Saturday, February 27, 2021


Day 354 of the lock-down:  Apparently American bullies are so bored these days that just bullying maskless soccer moms isn't enough any more.  Now they gotta go out and bully tiny little Syria too.

   And what about this news just in?  America, Britain and Italy have among the highest COVID death rates.  And guess which countries are among those with the lowest COVID death rates?  HAITI.  NEPAL. TANZANIA.  Apparently it pays to not have Dr. Fasci on your public health team.  And locking down and wearing masks obviously don't help either -- and are in fact actually hurtful.

 Also, it is illegal under federal law to force anyone to take experimental injections and these are clearly experimental because who the freak knows what the long-term side effects will be.  Certainly not Pfizer-Moderna.  
     Possible long-term side effects could be infertility and/or immune enhancement that may lead to us being vulnerable to at least 30 different auto-immune diseases.  Yuck!  Being subjected to medical experiments without informed consent is a definite no-no according to the Nuremberg Codes.



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Friday, February 26, 2021


Remember that historic Arab Spring? Ten years later, has anything changed at all?

      Here we are now, ten years after having breathlessly watched on TV as the entire Arab world rose up and demanded justice and freedom.  Has it actually been that long?  Yeah.  But what does the Arab world look like now?  Free and independent and happy?  Let's take a peek.

     Egypt?  One cruel dictator has been replaced by another.

     Yemen?  A slaughterhouse worse than any Chicago stockyard.

     Israel?  A safe homeland for Jews that has been hijacked by bad guys and thugs who know only blood-lust.

     Libya?  Don't even ask.  "We came, we saw, we murdered a whole bunch of people and called it humanitarianism."

     Syria?  For ten long years, America has used the Arab Spring as an excuse to hire various bad guys and thugs to murder Syrians and steal Syria's oil.  One of Hillary Clinton's favorite ways to make Bibi happy was to bomb Syria.  One of the first things Trump did upon taking office was to bomb Syria.  One of the first things Biden did upon taking office was to bomb Syria.  Sucks to be a Syrian today.

     Palestine and Gaza?  Basically, Palestinians are still victims of a brutal occupation and still living in a bunch of abysmal gulags where their land and water is stolen, they are systematically tortured and genocide is the order of the day.  And all these evil crimes against humanity are willingly financed by American taxpayers.

     Saudi Arabia?  Nothing's changed.  Still paying salaries to ISIS butchers in Syria, still blowing up busloads of school children in Yemen and still slicing and dicing journalists with bone saws.

     Iraq?  The Davos Boyz are still lusting after its oil.

     Lebanon?  Ka-boom!  "Oops, that was an accident, honest!"

     Turkey?  Still having that happy bro-mance with ISIS -- as long as ISIS keeps stealing Syria's oil and handing it over to the wannabe Ottoman Empire.

     So.  Ask yourself.  "Who, exactly, has benefited from the Arab Spring during these past ten years?"  The usual suspects.  Oil cartels, weapons manufacturers, the CIA, various American-backed despots and demagogues and, of course, the New World Order -- a new world order that definitely doesn't benefit Arabs (or you and me either). 

PS:  Helping the Arab world to become free, independent and happy is really not all that hard to do.  Let's just get the above-mentioned Bad Guys to stop bombing Arab countries, stop stealing Arab oil and stop supporting Arab despots.  "If the Middle East ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." 


Israel is having big problems with Pfizer's experimental injection, a 40% increase in the death rate over deaths by COVID.  Self-interested leadership appears to be involved.
How can citizens of Gaza even live with such horror, day after day?  We need to find out -- because we too could be living like this if the Davos Boyz have their way.  "We all live in Gaza":

I love me some good gossip -- especially when it's true:

Uncle Joe -- remember back when he was one of Hillary's favorite war-criminal partners in crime?  Nothing's changed:

And America has the nerve to say its latest atrocity in Syria was done in order to "de-escalate" its illegal war on that country:


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Saturday, February 20, 2021


Day 344:  The CDC has altered its stats?  Wha?  Whatever happened to that old "level playing field" idea?  The odds have just changed in the favor of Big Pharma.

     Plus I just read where 10% of those receiving the Pfizer-Moderna experimental injection will develop one of 30 possible auto-immune diseases within the next five years.  That's a pretty big gamble to take for an injection that doesn't even keep you from being contagious or let you get out of lock-down.

