Saturday, December 17, 2016

More lies uncovered in Aleppo & Idlib      
     Holy sheep dookie!  A whole new freaking lot of lies are currently being exposed in East Aleppo.   Don't believe anything you read in Avaaz!

     Of course all that official hard-line balderdash -- claiming that the US never armed al Qaeda and ISIS -- is always out there floating around somewhere.  But, sorry, guys.  It ain't necessarily so.
     According to Global Research, "The respected military journal Jane’s Defence Weekly in its article 'US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed' stated that the US supplies the 'Syrian opposition' [aka ISIS] with weapons and ammunition from Eastern Europe, and noted that these facts were almost officially recognized by the US Senate."  Make no mistake.  There are no "moderate rebels" in Syria, only al Qaeda and ISIS.  And US taxpayers arm and fund them.

     And here's a few more exposed lies discovered by a Syrian friend of mine too:

    "Day after day, they are discovering piles and piles of food, heating gasoline, medical equipment and weapons in east Aleppo that are enough for hundreds of thousands to stay alive for years, all of it coming from Turkey, Qatar, the US, and Saudi.  Yet, they were stocking them and leave the civilians to starve, to keep the lies on the Syrian government and blame it for all the starving of the people.

     "These piles of wheat might be enough to feed all Syria!  And this is a short clip from Reuters, however I didn't find the original source."

     And here's what my friend from IDLIB just told me as well:   "The situation there keeps getting worse. The hospital was bombed last week [and not by the Russians or Syrians, duh].  They had to move it to another place.  Now with the Aleppo situation...  Things got complicated, then the terrorists agreed to let some of the civilians in my town out... In return for letting terrorists out of Aleppo city. 

     "Let's just pray for the better...but my hopes are fading...  To be honest it seems like we are sacrificed and forgotten in Idlib.  They [meaning NATO, the US, Turkey, Israel and the Saudis more than likely -- the usual suspects in the Middle East] evacuated 15,000 (terrorists+ families) from Aleppo...  It was supposed to be an equal treatment...  But they only managed to get  about 4,000 out in return."   

     Never trust the word of a terrorist -- or the mainstream media either.  


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