Monday, October 31, 2016

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock!

     I'm currently reading a book entitled Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, written by Iraq veteran Roy Scranton, who basically tells us that human beings have pretty much screwed themselves due to the vast and rapidly-approaching nightmare of climate change.  If this book was designed to scare the holy shite out of people, it certainly has succeeded.

     According to Scranton, "Human civilization has thrived in what has been the most stable climate interval in 650,00 years.  Thanks to carbon-fueled industrial civilization, that interval is over."  Boom.

      But is anybody doing anything to stop this nightmare from happening?  Only a few people are -- mainly a small-but-courageous Indian tribe at Standing Rock, North Dakota.  And what is America's reaction to this heroic stand against death by carbon?  We have just spent hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars trying to tear-gas them, harass them, arrest them, pepper-spray them and shoot rubber bullets at them.  Way to go America!  Or not.

   Thank goodness for the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux.  Like it or not, they are protecting us.  They are standing in place instead of us.  They are bravely standing in front of a hurricane of climate-death and are doing it in our name.  And all we do to thank them is to pay for the militarized police's tear gas, dogs and bullets that attack them.

     I propose another way to thank the Standing Rock Sioux.  Let's all go to Standing Rock this Thanksgiving -- and show them that we really do have something to be truly thankful for.

PS:  If you can't figure out how to get all the way to the Standing Rock Reservation, then consider having your Thanksgiving dinner in front of the Capitol building in Bismarck instead.  Can't make it there either?  How about Thanksgiving dinner in front of the US Congress or the White House.

PPS:  Standing Rock protestors, Black Lives Matter, various Chicano movements and Occupy are practically the only true Americans these days -- Americans who are courageous enough to actually stand up to the US military-industrial complex that is gobbling up the rest of us alive.  We should honor these protestors instead of bombing them with tear gas and attacking them with dogs.

      The rest of us whine and grieve that we are losing everything -- but do nothing to stop it and just go along.

PPPS:  Aside from being victims of the climate-change hurricane that is now bearing down upon us post-haste, Standing Rock is also just more collateral damage right now (along with Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, etc.) in the neo-con "wars" for oil.  But who knows who the next "collateral damage" will be?  Probably us.


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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Obama-Clinton legacy: Killin' women in Yemen

     I'm so tired of playing the role of a political Cassandra -- someone who sees all too clearly what is going to happen next in the political arena, warns folks about it and then gets called a conspiracy theorist, a spoiler, a kook or a member of some paranoid radical fringe.  But unfortunately that's not the way that politics (and life) work.  Calling me names still doesn't change what is about to happen.  Unfortunately.

     I was right about the civil rights movement, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. and constantly warned people that Bush 2 was gonna be a disaster.  Let's hope that I'm not right about Clinton 2 as well -- and that she won't be a disaster like Bush 2.  And while we're at it, let's also hope that I'm not right about her wanting so desperately to escalate a war on Russia.  But don't hold your breath.

    It now seems all too clear to me what Obama and Clinton are up to -- with regard to their foreign policy.  They have practically telegraphed to us what they hope their end-game will be, and then journalist Diana Johnstone finally added the last missing pieces, laying out Obama's and Clinton's grand plan, which apparently is to recreate the exact same chaos in the Middle East that Osama bin Ladin and the CIA created in Afghanistan -- so that Russia will once again go bankrupt and fall into confusion like the old USSR did back in 1987.

     Apparently Obama and Clinton really want their legacy to be this one -- to be seen by history as another Ronald Reagan, shouting "Tear down this wall!"  Wistful thinking, you two.  But it's wistful thinking like this that will get us involved in World War 3 -- as well as destroy the lives of over a billion people, including ourselves.  A "legacy" is a dangerous thing.

     I violently object to the slaughter that is now going on in Syria with the intention of drawing Russia deeper into spending a fortune on fighter jets and soldiers and guns.  But at what price?  America is also spending trillions in credit-card debt at the "war" shopping mall too (as well as a billion or so on false propaganda) and we also are going slowly bankrupt -- but, whatever, that's what a legacy costs.

