Friday, December 31, 2021

Fun and Games in Afghanistan: Globalists win, we lose


     Am I the only one who realizes that leaving all those billions of dollars worth of weapons behind in Afghanistan was a well-designed strategy on the part of the Pentagon and its masters, the Evil Globalist Bastards?  With all those state-of-the-art weapons in the hands of Taliban berserkers right next door, Russia has yet another outside threat on its borders to contend with in the Great Game.  And NATO just flooded Ukraine with high-tech missiles on Russia's border too.

     But who the freak is paying for all these childish war games?  The globalist gamers?  Uh, no.  American taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the Evil Globalist Bastards' mega-XBox gamer fun -- that could blow us all up.
Why does the British government's mortality graph go up in a symmetrical straight line?  It should be more scatter-shot, right?
And then there's Libya.  Americans should be truly ashamed. 


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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Pay up, you cheap bastard: Anthony Fauci owes me 500 pesos


     I'm saving up all my weird travel stories for later -- stories about how United Airlines gave me a free trip to Puerto Vallarta, or how I fell into Yelapa Bay fully-clothed and drowned my poor little cell phone to death, or how I scored over-the-counter ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in the back room of a P.V. pharmacy or....  Right now I'm just gonna write about how pissed off I am at Anthony Fauci.

     Because of that greedy avaricious bastard, I almost didn't make it back home to the USA. 

     "You can't board your flight unless you can show a negative COV$D test result," said the kind man behind the ticket counter at the airport.  "There is an antigen-test lab out in the parking lot.  I suggest you go there."

     Outside in a huge white tent that was doing land-office business, another kind man collected my money -- 350 Mexican pesos in change and an odd assortment of American dollars.  "That's all I got."  It was enough.

     "Come back in 30 minutes."  A half-hour later I received a piece of paper declaring that I had negative test results too.  "You do not have COV$D."  But everyone received the exact same negative test results.  Almost one thousand travelers fill the airport here, at the very height of the Omicron scare, and yet there wasn't even one of them with a positive result.  Not even one.  Seems like they always give us the test results that the globalists need us to have -- whether to scare us into giving up our rights or to just snag up our travel bucks.  What a racket, what a rip-off, what a scam.

     Like cattle, we all stood in line at the tent.  Like lemmings, we all handed over our 500 pesos.  Like box-car children, we all dutifully got our noses swabbed.  I was the only one who complained.  "This is blackmail!  None of us are sick!  500 pesos for a worthless slip of paper?  I've been robbed!"

     Even the lab-coated swab technician agreed with me.  "But what can we do?  I've got a family to support and you need to get back home."  Win-win situation?  Hardly.

     That bastard Anthony Fasci owes me 500 pesos.


It's always a good idea to step out onto The Highwire.  Pick an episode.  Any episode.  Watch and learn.

America is now in the drug-cartel business.  Sinaloa has a hecka lot of competition:

And you can always count of Steve Kirsch for important insights into "The Science":
Here's an interesting theory from a South African doctor -- that spike proteins are like bee stings.  We show no allergic reactions to our first bee sting but may develop allergies after the second or third one.  Similarly, the first COV$D spike protein may not affect us but the next spike protein we are exposed to can, be it Alpha, Delta, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson or whatever.  Solution?  Early treatment with antihistamines!  Duh.


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Quick note from Mexico:

The indigenous residents of Yelapa are totally unmasked and perfectly healthy. Me? I contracted Montezuma's Revenge from the rotisserie chicken at the Puerto Vallarta Walmart. Clearly Omicron is not the problem.

Will try to fly home to Berkeley tonight. Will I even be allowed back into America? Or are there even going to be planes flying there right now due to all the OMG Omicron scare? Am about to find out.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Groucho & Karl: Who knew that Americans would all become Marxists?


      "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."  Groucho Marx said that.  So I just keep on reading -- out here where there's more light.  And I'm still slogging through Sophie's World, a book about philosophy.  Just finished reading the chapter on Karl Marx.  Yep, he was a philosopher too -- and a fairly interesting guy.  "The heart of any society is based on our ability to make and produce whatever kind of stuff that we need to keep ourselves alive and well."  Karl Marx said [something like] that.

