Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gun Guns Guns:  More news from Portland's murder-mystery convention

     I just read an article stating that despite what we constantly see advertized on TV, the three major hot-selling commodities in the world right now aren't sexy new cars, cool new clothes at the mall or even hot new apps for your iPhone.  They are guns, steel and oil. 

     China has almost a monopoly on steel production, the U.S. and Saudis are currently fighting over who can undercut the price of oil the most, and America has been getting all piss-y lately because its monopoly on gun production is being challenged by Russia.  http://journal-neo.org/2015/03/25/the-global-crisis-of-exports-oil-steel-and-guns/

      Guns or butter?  Looks like guns are surely winning out.  But just tell that to your kid the next time she asks for a piece of toast.  "Let them eat RPGs!" you can shout.  Nothing but dry toast for you, Missy.

       Which nicely brings us to the subject of social justice and a panel discussion of it that I recently attended at a murder-mystery readers and writers convention in Portland, Oregon http://www.leftcoastcrime.org/2015/.  But right before the panel started, a bunch of us went off on a tour of southeast Portland, which is famous for its food carts, strip clubs, craft breweries and vodka distilleries.  Who knew that the New Deal distillery produced vodka made from wheat, not potatoes?  http://www.newdealdistillery.com/our-products/  "Vodka is the name of a process, not an ingredient." 

        Then we finished the tour with lunch at Lardo, a BBQ joint, and got back to the convention just in time to attend the panel on the role of crime novels as instruments of social justice.

       Author J. David Osbourne was raised in a trailer park in Oklahoma.  "And as a result of my upbringing, I always try to humanize the lives and motives of societal scum.  I don't write about the lives of the rich and powerful because, like most other Americans, I don't even know how that works."  So he writes about the hard-scrabble anti-heroes that he does know about -- and their victimization by the larger criminals behind that victimization.

       Then author Mette Ivie Harrison gave me a free copy of her audio-book, "The Bishop's Wife" -- about being a Mormon in Utah.  She said, "I became an atheist for years because after my sixth baby died, people in my church kept saying, 'When bad things happen, it's because there is a lesson to be learned,' thus putting all the onus on the victim.  That's where religions go wrong."

        Author Lisa Brackmann speaks Mandarin and spends time in China, writing about the inner workings of China's rich and powerful.  I love, love, love Brackmann's books.  Her sense of timing always has me on the edge of my seat.  Read "Rock Paper Tiger" and see what I mean.  I was also lucky enough to score a draft copy of her next book, "Dragon Day," coming out next August.  http://www.randomhouse.com/book/250619/dragon-day-by-lisa-brackmann

       "If you are writing crime fiction," stated Brackmann, "you can't be didactic.  The larger issues that you want to bring to your reader's attention need to be woven into an exciting story.  And I myself always need to understand what drives things like the Iraq war or the prison system before I can explain it to others."

       And I myself also need to understand what drives Portland before I can explain it to others as well.  Basically, Portland appears to be a city that doesn't take any crap!  Portlanders fight climate change, have a fabulous transportation system, are pro-choice and anti-war and against napalming babies in the Middle East, don't fluoridate their water, actually smile at strangers, don't give a damn about Fox News and do yoga in the park in the rain.

       Next, I attended an interview with Timothy Hallinan and won a copy of his book, "The Fame Thief," in a raffle.  And, OMG, speaking of guns.  There are a hecka lot of shots fired in this book.  But it is quite humorous too -- when the hero isn't dodging bullets that is.  But Hallinan loves to write.  "I write and I eat and I talk to my wife.  That's all I do."  Sounds like my kind of guy.

       And Hallinan also has a hard time finishing books.  Me too!  I've been editing my historical novel, "Pictures of a Future World," for over ten years now.  But Hallinan has an app for that on his website.  It's called "Finishing Your Novel" http://www.timothyhallinan.com/writers.php   So who knows?  I may even finish my novel about the present, past and future at some time in the nearer (not farther) future, thanks to him.

