardy, forgetful and half-baked.  Many of the things that he is doing right now are also divisive, dangerous and even downright un-Christian and mean.  However, he is doing one important thing right -- he is going after the CIA.

     You remember the CIA, don't you?  The folks who gave us the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam debacle, the tortured nightmares of African and Latin American dictatorships one after another and that tragic mess in the Middle East

    I wouldn't put it past the CIA to have had a hand in creating 9-11 either but still can't prove it -- at this point.

     So. Trump stands up to the CIA.  Gotta give him snaps for that.  But going against the CIA is now (and always has been) a big fat no-no inside the Beltway, and so Trump will have to pay for his mistake -- hopefully not with his life.  Hopefully his sudden retirement will not involve plutonium or shoes made out of cement.

     And then suddenly Trump will be gone.  Just like that.  And then the American media will be all cheering at the top of its lungs -- gambling on the mistaken idea that what comes after Trump will be better than him.  That the CIA and the Deep State will suddenly start being kind to both us peons and to American democracy once Trump is gone.

     But, as they say in Las Vegas, that will be one sucker bet.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We are ALL living under the Oroville Dam...
     We are all living within miles of Fukushima's deadly radiation right now.

     We are all victims of those crazy Beltway war-mongers' Shock and Awe.

      We all have our homes built right under the Oroville Dam

     We all live within view of the next huge DAPL oil spill.

     We all drink the same lead-poisoned water as the children of Flint, Michigan.

     We all live where the Land's never free and only the Homeless are brave.

PS:  I am in Las Vegas right now, staying at CircusCircus, eating street tacos, happily playing the nickel slots -- and have actually won $20.25.  But there are certain gambles with our human environment that I am just not willing to take.


        Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

 Let's attack Saudi Arabia's oil (too)

Author's note:  I am being ironic here and perhaps even downright satirical -- if you haven't guessed already.  Actually, I think that killing other human beings is ghoulish, sadistic, counterproductive and only one step short of cannibalism.  But lying about it is even worse.


     If it was true that what America wants and needs most right now is access to more oil, then let's stop farting around and head straight to the Mother Lode of oil itself -- Saudi Arabia.

     Why the freak are we wasting our time squabbling over dribs and drabs of Black Gold by attacking those poor sweet unarmed Sioux Indians at Standing Rock?  That makes no sense at all when we could be attacking Saudi Arabia, the queen bee of Black Gold herself.

     Why are we turning our good neighbor Canada into a tar-sands-pit wasteland while trying to get at their Fool's Gold -- instead of just seizing Arabia's oil?

     Why did we just squander eleven trillion dollars ($11,000,000,000,000) on attacking Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, trying to purse-snatch their oil -- when Saudi Arabia has giant Gucci bags full of the stuff just lying around?

     Why are we trying to attack Iran and Russia for their oil?  Those two countries produce lots of oil, sure, but they are also big countries too -- and big countries always fight back.  Shouldn't we be trying to steal the Saudis' oily lunch money instead?

     Gaza, Venezuela and Nigeria also have oil, I'll give you that.  But we also have a huge excuse for making an attack on Saudi oil our main priority:  Most of the 9-11hijackers came from there.  And everyone knows that it was Saudis who armed and trained al Qaeda.  So why did we bother to attack Afghanistan who hardly has any oil at all when Saudi Arabia actually owns the Black Pearl -- and is a naughty pirate as well.

     Bush 1 and Bush 2 made up lies about Saddam Hussein in order to attack Iraq.  Obama made up lies about Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al Assad in order to attack Libya and Syria.  Hell, Trump wouldn't even have to make up any lies at all about the House of Saud in order to attack Arabia.  After all, the Saudis really are despots, really do sponsor ISIS and al Qaeda, really are an absolute Mecca for terrorism.  Surely Trump would be up for banning that.

     "Okay, Jane, you've convinced me," you might say, "but then how do we go about doing it?"  Simple.  Just cut off the Saudis' endless supply of weapons.  Let them build their own F-16 Falcons.  Easy-peasy.  Patriotic even.  And then the Superbowl of oil will be ours!