      So.  Who produces all the life-sustaining stuff in America today?  Dresses, dishes, digital equipment, dolls and doo-dads all come from China.  Our all-important farmland is mostly owned by Bill Gates.  It is the CDC and Big Pharma that control our life-or-death medical choices -- not Roe vs. Wade.  And everything else here is delivered by Amazon.  Karl Marx would have said that the basis of America's society is always somebody else -- not us.  And he would have been right.

      Groucho Marx said, "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."  Not to worry.  Club America does not want us mere working-class peons to join it.  And neither does Club Global want us around either.  "Why bother with humans?  They are so messy.  Robots should be the basis for our society.  Robots can do the work."  Nobody I know personally said that.

     So what should we do?  According to both Karl and Groucho, we need to go start our own damn clubs!  Let's shut out and blackball those Evil Globalist Bastards, Big Pharma billionaires and military-industrial elites.  Let them be the outsiders for a change.  Let them be the unpopular kids sitting alone in the lunchroom -- while we ourselves finally become the popular guys.

     "But Jane," you might say, "How do we even manage to become our own means of production???  I don't have a clue how to knit socks or grow kale."  Yeah, but.... We gotta start somewhere. 

     “I find television very educating," sez Groucho.  "Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”  Let's start by turning off our [made in China] TVs, stop getting indoctrinated to buy stuff on FascBook and figure out how to grow beans on the front lawn.  Decentralize everything so that you can walk everywhere?  Buy a freaking horse.  Think locally.  And, to also quote Groucho, “Learn from the mistakes of others.  You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”  

PS:  What other famous philosophers do we know about?  Lenin and Lennon of course.  John Lennon said "All you need is Love".  Sure.  But we also need food, air, water, shelter and the occasional "Ata Boy". 

     Vladimir Lenin, on the other hand, was the start-up prototype for today's Evil Globalist Bastards.  He was not interested in the fate of blue-collar workers, the salt of the earth.  He wanted to play with the Big Dogs and would have been the absolute darling of Davos had he been alive today.  He would have hated John Lennon -- and even Karl and Groucho Marx.

PPS:  Omicron is soooo much milder than Delta that it's almost like having the sniffles.  So if everyone in the world comes down with a case of Omicron, then we'll all be naturally immune to COV$D forever.  Big Pharma's worst nightmare, sure, but then we can just go back to worrying about Evil Globalist Bastards, the military-industrial complex attacks on Palestine, Venezuela, etc. and American bombs over Syria and Yemen. 

     If every human being on the planet gets this milder and nicer Omicron variant, then we all will become naturally immune to COV$D.  Bye-bye to Big Pharma profits, bye-bye to Day 647 of this stupid lock-down, bye-bye to "vaccines" and "boosters" that don't work, bye-bye to torturing our children with face masks, bye-bye to idiots in our health departments, bye-bye to censorship, bye-bye to....


Written 40 years ago, this sci-fi novel feels like what's happening today (except that the author blames all his crazy lock-down on poor old Karl Marx and not the Evil Globalist Bastards):

Good advice on how to make our shiny new spike proteins happy:

"If living was a thing that money could buy, you know the rich would live and the poor would die...."


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Thursday, December 16, 2021

It's Day 640 of the Lock-Down. Quick! Time for another meme!




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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Memes of the Day: time to get pissed off



     Is it finally time to get pissed off?  Duh, yeah.










PS:  The pandemic will end when the digital monetary system is in place:


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Sunday, December 05, 2021

APRIL, 2020: Ghostly COV$D nostalgia at the haunted Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles


Editor's note:  This article will soon be Chapter 4 in my next book, 2020: Living dangerously in a Time of COV$D.  Lots of chapters yet to be typed up. I better stop slacking and get to it.
April 25, 2020:  "We have a special deal for you," bragged Expedia.  Good timing -- one day after my $1,200 government stimulus check had arrived.  I'll take that deal!  Fly down to Los Angeles, spend a night at the legendary Biltmore Hotel and fly back home the next day.  Boom.  Only $300.  But then complications set in.  Flight changes kept popping up in my inbox until the only sensible thing to do was to spend another night at the Biltmore.