PS:  Here's another mystery:  When that young Airbus co-pilot (allegedly) seized control of a airplane and flew it into a mountain last week, he (allegedly) took the lives of all of the passengers of that plane with him as well -- and everyone who read this news was horrified by this (alleged) mass murder!  http://www.sott.net/article/294482-Germanwings-crash-Not-the-full-story#
    Yet when the elite and uber-wealthy co-pilots who have (actually) seized control of our planet, (actually) locked themselves into the cockpit of Airbus Earth, and are (actually) trying to fly it into an even higher mountain of murderous destruction by way of their greed, climate-change denial and unnecessary wars, almost none of my fellow passengers on this Airbus Earth seem to hardly even notice or care.

PPS:  Just to make it perfectly clear that, even though I'm currently having trouble getting to places like Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and Gaza, I still haven't forgotten about all those other guns, guns, guns, the ones being constantly being shipped to the Middle East from America -- and here are two links on that subject to prove it. 
     First there's this link:  "Saudis, Allies plan massive invasion of Yemen: 150,000 Saudi Troops, Unknown Number of Egyptians Mass on Yemen Border."  http://news.antiwar.com/2015/03/26/saudis-allies-plan-massive-invasion-of-yemen/

     And then there's this link:  https://medium.com/@SumerRising/anti-shiism-western-media-foreign-policy-islamic-state-and-blatant-lies-122cd5742afb  The author of "Anti-Shiism, Western media, the Islamic State and blatant lies" states:

     "I am a Shiite.  I am an Iraqi.  There is no single group on this planet who has as much to lose from ISIS as myself.  Christian men are asked to pay jizya or leave, Yezidi men are given the opportunity to 'repent' and convert, but Shiite men are actively hunted out, tortured, and executed with no other option on the table.  Even the choice to convert — as disgusting as it is — is not offered. 

     "What makes it worse, however, is that the rest of the world seems to go on a victim-blaming tangent of how Shiites should be held responsible for their own oppression.  Throughout this conflict, I have maintained my position:  I am not anti-Sunni, I am anti-sectarianism, I am anti-exploitation, anti-oppression and anti-destruction."

      Sounds like this author has social justice in mind too.  And it's still a mystery to me why so many psychopaths keep trying to kill him in real life -- not in just crime fiction.

     And if any newspaper editor out there wants to pay my way to the Middle East as a war correspondent, to report on Yemen as well as on Portland, then I'm your person!

PPPS:  And then of course there are all the guns, guns, guns that are currently loose on the streets of America.  And as for the police needing all those new weapons to control their cities and towns, "If the police don't have the confidence of the community, they will fail no matter what they do or don't do," to quote one survivor of The Troubles in Belfast.  http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/7-biggest-reasons-america-screwed?akid=12956.1838163.k5KfIP&rd=1&src=newsletter1034088&t=5

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My trip to Portland: A crime convention, donuts, tunnels & rain

    I've had a really good time in Portland, Oregon, this week -- even though it rained almost every day.  But even the rain in Portland is charming.  I'd never been to Portland before and wouldn't even be here now if it hadn't been the site of a convention for murder-mystery writers and their fans.  Murder-mystery fans?  That would be me! http://www.leftcoastcrime.org/2015/ 

     "But why are you such a fan-girl, Jane?" you might ask.  That's easy.  It's because you can always count on justice being achieved by the end of the book -- which is a good thing, especially if you are an American and currently living right here in the very belly of the beast of injustice itself. 

      Whenever I think about our corporate gollums in Washington, all those huge bankster bailouts on Wall Street and America's phony endless wars on the Middle East and the Middle Class, then seeing justice achieved every time becomes huge. http://news.antiwar.com/2015/03/17/european-nations-join-chinas-world-bank-alternative-in-blow-to-us/

     A lot of my favorite crime-fiction authors are attending this convention, including Lisa Brackman, Johnny Shaw, Lee Goldberg and Catriona McPherson, but there are also some writers here that I've never even heard of before -- but need to.

      Phillip Margolin, a famous crime-thriller writer, was a featured speaker at the convention and he said, "Before I was an author, I was a defense attorney and I've represented over 30 murderers at trial."  That's clearly a unique way to get insights into the criminal mind. 

     "But I like writing better than being an attorney because you have the ability to change the outcomes -- which you never can do in real life.  Plus the difference between reality and fiction is that fiction is supposed to be credible.  And you also have the obligation to tie things up.  Sometimes real life makes no sense whatsoever."  http://www.phillipmargolin.com/books/

     And Margolin's method of writing?  "I never write a word until I'm sure of the ending.  Then I write a very detailed outline, fill in the missing pieces and then refine it and refine it.  And I always read my dialogues out loud in order to test their validity.  But basically, when writing, I need to find an idea that I can get excited about."