     And I am also sickened by the slaughter that is now going on in Yemen.  "But those upstart Yemeni asked for it," you might say.  I think not.  However, just to clarify the situation for sure, I talked with a Yemeni friend of mine about what is really going on over there right now.

     "99% of Yemeni civilians are not Houthis -- yet the Saudis keep endlessly bombing Yemeni civilians day after day and endless night after night, using American-supplied weapons.  However, 95% of Yemeni civilians do support the Houthis because the Houthis are the only group that protects us and helps us, digs our injured women and children out of the rubble and buries the dead.  It's a nightmare over there, really grim.  My friends over there tell me this on FaceBook."

     According to my Yemeni friend, "There are no splits between Sunnis and Shia in Yemen, not even between Muslims and Jews.  We all get along.  So why do the Saudis and Americans want to kill us so badly?"  Aside from Yemeni oil?  Please see above.

      Is creating an Obama-Clinton legacy worth all these thousands of dead women and babies in Yemen (and Syria and Libya and Palestine and Iraq)?  Apparently, to them it is.  But it's hecka not worth it to the rest of us.

PS:  According to Robert Parry, a journalist we can actually trust, "The harsh truth is that pursuit of power often trumps the principle of an informed electorate choosing the nation’s leaders...."  There are too many trillions of Wall Street and War Street dollars at stake here for Clinton for her to risk losing this election -- to Trump, Sanders, Dr. Stein or whoever.  Whatever it takes.


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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The future PrezClint2: Four more years of smirking...

    "Jane, you need to become more objective," a friend just told me.  But I actually do try to be objective, honest.  Everything I write about is strongly grounded in facts and reliable URLs.  However, it is the subjective emotions tied up in my facts that do count the most.

     But in other ways my friend is right and subjectivity does present a big danger, like when people use only subjectivity to make their points and completely forget about facts.

     For instance, George Bush 1 got more votes than Michael Dukakis back in 1988 -- although objectively Dukakis was the better man for the job.  But when Bush 1 pulled that Willie Horton nightmare out of his hat, he stirred up a lot of subjective fear and won instead.

     Then Bush 2 stole the 2000 election and Americans let him get away with it -- not because he was more qualified than Al Gore but because apparently people would much rather have a beer with George than with Al.

     Hillary Clinton will probably win the 2016 presidential election too even though Dr. Jill Stein is far more likely to save the world -- and even Donald Trump is more likely to do a better job in the White House than the Queen of Chaos herself, head cheerleader for World War 3.  But why would Trump actually do a better job than Clinton?  Because both objectively and subjectively it won't matter if Trump screws up the SCOTUS appointment if we elect Clinton 2 instead and get a great SCOTUS pick from her -- but still end up dead.

     According to journalist Robert Parry, "As polls show Hillary Clinton closing in on victory, Official Washington’s neoconservative (and liberal-hawk) foreign policy establishment is rubbing its hands in anticipation of more war and more strife, including a U.S. military escalation in Syria, a take-down of Iran, and a showdown with nuclear-armed Russia."  Doesn't this bother anyone else but me?

     But even if PrezClint2 and her friends in War Street and Greater Israel get lucky and conquer the entire Middle East including Iran, and then Clinton 2 goes on to capture and subdue Russia's oil fields and even China's legendary dollar-store manufacturers -- the American people will have still lost the Great Game entirely.  Why?  Because, objectively, "war" is the world's number-one air polluter and all those thousands of F-16s circling the air all over the world will condemn all us humans to die of emphysema if nothing else.  Cough cough.  Not to mention radiation.

     Climate change had been given a huge kick down the road by World War II.  Then the carpet-bombing of Cambodia, Shock and Awe and the attempted destruction of Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. have spectacularly made America's climate-change jump shots from far down the court.  And now PrezClint2 is gonna score the final goal for us that will defeat humanity once and for all.  Booyah.