     Money to burn!
     "Sunday night will cost you $60 more than Saturday night," said Expedia.  Huh?  I balked.  But COV$D-19 had made me rich!  Money's no object.  Why not.  Then my friend Samantha called.  "Remember when I asked you what you'd do if you won the lottery?  And you replied that you would use that money to travel?"  And thus be able to benefit the most sentient beings, my ultimate goal in life?  Yeah, I remember.  "Well, be careful what you wish for.  Now you've got money to travel with on the one hand -- but on the other hand a lot of people got sick and a lot of small businesses crashed."

     Bummer, she's right.  And do I feel guilty?  Absolutely.  And yet here I am, on a teeny-tiny airplane, with only eleven other passengers aboard, on my way to the legendary Biltmore Hotel.  "The Biltmore is the most haunted hotel in America."  Bring it on!

     Oh, and BTW, I think that I already had COV$D -- and recovered.  Or perhaps not.  Last week I had some of the symptoms of a mild flu plus my usual weird desire to hide under the bed for days with only a good book.  Does that count as COV$D?

      The plane is taking off.  Biltmore ghosts, here I come!

     And the bus from LAX airport to Union Station downtown was cheap and quick.  Finding the metro station was easy.  "Just take the purple line and get off at Pershing Square."  Okay.  Now I'm here.  But which way is the Biltmore from Pershing Square?  Ask a cop.

     "I'm a big fan of The Rookie police show," I told three cops standing on the corner.  "Might you direct me to the Biltmore?"

     "See that large brick building that we are standing right in front of?"  Duh.  Beautiful Georgian facade -- but the freaking front door was closed, locked and chained.  Oh crap.  Am I going to have to sleep outside with the other hobos on Pershing Square?  At least the night was warm.  Slowly and sadly I walked around the one-square-block-sized hotel.  Locked down and locked out.  But wait!  There's a secret back entrance!  I'm in!

     And I've just entered an amazing fairyland.  Suddenly I was so glad that I came!  This hotel puts even the Palace Hotel in San Francisco to shame.  Ornate carvings.  Incredible chandeliers.  Vast stairways and ballrooms and terraces and chambers.  Art Nouveau!  In the style of San Simeon.  In the style of freaking Versailles.  I'm in heaven.  Bring on Katherine Hepburn's ghost!  Luxury.  Beauty.  History.  So worth the (imaginary) risk of getting COV$D-19[84].  Tomorrow maybe I'll just curl up in a chair in the lobby, read a book and pretend that I'm Mary Pickford.  Plus this place is vast.  Plus I've got the entire ninth floor all to myself.  I could willingly just move in and live here.  Guess I have a thing for old hotels.

     Time to go to sleep.

     So glad I came.

April 26, 2020:  Slept like a log.  But, damn it, no ghosts appeared.  At least no famous ghosts.  At one point in time, a female detective ghost just stood at the foot of my bed and stared at me.  She was perhaps 40 years old, light-skinned, shoulder-length brown hair, wore a blazer, had a detective's badge hanging from her neck and was no one I'd ever seen before.

     And my only dream involved a party in Eugene, Oregon, at a house so very typical of the homes where hippies lived back in the 1960s.  I kept trying to make an herbalist brew me a perfect cup of tea.  Frustrating.  Then I went and sat on the front room couch next to an old flame of mine.  I was tired -- and apparently pregnant.  Weird dream.

     What to do today?  Perhaps an unofficial tour of the Biltmore?  Perhaps an unofficial tour of the nearby cathedral, Our Lady of the Angels?  A nice long walk in the heat?

     Wow, just wow!  I just did a complete tour of downtown L.A.  On foot.  In 93-degree heat.  Staggered back to the Biltmore with sunstroke and dehydration -- but boy did I cover all the bases.  First there was Pershing Square where I got yelled at by a panhandler for being a racist bitch because I wouldn't give him five dollars.  "I bet you would give money if a White boy asked."  But the actual square itself was all closed off due to the lock-down.