      I know exactly what he means.  Nothing gets me more excited about my own writing efforts than the thought of getting to rail against injustice, especially against injustice paid for by American taxpayers -- such as that mess in Ukraine, that mess in Syria, that mess in Palestine, that mess in Libya, that mess in the CIA, that mess in the District of Columbia, that mess in Ferguson, that mess in Wisconsin, that mess in [fill in the blanks].  http://thesaker.is/nemtsov-maidan-failed-evgeny-fedorov-eng-subs/

     After Margolin's presentation, I got a chance to talk to him personally -- about our similar experiences in the Peace Corps in Africa.  Geez Louise, the Peace Corps was such a grand idea.  But now it seems like all that Americans are clambering for these days is a War Corps.  http://www.legitgov.org/Plane-drops-ammunition-helping-reinforce-ISIS-reports-earlier-munitions-had-English-language-marking

     Then, after attending a few more excellent panels at the convention, it was time to climb aboard the #8 bus and go off to tour Portland.  All those stereotypes of Portland residents are true -- almost everyone here wears plaid and most of the guys look like lumberjacks.  And of course the first place that you gotta go to in Portland is to Voodoo Donuts.  There were 80 people standing in line, but I played the sympathy card (just had an operation on my knee) and managed to cut in line.  Unjust, I know, but I was desperate for a "Portland Cream," the city's official donut (glazed, cream-filled and frosted with chocolate).  Delicious.  Went back and got another one the next day.

    Next, I toured Portland's famous Shanghai tunnels, built in the 1870s, where approximately 3,000 kidnapped men had been warehoused at one time or another before being sold off to sea captains for $50 a man -- and where kidnapped women were locked into tiny lightless cells until they were broken enough to be trafficked by white slavers.  That tour was spook-y!

     Next came the requisite tour of Powell's Books and then back on the #17 bus to go home to the Walking Liberty Guesthouse where I stayed.  I love Portland!

PS:  Portland is also one of the few cities in America that isn't forced to pour industrial-strength fluoride from China into its water supply, figuring that its citizens are smart enough to make that fluoride-use decision on their own and/or that they already get enough fluoride from other sources such as tea, tooth paste and pesticides. http://www.slweb.org/ftrcsymptoms.html

     And another thankful result of Portland's non-fluoridation policy is that we can all rest assured that Portland's world-famous craft beers do not contain fluoride like other American beers do -- and thus if you drink a six-pack of Portland craft beer, you don't ever have to worry about OD-ing on fluoride, which is more toxic than lead (but slightly less toxic than arsenic).  http://fluoridealert.org/issues/health/ 

     So if you really want to limit your fluoride intake to a reasonable amount, just drink Portland beer! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Let's stop treating war criminals like Disney princesses!

   Scientific fact:  You are either a war criminal or you are not.  The Geneva conventions and the Nuremberg trials have set out specific definitions of what a war criminal is.  How do you spot a war criminal?  It's not rocket science.  You just look at the list of war crimes that has been drawn up for our convenience and then check off the boxes.  A fifth-grader could do this!  https://www.icrc.org/customary-ihl/eng/docs/v1_cha_chapter44_rule156

     Yet how come so many war criminals these days are being treated like Disney princesses by the American people?

     George Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama have so many checks in their "war criminal" column that it's pathetic.  Torture?  Check.  Illegal invasions of other countries?  Check.  Bombing innocent civilian populations?  Check.  Check.  Check.   http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41297.htm

     And yet these four war criminals are being treated like Tiana, Jasmine, Arial and Pocahontas instead of like Ursula, Maleficent and Jafar.  What's with that?

     Netanyahu is a war criminal by any definition.  And that neo-Nazi guy who NATO installed into power in Ukraine is such a war criminal that both Hitler and Stalin would be proud of him.  Yet Americans treat these two evil men as if they were Belle and Mulan.  http://jpstillwater.blogspot.com/2015/03/triumph-of-checklist-comparing.html

     Sisi in Egypt?  Total bad guy!  And we all know that the Saudis are so evil they give little kids nightmares about Saudi pilots flying into buildings.  And wasn't Osama bin Laden also a Saudi?  Yet Americans talk about Sisi and the Saudis in the same reverential terms that little kids use when referring to Aurora and Snow White.