     And if you try to take over the world, is that an act of terrorism?  Is 3-11 already more deadly than 9-11?  Ask the Davos Boyz! 

      Plus deaths in America have been steadily rising for the past ten years.  Bad food, bad health, bad medicine.


How the CDC has altered its stats collection and evaluation processes:

And about those Petri-dish face masks:
Masks Lead To Pneumonia, Oral Thrush, Systemic Inflammation & May Be The Cause Of “Long-Haul” COVID.




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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Day 341: "Should I get the vaccine?" Hell no!

     Someone just asked me if he should go ahead and get the Pfizer-Moderna experimental injection.  Here's what I answered:

      "Before you even consider taking the shot, first you need to know exactly how this injection works.  Basically, it sets up your immune system to always be on hyper-alert, to always scream 'Fire in the Theater!' even if some usher just turns on a flashlight.  Every single time you even get the sniffles, your auto-immune system will now call out the fire engines like it's a five-alarm conflagration -- every single time for the rest of your now-shortened life." 

     Plus there isn't even any reason to get shot up with this nasty stuff in the first place.  Look at our homeless friends who live out in the fresh air and sunshine without any masks.  They should all be dead by now.  Thankfully they are not.

      And don't forget what the CDC told us about the 2020 all-causes death rate -- that it lists the exact same number of deaths as the previous three years.  No dead bodies piled up in the street.  There were no excess deaths in 2020.

      Plus I just read that the number-one cause of death in America during 2020 was "medical error".  Thank you, Fasci, Cuomo, Newsom and Trump for shoving all those ventilators down our throats while ignoring any treatments that actually work such as HCQ, Ivermectin and vitamin D.  (Well, maybe Trump didn't ignore HCQ -- but he still screwed up the environment and forgot to drain The Swamp.)

      "Jane, you're just pissed off here."  Duh, yeah.


Our bodies are already set up to fight infections:

Everything you should know about vaccines -- but don't because of deliberate censorship:

Here's a nine-episode series that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about COVID.  $79 for the series -- but it may save your life.  Can you honestly say that about Netflix or Amazon?



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Friday, February 12, 2021


Day 337:  I'm so sick and tired of being censored by FaceBook.  Time to look into alternative sites.  Apparently we are not supposed to know that COVID isn't all that dangerous.  We are not supposed to notice that dead bodies aren't piling up in the streets.  We're not spozed to do the math that shows us how many tragic and unnecessary deaths are caused by the lock-down.  We're not supposed to know that wearing masks can injure our health.  We're not supposed to know that there are at least three effective treatments that could have saved our grandparents' lives.

      And we're definitely not supposed to know that the COVID vaccine injures our immune systems, has killed 653 people and injured 12,000 people so far (that the CDC knows about), does not keep us from transmitting the virus to others -- and even can fill every cell in our bodies with some weird COVID mutation.  Great.  Just what we need.

     I just revived my classic MySpace page!

Day 340:  Side-effects are killing us slowly -- or not so slowly!  Yikes.


     Here's what little CDC data we have on vaccine-caused deaths: 

     Here's a series of videos tell us all kinds of ways that we are being duped.  I totally recommend it.

    Thank goodness for Ivor Cummins:



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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Day 330 of the lock-down -- or is it Day 331?
  Hard to tell.  But will the "vaccine" help us escape this endless lock-down?  Uh, no.  But will it make tons of money for Big Pharma?  Yay!

Day 334:  So far, only approximately 400 people have died from the vaccine.  Could be much worse.  Whew.
     And here is a video that reminds us how very much healthier unvaccinated children are.  "What is the real cost of vaccines?"  Amazing video.  And now adults get to be unhealthier too.  Why let kids have all the fun? 


Day 336:  Oh boy. Apparently, the new COVID mutations are the ones that can escape face masks. Wha? Face masks are actually causing mutations as viruses struggle to survive and the strongest ones are the ones that can be most airborne? How depressing. But writing a limerick about it cheered me up.


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Wednesday, February 03, 2021


How come almost all of our world leaders are freaking predators these days?  There are billions of human beings who are kind, cooperative and truly good people.  How come we have allowed only the raptors and predators to rise to the top?  And, even worse, how have we allowed ourselves to become nothing but prey to these monsters?  Captains of industry, military heroes, medical innovators and financial wizards?  Ha.  They are just evil and greedy bad guys at heart.



Day 329, as we sink deeper and deeper into debt, despair and dread.

Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.