     Then on to the Grand Central Market, a gigantic funky food court.  Bought a cobb salad for $18.  Pricey, right?  Then I trudged up to Olivera Street for the best taco in the world!  And also a barbacoa beef enchilada.  Yummers.

     But Olivera Street was mostly closed down.  All the quaint little souvenir shops were boarded up.  On to the cathedral.  Built like a bomb shelter basically -- or like a castle-slash-bunker under siege.  Have no idea what the inside looked like because the heavy wrought iron gates were bolted closed.  On a Sunday morning.  I crossed myself and moved on.

     Walked past the Mark Tabor Forum, the Chandler Pavilion, the Walt Disney concert hall.  A fashion model was doing a photo shoot in front of the concert hall so I jumped right in.  "Want a little old lady in your shoot?"  I don't pay my SAG-AFTRA dues for nothing.  But apparently they did not want me  Their loss.

     Then more trudging, back down the hill in the heat to the Biltmore.  Almost didn't make it.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.  Also I ran into two Mexican men who were joyously practicing their mariachi music and vocal harmony over near the cathedral.  Lovely.  I offered them three dollars in support of The Arts but they graciously refused.

     This trip has been awesome so far.  Now it's time to chillax for a while and then go read a book in the famous and impressive Biltmore garden court.  Took more photos.  Absorbed more awesomeness.  Looked for more ghosts.  Then back to my room to eat leftovers from the Grand Central Market, watch The Rookie and eat a Kind bar for dessert.  Dark chocolate.  Simple pleasures while surrounded by old-Hollywood decadence. 

     So glad I came.  And yet, damn it, almost any kind of change or effort is always so scary for me.  I'm always scared.  Scared of airplanes, scared of travel, scared of people, scared of writing, scared of everything.  It's a miracle that I get out of bed in the morning -- let alone go off into war zones or take on the Dark Overlords of the world.  But still I do it.  Stupid?  Dumb?  Or brave?

     Oh shite.  Now I'm afraid of having to wake up at 6:00 am and being out the door at 7:00 am.  Being coherent that early in the morning really scares me. 

    I can do this!

     But I still hate to leave the Biltmore behind.

April 27, 2020:  Damn it, I had a really rough time getting to sleep last night.  1:00 am.  2:00 am.  3:00 am.  Still wide awake.  Used homeopathic and herbal sleep remedies.  Nothing worked.  What's with that?  I was desperate.  Finally at 4:00 am I went under -- only to be woken up two hours later by reception.  Crap.  Plus I had really weird dreams. 

      First dream: my apartment complex's maintenance guy discovered that all our sewer systems were rotting away beneath our feet.  Second dream:  A young Saudi man was staying with me to help out around the house and then the doorbell rang and there was his mother, seeking asylum.  And she had two little children with her -- and she was pregnant.  And then a few more children appeared.  And then more and more children.  No one knew what to do, least of all me.  So we hid them all in a basement temporarily (hopefully not one connected to rotting sewer pipes).  But then there was an earthquake or cave-in or something, and clods of dirt started falling from the ceiling of the cellar and on to the hapless woman and her family.

      Then the phone rang.  6:00 am?  "I'm up!  I'm up!"  Honestly.  Somehow I managed to stagger off to the airport -- but only after spending a few last lovely moments sitting in the glamorous Biltmore lobby and sipping hot tea.

     Chomping on Fritos at the airport kept me going long enough to make it home and play free-cell solitaire long enough to decompress.  I wonder where I can go next.  Got myself hooked on stately old hotels, especially haunted ones.  I wonder if they have any in Arkansas, the one American state left that I have never been to.  Las Vegas seems like a waste of time because all the historic hotels there are closed -- but I do want to go there for Mothers Day.  Or perhaps go to Sacramento.  It's got haunted hotels.  Or....


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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Spinoza on the subject of trans-human AI: "There is still hope"

      Back in the seventeenth century, a philosopher named Baruch Spinoza studied the many facets of Mankind -- and concluded that all human beings are essentially alike.  We are all human.  However, even though us humans are capable of doing all kinds of cool stuff, we still can never grow tails like a lion or produce oranges like a fruit tree. 