    Turkey, Jordan, Israel, America and Britain all fund and support ISIS like ISIS was Tinkerbell and not Captain Hook.  http://rt.com/news/241573-isis-plane-drop-ammunition/

     The Pentagon and the CIA use Al Qaeda to do all their dirty work -- like Al Qaeda was Cinderella or something.  That's crazy!  There are absolutely no glass slippers involved in the Al Qaeda fairy tale.

     Americans need to get a reality check.  Evil men are not Disney princesses.  They are evil men.  I mean, seriously?  Would Anna and Elsa ever throw their support behind evil men?  I think not.  But Americans still seem to be constantly mistaking evil men for Prince Charming.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Patrick, Belfast, war, peace & me

    Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in the month of March every year.  And so is Julius Caesar's infamous Ides of March.  One is spozed to bring good luck to people and the other is spozed to bring bad luck.  Which will it be for you and me?  We've probably both already found out.

     The Minster of Finance for Northern Ireland was spozed to speak in Berkeley this week, but that's not going to happen because he had to stay home in Londonderry in order to deal with a current legislative crisis involving welfare reform.  The DUP (protestant) party wants to cut off welfare and the Sinn Fein (Catholic) party does not.  Sounds familiar -- except that in America the Democrats never protect the poor of this country no matter how viciously the Republicans attack the most vulnerable of us all (50% of all American children live below the poverty line and most welfare recipients live in Red States).  http://www.u.tv/News/2015/03/15/McGuinness-pulls-out-of-St-Patricks-visit-to-US-33589

     St. Patrick would never approve of any of these cuts to the poor in order to give (even more) money to the rich.  And neither would Jesus.  But I digress.

     What I really want to talk about now is my trip to Belfast and Londonderry, back in 2003.  I had packed up my then-teenage daughter Ashley and gone off to live on the Falls Road for a while.  And then wrote about it on my "Travels with Amy" blog site.  It's a long read for a blog, but worth every moment if you ask me.  http://travelswithamy.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2004-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2005-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=10

     Let's just cut to the high points, however.  The woman we stayed with in Belfast had this to say about The Troubles: 

      "We were young when The Trouble began.  I was only 18.  We only wanted to peacefully protest injustice; call a little attention to it.  And they came down on us with everything they had."

     We were sitting in Mary's front room just off the Falls Road.  She was smoking a cigarette.  It was 11 pm.  "Had we known then what our next actions would lead to...."  Her voice trailed off.  "War is a terrible thing.  We had no idea.  We were young and we weren't going to let the Loyalists get away with it.  My husband spent 18 years in jail.  He was in every major prison in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland.  I always say that jail was our contraception."

     Mary loved the Good Friday Agreement.  "We must compromise, cooperate and give-and-take.  I think the other side sees that too.  Having known war for 30 years...people just have no idea what a terrible thing it is.  You talk, you dialogue, you negotiate.  You do whatever you can to keep the Good Friday peace."  She reminded me of the Bob Dylan song, "I was so much older then.  I'm younger than that now."  Mary is active in building a community from the ground up now.  "Before no one knew how to work a government.  Not even the Orangemen.  Neither of us had people on the Council.  Now we do.  We started from the bottom up.  When the British do leave, we will know how to govern ourselves."  That's what we are doing in America, I told her.  We're stepping up against the "Stealing of America" by Wall Street and War Street -- stepping up to the plate one city at a time.  One person at a time.

     The one thing I learned in Belfast and Londonderry back in 2003 was that War is to be avoided at all costs -- and never to be taken lightly.  Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, Haiti, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chile, Panama, etc. have tolled death-bells that can never be un-rung.  None of those dead millions can ever come back to life again.  And all those dead trillions of dollars spent on War can never come back to life again either. 

     So.  Beware of Caesar's Ides of March -- and listen to St. Patrick instead.  Then get to work driving all of those evil, greedy and power-mad snakes out.
PS:  A few years later I went off to Palestine and wrote about that too.  And there is such a strong comparison between The Troubles in Northern Ireland and The Troubles in Palestine, including Gaza, that it is scary.  It's the same old story of evil, greedy and powerful men oppressing those who are weaker than them -- for fun and for profit.  That grim and brutal occupation of Palestine should also be avoided at all costs.  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/09/03/898842/--The-men-behind-the-wire-Comparing-Belfast-Gaza

     And any future wars on Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran should be avoided too -- for the same reason.  If you too knew what it is like to be living in a war zone, you would never support another war either.  