     But the main reason I am both objectively and subjectively dreading the thought of Clinton 2 in the White House next term is because of her (face-lift-enhanced?) perpetual smirk.  I've already been forced to endure eight long years of Smirking George.  Now I've got to endure four more years of Smirking Hillary too?

    Yeah, I know.  Trump smirks as well.  But occasionally he doesn't.  And Dr. Stein never smirks!

PS:  Objectivity alone never seems to win elections in America.  As Janis Joplin was always fond of saying, "It's a combination of the two."  Hearts and minds.  However, objectivity goes right out the window when Wall Street and War Street have almost total control of the media -- then it's just a matter of who has the most money and who can get away with telling the biggest lies.

PPS:  I completely do not understand the way that Americans are thinking these days.  We have a fabulously qualified and totally competent woman running for president right now -- Dr. Jill Stein -- and yet most Americans are dead set on voting for gross and weird people like Donald Clinton and Hillary Trump.  This fact truly makes me wonder where Americans' heads are at right now -- and what other parts of their bodies they seem to be using to think with instead of their brains.

     Perhaps they are confusing Clinton with Tia Leone in "Madam Secretary"?  But guess what?  "Madam Secretary" is not a reality show.  But PrezClint2 will be -- all too real. ___________________________

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Money Money Money: How imaginary Lean Green finances America's "wars"

     Let's make one thing perfectly clear:  America is definitely not like the fairy-tale miller's daughter who spun straw into gold for Rumpelstiltskin.  However, it appears that our so-called leaders must think that they actually are like her -- considering the way that America continues to pay for an endless "war" that costs trillions of dollars.  But where, exactly, does all that money actually come from in real life?  "It comes from the taxpayers of course," you might say.  No, now you're thinking of another fairy tale -- the goose that laid the golden egg.

     Theoretically, our real world should function far differently from the one that the Brothers Grimm dreamed up.  But according to journalist Peter Koenig, it does not.  America's "endless wars" really are being financed by fairy-tale creatures who actually do spin straw into gold. 

     "Let’s face it," states Koenig, "the six Anglo-American media giants that dominate the western world can spend billions on propaganda.  Money doesn’t matter.   Money is made of thin air.  Money for wars doesn’t matter either – it’s also made of thin air.  It’s made by the dollar manufacturing machine, meaning the US private banking system.  Today, 97% of all the money produced in the US is made by private banks in the form of debt, mostly by Wall Street."

      Apparently private banks can arbitrarily declare that there are trillions of dollars that can be borrowed and lent with impunity -- imaginary Lean Green that they magically create and destroy.  Sounds like a fairy tale to me.

     But maybe Rumpelstiltskin was right after all, that America actually can go on paying for endless "wars" endlessly -- that is, until the Pied Piper comes and takes our children away. 

PS:  Speaking of money, I'm also pretty much disgusted with national politics right now -- wherein rich guys buy our government for pennies on the dollar and corruption is rampant for this reason.  In fact, the world's greatest superpower is currently acting more and more like the corruption of ancient Rome.  I'm even expecting Nero to run for president against Caligula next -- and with those two candidates being the only choices Americans will be given to vote for.

PPS:  According to journalist Bob Fitrakis, "Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s government [used to hold] 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.  During late March, 2011, these stocks were...taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli....  Qaddafi was deposed [by Secretary of State Clinton] for his gold."  So -- who knows?  Maybe Hillary actually is the miller's daughter after all.

    Or not. 

     Apparently Qaddafi's son may actually be returning to save Libya from the Queen of Chaos -- but only after he was forced to play Sleeping Beauty for five years by the Bad Fairy herself.  Not even the Grimm brothers could have seen that one coming.


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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Yahoo News just posted the nine best places to survive World War 3. 

     Seriously?  It's come to this?  People actually think there are ways to survive World War 3?