PS:  Speaking of Yemen, a friend of mine who has family in Yemen just told me that the Saudis have murdered approximately 550,000 Yemenis in the last year, mostly civilians, lots of women and children.  And even Donald Trump got into the act by authorizing a SEAL raid in Yemen that resulted in the slaughter of an 8-year-old Yemeni-American girl there.  Congrats, President Trump.  You are now a war criminal too.

      But the Yemenis, in a token attempt to defend themselves, just hit Riyadh, the Saudi capital, with a ballistic missile.  If tiny little Yemen can attack the Saudis, then why can't we too?  After all, that's our oil under Saudi Arabia, right?

PPS:  Speaking of Big Dogs and Big Oil, it might be time for America to stop trying to have a pissing contest with Russia, Iran and China.  Bound to turn out badly for us.  For instance, America's neo-Nazi lapdogs in Ukraine just fired a ballistic missile right into the downtown of the Russia-allied Ukrainian city of Donetsk -- and now the Russian Bear is kind of angry about that. 

     It appears that America actually thinks that it is a house-broken pit bull -- but it's not.  It's more like a bed-wetting cockapoo if you ask me.  It would be far better for America to take on the Saudi chihuahua in this dogfight rather than the Russian Bear.  A cockapoo would be much more likely to win against a chihuahua


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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Trump vs. the Deep State: Battle of the dinosaurs

    According to journalist Yanatab Zunger, Donald Trump currently appears to be targeting the CIA and its other Deep State cronies for extinction -- while at the same time hiring his own security team to protect himself.  Ah, if only President Kennedy had engineered this kind of power-grab/self-protection combination when he was first elected, he would still be alive today and we would live in a whole different (and far better) world.

     Make no mistake, Trump is no friend of democracy like JFK obviously was, and I am totally appalled by many of Trump's policies and buddies.  With regard to Trump's plans to cut MediCare, Social Security and various government food and housing programs, these cuts basically amount to the financial genocide of America's elderly -- the very same white male demographic that The Donald has sworn to protect.  And the buddies he has chosen to guide him appear to be totally committed to ecological genocide of the entire human race as well. 

      However.  Trump, like Kennedy before him, also seems to be calling out the Deep State's right to rule America (and the world) with an iron hand.  Good luck with that one, President Trump.  Let's just hope you don't go the way of others who have also tried this in the past.  Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy immediately come to mind.

     The so-called Deep State, AKA the military-industrial complex and/or Wall Street and War Street, is a political dinosaur whose time has come -- and gone.  These days, "People everywhere just want to be free," to paraphrase an old-school New Jersey rock band.  But this particular Deep State dinosaur seems at first glance to be the T-Rex of them all, impossible to defeat even though its extinction has already been written in the sand.

     So who better to take out a mean dinosaur than another mean dinosaur?  Enter the Trump political machine.  Battle to the death here folks.  But no matter if Trump loses and ends up in the tar pits of Vegas or if the Deep State loses and ends up buried in the swamps of Washington DC, hopefully democracy will be the ultimate winner.

PS:  The reptilian part of the human brain still seems to be the boss of most human mental operations these days.  Even after almost a million disastrous years of this kind of thinking, since even before caveman times, many of us still function mainly from the depths of our reptile cortex -- and still believe that full-spectrum dominance will solve any problem.  But as St. Valentine constantly reminds us, love is a much sharper tool.

     But Trump and the Deep State aren't the only ones who still think like dinosaurs.  There is also the Pentagon, ISIS, the Israeli/Saudi alliance, the para-military police up at Standing Rock, serial killers, child abusers, Klan members, banksters, gang-bangers and other hooligans of all types.  The list goes on and on.  However, like the T-Rex and the brontosaurus before them, these outdated reptiles are also doomed to extinction.

     But, sadly, if these gross dinosaurs with expired sell-by dates who now run our show don't "get their minds right" immediately, the rest of us evolving types who try very hard to live in the image of MLK, JFK, Gandhi and even Buddha and Jesus -- we also are gonna be doomed, right along with the reptiles of Wall Street and War Street.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books!