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Where has all the money gone? Savings bond values take a nosedive

    I just had a talk with a friend of mine who was all pissed off because he had purchased a Series EE savings bond for his little kid way back in 1998.  "I paid $500 for it at the time and, at that time, the bank promised me that the bond would mature in ten years and then be worth $1,000."  So?  Well?  Did it?  Is it?

     "Eh -- no," sighed my friend.   "When my kid cashed it in last month, she only got $850 back."  What?  You mean after accumulating over 16 years of interest, the bond had only gained $250 in value?  Even after all those promises of doubling its worth after just ten years?  That's whacked.

     But, according to the Treasury Direct website, it is also legal.  "Series EE bonds issued from May 1997 through April 2005 continue to earn market-based interest rates set at 90% of the average 5-year Treasury securities yields for the preceding six months.  The new interest rate for these bonds, effective as the bonds enter semiannual interest periods from November 2014 through April 2015 is 1.49%.  Market-based rates are updated each May 1 and November 1."  http://www.treasurydirect.gov/news/pressroom/currentibondratespr.htm

      What the freak does that mean?

      It means that Series EE savings-bond-holders have been (and can continue to be) legally ripped off.  Government agencies now under the happy control of the top 1% can legally make the rest of us little guys any promises they want -- and then just take them back. 

     "Buying government savings bonds is practically like loaning the government interest-free money," I told my friend.  "But on the other hand, if you had bought $500 worth of gold back in 1998 instead of that bond, it would have cost you $296 an ounce -- and an ounce and a half of gold would now be worth $1,808, a net gain of one thousand three hundred and seven dollars." 

     However, if you had spent that $500 on baseball cards, you might be pretty much out of luck.

     But what if, instead, you had purchased $500 worth of stock for your kid?  If you had bought stock in mortgage companies like Countrywide, for instance, you would have kissed your $500 goodbye.  http://politicalblindspot.com/the-food-stamp-capital-of-the-u-s-is-white-and-republican/   
     But if you had bought stock in pharmaceutical companies that produce products like mercury-laden vaccines, psychotropic drugs and male sex-enhancers, or bought stocks in weapons factories or bought stocks in oil companies or WalMart, you could have practically put your rugrat through college with your capital gains by now!  http://foodrevolution.org/blog/john-oliver-big-pharma-doctors/ 
     Or suppose you had invested that $500 in buying part-ownership in a Congressman -- like the big boys on Wall Street, War Street and K Street do?  Apparently you would have gotten an average of a 5000% return on your investment.  http://www.deliberation.info/barb-weir-interviews-moderate-syrian-rebels/ 
     Or if, like your government in cahoots with its sleazy bankster friends, you had invested your $500 in loaning money to college students instead?  Then you would have been able to collect 6% interest from said college students' loans for decades to come -- and owned their souls for the rest of their lives too!  http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/28828-ill-believe-the-gop-cares-about-the-middle-class-when-i-see-it

     But, no.  You had faith in your government and bought savings bonds instead -- never dreaming that your government would invest its resources in war and corporate welfare instead of in you.  http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/03/06/greece-injured-by-eu/

     However if it's any consolation, you and your kid are not alone.  China made that same mistake too.

PS:  Remember back when our founding fathers wisely designed our Constitution to include having three different branches of government?  Legislative, executive and judicial?  Well, just over 225 years later, America's government still has three different branches -- except now those three branches are Wall Street, War Street and K Street.  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/03/06/1369052/-New-Jersey-Sen-Bob-Menendez-to-face-criminal-corruption-charges

PPS:  A Manhattan jury just awarded a $218.5 million verdict against the Palestinian Authority for damages done to Israelis with American citizenship by Palestinian suicide bombers.  Do you know what this means?  A new precedence has just been set.  A new Pandora's box has just been opened.