     When I was a little girl during the infamous Cold War, I was totally convinced that the whole world would be destroyed -- but yet somehow I would survive because I would have hidden behind a cement retaining wall in our front yard.  Magical thinking -- both then and now.   And juvenile too.
     Apparently, we're spozed to be able to survive in Antarctica?  And exactly how is that going to be possible?  Here's the link:

Friday, October 14, 2016

Is Hurricane Matthew coming to your hometown too?

    You never can tell about weather. 

     Here in northern California we used to have a saying, "Never plan an outdoor party after October 10 because it will probably rain."  But a few years ago we changed that saying to "You probably shouldn't plan an outdoor party after Christmas because it might turn a bit chilly." 

     You never know what weather is going to be up to these days -- but it's always a safe bet that it won't get very cold or rain a whole lot here until late Fall.  But at least we don't have any nasty hurricanes here like the one that just smashed into Haiti, a weather nightmare clearly caused by global warming and climate change.

      According to various news reports, apparently the Caribbean has now turned into a caldron of hurricane-causing hot soup -- and if the weather keeps heating up like it has been in the past 20 years, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean could turn into a caldron of hot soup too. 

     Hey it could happen.

     And if it does, then the saying here in NorCal will be, "Never plan an outdoor party until hurricane season is over -- whenever that is."

     So.  With this thought in mind, slowing down climate change now seems like a good thing.  But how do we do that?  How do we slow down global warming so that we can keep our outdoor party plans flowing without having hurricanes arriving as uninvited guests -- and without having to live in a storm cellar for the rest of our lives?  The most obvious way is to give up starting any more "wars".

     Fighter jets, Humvees and tanks are our number-one air polluters today.  So it's time to invite the Pentagon and the Department of Defense and Hurricane Hillary to the climate-change-hating party too -- but please tell Hurricane Matthew and his younger brothers and sisters to stay home.

PS:  I just heard from my friend in poor sweet hurricane-ravished Haiti.  Things are really bad down there.  Over a thousand people have died so far and untold crops are ruined.  "How can I help?" I asked my friend.

     "Send tourists!" he replied.  So if you've got a spare week or two of vacation time coming, please spend it in Haiti.  You'll be helping out Haiti's economy and also having a wonderful time.

     And while in Port au Prince, please stay at my favorite guesthouse.  Just tell the proprietor that Hurricane Matthew sent you.

      And if you can't get to Haiti yourself, please donate here:

PPS:  There was no mention of climate change at the first two presidential debates.  What's with that?  The biggest danger facing us today and not even a sidebar about it?  Huh?

PPPS:  Hillary Clinton just claimed that Donald Trump "stalked" her during the second presidential debate.  Clinton is now afraid of Trump?  Then imagine how afraid of Putin she will be!  But isn't she the one who started it first by stalking Qaddafi and Assad?

     Clinton, you can't have it both ways in politics.  You can't claim to be a sweet innocent girl stalked by a boogie man on the one hand -- and a fearless leader who will stand up to the bad guys on the other.  Which will it be?  Hell, you were even afraid of Bernie Sanders -- being so afraid of him that you rigged his election victory.  Is that not stalking or what!


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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Take our country back from the CIA? Nah, never happen

    What is the most perceptive thing that President Obama ever said?  Was it, “While we breathe, we will hope”?  Nope, that definitely wasn't it.  "The CIA always gets what it wants."  Yep, that's the one.  

     Since way back in the late 1940s, the CIA has been making a complete hash of things -- and getting away with it too.  Wherever there are dead bodies rotting in the sun, you'll be sure to find some sleazy CIA operatives lurking around.

      Who turned the Congo into a charnel-ground?  Who screwed up Iran?  Who started the killing fields of Vietnam?  Who sent our boys home from Iraq in a box?  Who started the Cold War?  Who stirred up all that shite in Cuba, Angola, Palestine, Afghanistan, Chile, Guatemala, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Dallas.... It was the CIA.  Duh.