     Yeah duh, Baruch.  Boring and obvious stuff.  Yawn.  Didn't Spinoza have anything better to do with his time besides stating the obvious?  No TV to watch?  No fast cars or jet planes?  Poor guy.

     But then along comes Klaus Schwab and his Evil Globalist Bastards, desperately trying to shoot us all up with graphene oxide and turn us into 5G-driven robots.  "You will own nothing and you will be happy," according to Klaus.

     "But Jane," you might say, "that's all just a nasty rumor.  Conspiracy theory.  Misinformation."  Maybe....  But....  What if it isn't misinformation?  What if trans-humanism is actually the Evil Globalist Bastards' actual plan like they keep telling us it is and we take them at their word?  Then what? 

     Spinoza to the rescue!

     "No matter how hard the E.G.B. cartel tries to turn humans beings into artificial intelligence robots, they can never truly and totally succeed.  Why?  Because in the end, human beings can only be human."

     Thanks, Baruch, for allowing us to be just a little bit hopeful -- hopeful that even though it might seem like both ourselves and our children actually are fated to become happy robotic sock puppets, that even then, somewhere deep down inside the core of us robots, the essence of being human will still exist.

     Sorry, Klaus & Friends, but no matter how hard you try, some of us will still manage to stay human.

PS:  Philosopher Rene Descartes was all about being reasonable.  "Reason Reason Reason!" he cried back in the 1600s.  And thus if Descartes were alive today, it would make absolutely no sense to him at all for Big Pharma to put graphene oxide, a known toxin, into all its COV$D shots. 

     And it would make even less sense to him for doctors to give Moderna-Pfizer-Janssen jabs to little kids who are in zero danger from dying from COV$D or to give COV$D jabs to folks who had already had COV$D or to pregnant women -- unless of course Big Pharma did it all for the money.  Descartes would clearly see the reasonableness behind that.

PPS:  The philosopher John Locke also tells us that the sole purpose of government is to serve the people it governs.  "Government" as a rational idea is a good thing, according to Locke -- but today's Evil Globalist Bastards have kidnapped our government and are holding it for ransom in Davos.


And a bit of humor always helps:

Sophie's World, a novel about philosophy that makes Spinoza easier to understand (but it's still a hard slog):

James Corbett gets all philosophical.  Spinoza would approve:  The Great Conspiracy Debate on Grand Theft World

And of course Allison McDowell always nails it when it comes to nanobots in our bloodstream and other mysterious things:  Blockchain Keys To A Murky Metaverse – Interview With Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter WBAI

As musician Michael Franti and Palestinian ecologist Mazim Qumsiyah remind us, "Stay Human!":

"The COV$D vaccine is a gimmick":
This interview with Dr McCullough is on a right-wing web site but there will soon be no difference between right and left as we all start to fight for our lives against the EGBs.  "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".


Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.

Monday, November 22, 2021


I still remember this tragic day....



Tuesday, November 09, 2021


Dominoes starting to fall: America's slo-mo slide into bankruptcy

     "Our local dollar store just went out of business," said my neighbor.  Oh, no!  Where am I going to get cheap holiday decorations for my front door!

      "Its shelves are now completely empty, but they were partially empty even before the store closed due to shipping bottlenecks."  That makes sense.  Almost everything that Americans own these days is clearly stamped "Made in China" and a lot of shipping bottlenecks are involved between there and here.  We basically rely on China for our lifestyle.  Without access to Chinese manufacturers, we are totally screwed -- but a lot of that access no longer exists. 
     And yet even despite our heavy reliance on China, we are being constantly told to hate the Chinese.  Evening news commentators and online pundits are constantly beating their drums for a war between us and them.  But the American economy doesn't run on Dunkin'.  It runs on container ships from Asia.  Declaring war on China would be like McDonalds declaring war on burgers and fries.  Economic dominoes have started to fall.