      Now everyone affected by anything like this can now also use American courts to get recompense for damages done by acts of "terrorism" on American citizens abroad!  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/24/nyregion/damages-awarded-in-terror-case-against-palestinian-groups.html?_r=0

     For instance, were any Chilean-Americans killed in the CIA coup against Allende in Chile?  Their relatives can now sue Henry Kissinger -- but of course they will have to stand in line behind the Cambodian-Americans killed by him.

    And what about the bunches and groups of Palestinian-Americans, Yemeni-Americans, Iraqi-Americans, Syrian-Americans, Ukrainian-Americans, African-Americans, Grenada-Americans, Guatemalan-Americans, Haitian-Americans, etc. who have been either killed out in public for all to see by America's overtly-evil war machine -- or else killed on the sly by those covertly-evil CIA troublemakers at Langley? 

     Or, hell, what about all those dead American-Americans too for that matter?  Does this mean that American soldiers killed or wounded in Vietnam, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Afghanistan, etc. can now sue the Department of Defense in American courts for "terrorism" too -- as well as for fraud, creating dangerous conditions, willful negligence, breach of promise and entrapment as well?

      Hey, Uncle War Street!  See ya in court!

PPPS:  And speaking of money, I'm off to Portland (Oregon) this weekend March 11-15) to attend a convention -- while trying to spend as little $$$ as possible.  Might anybody know any exciting things I can see and do in Portland on the cheap?  http://www.leftcoastcrime.org/2015/

Monday, March 02, 2015

Triumph of the checklist:  Comparing Netanyahu, ISIS and Hitler 

     Gee, I hate to keep pointing this stuff out all the time because a whole lot of people get really ticked off at me every time that I do -- but the truth is the truth.  ISIS, Netanyahu and Hitler really do have a whole lot in common.  But as true as this statement may be, still almost nobody these days wants to hear that their favorite emperor isn't wearing any clothes.  Why?  Perhaps because it makes people feel bad that they have been so completely suckered, had, duped and used.

     However, like it or not, the three emperor-wannabes listed above are still not wearing any clothes.  So to speak.

      And here's my checklist to prove it:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

2.  Founded their empires (reichs, caliphates, promised lands, whatever) on invasions, blitzkriegs, preemptive wars, guys-just-wanna-have-fun, terrorism, whatever -- with the goal of eventually taking over all geopolitical territory within thousands of miles of their empire's original borders:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

3.   Committed mass genocide based solely on religion, race, land or resource ownership, language usage and/or nationality:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

4.  Used illegal weapons, including chemical weapons such as napalm, white phosphorus and noxious gases, and/or landmines, cluster bombs, biological weapons, etc. on civilians:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Not really sure.  Are broadswords considered illegal weapons if used to behead journalists?  Probably.  Okay, check.

5.  Bomb the freak out of civilian targets:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Do RPGs and car-bombs count?  Yes?  Then "check"

6.  Routinely terrorized civilian populations to the point of said populations thinking they were living inside a horror movie, a police state or 'Stalag 17" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKc2GJk2OLQ:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

7.   Used lies, snappy slogans, false-flag operations http://yournewswire.com/mikhail-gorbachev-assassination-of-boris-nemstov-is-a-false-flag/#sthash.5isb7TEp.dpuf and "1984" types of propaganda, threats and the deliberate generation of irrational fears to get their own populations to back their criminal activities:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

8.  Wore snappy uniforms designed to intimidate and impress:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

9.  Supported by rich industrialists, corporatists, recipients of corporate welfare and opulent dictatorships in the Middle East:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

10.  Had a huge destabilizing effect on Europe, the Middle East and America that ended in tragedy, economic chaos and the further spread of war http://cityworldnews.com/native-american-amnesty/:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

11.  Pretends to be of a certain religion but never practices their religion's goals, ideals or concepts:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

12.  Steals resources and valuables from the countries and territories that have been illegally seized:  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_great_game_in_the_holy_land_20150227

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

13.  Has absolutely no tinges of conscience whatsoever after having caused thousands of families, scores of ethnic groups, an unknown number of combat veterans and even whole countries to suffer from shell shock, battle fatigue and PTSD http://www.unrwa.org/newsroom/press-releases/serious-upsurge-post-conflict-trauma-gaza-says-un:

     Hitler:  Check
     Netanyahu:  Check
     ISIS:  Check

14.  Is invited to speak before Congress:

     Hitler:  No way.
     ISIS:  Not a chance.
     Netanyahu:  Roll out the red carpet!