     But is all that finally about to change?

     Is it finally actually time for patriotic Americans to finally call out the CIA regarding their 70-year reign of terror?  "Hey, punks, you failed!"  The CIA has taken all our money and left us standing by the side of the road, forced to walk home by ourselves in the dark...  Oops, sorry, I was thinking of "Twilight Zone".

    Everywhere we look these days, we are constantly bombarded by blatant lies about Iraq, ISIS, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Yemen, Venezuela, China...  BTW, what exactly is happening in China these days?  Who the freak knows.  Of course we now know what is actually going on in the Middle East thanks to FaceBook.  But I can't friend anybody on China's "We Chat" unless I buy an iPhone or unless I learn Chinese -- and that's not gonna happen any time soon.  But I digress.

     Now, thanks to social media and a few intrepid reporters like Robert Parry, Eva Bartlett, Andre Vltchek and Vanessa Beeley, news about what is actually happening in Yemen and Syria (and most of those other places all over the world that we are constantly lied to about) is actually starting to leak out.

     And this is starting to piss the CIA off!

     Could the CIA finally be getting exposed as "The man behind the curtain" for all these fiascos?  As the "Doctor No" who is actually running the American show?  Nah.  That would be too easy.  Too democratic.  Too just.  Justice stopped being an American virtue a long time ago.  Vigilance is the price of freedom.  Americans couldn't care less about vigilance.

PS:  Here's another thing:  If Americans finally admit to themselves that they have been lied to regarding Syria, then they also have to be prepared to admit to themselves that their war-monger-owned government and their corporate-owned media lies to them all the time about other things too -- about Iraq, Afghanistan, 9-11, etc.  Even about JFK.   All those trillions of war-buck dollars that have been poured down the drain?  They could have gone to improving American schools, saving American lives, building American homes, fixing American infrastructure, etc.

     Denial protects Americans from knowing just how badly they have been played by their government and media -- and by the CIA.  But the truth of the matter is that they lie to us like a rug.  And we Americans are being beaten like rugs too.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Even more secrets and lies about Aleppo

      This report was put together by a Syrian friend of mine.  "Pants on fire" is too weak a description of what the propaganda machine is burning up the internet with.  Here's what the true 411 is, as described by my Syrian friend:

      Four reports so far about Aleppo within two days, (and out of seven reports in total within the last two days) on Ch.4 (Canada) News.  I need to mention the following comments, that I thought you might want to know or share:
  • People's comments below each one of those clips have surprisingly disagreed with what the Ch.4 News is showing!  The "Dislikes" are way more than the "Likes".  The pro-terrorists are defending themselves, instead of attacking like a tsunami anyone who dares to argue them.  All that looks like good news.
  • The second video claims that they are shooting it inside the besieged city of Aleppo (they are even not saying that it's the eastern part of Aleppo.  According to them, my parents who are living in the western part of the city are besieged as well!)  There are many comments on that report. 
  • At 2:27, people comment that White Helmets have appeared with those terrorists, but I can't see them because it's dark and the camera moves too fast.
  • They are showing the al-Zinki militia.  One of them is well-known because he was among the ones who beheaded the Palestinian child in Handarat camp north of Aleppo (not in eastern Aleppo).  A clip of himself alone is at 1:22.
  • At 2:11, they make it look as if fighter jets (Syrian or Russian) had bombarded an area so close to them, yet no one looks like surprised or afraid.  I'm not expert in weapons and explosions, but I think it's all a set-up.  It could be dynamite or a bomb (grenade) that had been put over there.  The camera was ready and waiting to capture that photo of the explosion.
  • I watched the whole clip several times.  Apart from the first shot that has the title of the report, no single picture is from the eastern part of Aleppo.  For ones who don't know, eastern Aleppo is the old city of Aleppo, the Walled-City.  It's crowded with mostly ancient buildings, that includes courtyards houses; City Gates; Turkish/Roman Baths; Caravanserais; Bazars & arched Souqs; Domed Mausoleums; small and big mosques.  All linked with narrow wavy cobbled roads and paths.  
  • Even if many of these areas had been destroyed partially or completely (as you see on the first shot of the report, which is from the old city of Aleppo), it's impossible to look like what they are showing on Ch.4 News report. The terrorists took most of that part with its people as hostage, knowing that the army won't destroy our heritage, while the terrorists don't give a penny for all that priceless heritage and historical buildings.  So all this report is a big fat lie, from A to Z.  They might be shooting from Aleppo province, even perhaps from another province such as Idleb, but 100% not from eastern Aleppo city.
  • No one can be 100% sure when was that report shot.  Those people who are shown on Ch.4 News daily and weekly could be all dead since a long time.   I bet they have enough films and clips to publish each time they want to change the reality on the ground.  There are clips ready to use for the falling of Damascus and toppling of Assad.  
  • They did so in Libya and Iraq.  Many people said that cities in Iraq and Libya were falling on Al-Jazeera, while on reality there was nothing yet.  Ignorant people will watch and got tricked, and lose morals to continue the fight and the resistance.  When I was in Aleppo, and with each attack of the terrorists (happened several times in my nine-months-long stay) rumors were spreading that the Syrian army had been sacked at this front or defeated on that front, with news on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) with still photos and video clips.  Anything is possible in today's media technology.
  • There is sectarian and ethnic language in the clip, yet Ch.4 News is giving the terrorist excuses, and blaming it on Assad!
    This report shows a rebel group fighting in the Ramousah industrial area in the southwest of the city in a major offensive to seize a Syrian army base. The r...

  • The third clip is another surprise for me.  It's from western Aleppo city.  An eight-minute-long from a depressed guy who showed how the life is in western Aleppo, how bad it is, no water, no power, remembering the beautiful days before the crisis and ends by leaving and fleeing Aleppo to Latakya, where it is safer. 
  • The clip by itself might be sad.  I used to write such emails when I was there.  But when I see such reports on Ch.4 News, I wonder how come they are showing it and why.  Is it to say that the other part is suffering from the NATO-backed terrorists?  Is it to say that Assad and Syrian army are failing in protecting civilians of western Aleppo?  Is it to destroy the resistance morals of the people of Aleppo?  I don't know.
    We have seen the tragedy of East Aleppo which is under siege and fierce bombardment from the Syrian and Russian armies - but there's another side to the city; a side ...

  • The fourth clip is a fantasy one!  "Inside besieged Eastern Aleppo, one man is working tirelessly to document details of the dead, to build a case for war crimes.  Some viewers may find scenes in this report -- filmed by Waad Al-Kateab -- distressing."
  •  Again, this is NOT the eastern city of Aleppo.  It's an open area with relatively modern buildings.  The guy is blaming the Syrian army of killing people and throwing their bodies in Queiq river (river of Aleppo city) in 2012 at the beginning of the crisis in Aleppo, but actually there were plenty of videos showing the terrorists in Hama, Homs, and Aleppo, so proud of killing people and throwing their corpses into the closer rivers.
  •  The clip is also showing that there was a Christian person who passed away (or killed by Assad people, as they claim) in their region, and he lectures the guys to respect that Christian corpse!  First, there are no Christians left in that area.  Secondly, the terrorists were cleansing anyone who dares to differ with their ideology and politics.
  •  But this whole report is to be shown for the western people, so the scenario had to be more "moderate" and tuned to the "peaceful and freedom rebels and fighters".  It reminds me of another report on Ch.4 News couple of months ago, where they show a rose-seller in eastern Aleppo, selling roses and listening to Beethoven classical music!  The terrorists prohibited music in any form, and sometimes killed the ones who dare to listen to it.  Yet, Ch.4 News wants to tell the European audience how sensitive and educated those rebels are!
    Inside besieged Eastern Aleppo, one man is working tirelessly to document details of the dead, to build a case for war crimes. Some