Sidebar:  According to Google, over four billion syringes filled with The Vaxx have already been administered worldwide (so far).  And where do those billions of disposable syringes come from?  China!  For instance, the JN Medical Device Company in Anhui, China, will only fill orders for over 360,000 syringes.  And also how come nobody at the Glasgow climate conference has asked where all those billions of disposable syringes are actually being disposed of?

     Then I went shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday.  Five of the items on my list were not available.  The shelves were bare.  "What happened here?" I asked one of those friendly guys in Hawaiian T-shirts.  Same old story.  "Breakdown in the supply chain."  No canned pumpkin, steel-cut oats or organic spinach for me.

     Next, let's look at those pesky Nuremberg-Code-violating vaccine mandates that have also affected our economy negatively.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans are quitting their jobs rather than get vaxxed
because there are so many risks involved in getting it -- and almost zero rewards.  And the COV$D scare itself has cut a grim-reaper swath through our economy, right?  300,000 more Americans went on unemployment just last week.  605 days of being locked down for no scientifically-justifiable reason has devastated America's small businesses.  A disease that can be cured by early treatment with Ivermectin and Vitamin D has pretty much cut our economy off at the knees.  Many more dominoes have fallen.

     And while we are busy looking over our shoulders at the COV$D train wreck, the Federal Reserve has just stolen nine trillion dollars from us after we stopped paying attention.

     But whatever has caused this horrific domino effect, where exactly are America's economic dominoes going to fall?  And when?  How can we predict when these falling dominoes will sweep down our street too, taking us along with them?  And how can we protect ourselves when they do sweep over us like the legendary Galveston Flood?  Hint:  Don't ask.  We are not supposed to ask these kinds of questions.  We are only supposed to gratefully obey or else be accused of killing grandma or being a Q-Anon goon rather than an informed intelligent American.

      Currently, most Americans have willingly participated in all of this COV$D craziness -- because they are afraid.  And yet we clearly have far more to fear than just some nasty flu bug.  We need to truly fear seeing our economy ripped to shreds.  And what about that handful of evil globalist bastards who have joyfully set all these deadly economic dominoes in motion?  They do not even care.  And obviously Americans don't seem to care about anything but COV$D either -- as our economy is being destroyed in slo-mo.


We are being brainwashed big time.  How to recognize propaganda when you see it:  How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch : The Corbett Report

A patent attorney notes that both The Virus and The Jab were both patented years ago.  This game of dominoes has been in play for the last decade at least:

Winner take all and the winner is not us.  Sorry, you lose.  Tyrants win:

OMG, you don't even want to know what is happening in Scotland (but I'll tell you anyway).  In a fully vaccinated country, the death rate just went up 30%:

And of course Greg Mannarino always tells us the economic truth -- but with a dramatic flare:

What's Left?  Diego Rivera may have had it all wrong.  Technology might not be our friend after all:

And a real actual medical doctor describes the entire COV$D-slash-Vaccine mess in just seven minutes:


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Monday, November 01, 2021


Booster shot after booster shot: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

     I'm about to run out the door to Walgreens and get my first Pfizer shot, my first Moderna shot and even my very first shot of J&J.  Don't try to stop me! 

     And then after that, I'm also going to get my first booster shot ASAP.  And the next one after that too -- ad infinitum.

     What changed my mind?  What changed me from being a proud anti-vaxxer to becoming the world's greatest cheerleader for Moderna?  Science changed my mind!  A scientist friend of mine said, "Our human bodies were never meant to get all those vaccines."  And then, after re-watching that infamous 2010 TED talk by Bill Gates about wanting to eliminate a few billion people by use of vaccines (and also after watching The Invasion of the Body Snatchers on Halloween), I suddenly realized that Gates and his evil globalist bastard cohorts have been deliberately making interesting plans for us "useless eaters" for over a decade.

     Ya think they're not trying to kill us?  First watch this video and then get back to me:

      Apparently, however, just one dose of their magic vaccine was supposed to get rid of all us Useless Eaters -- and yet we are still here?  Que milagro!  Hurray for the human race!  Freaking resilient even despite all the gunk in those shots!

     Was it eugenics that kept us alive?  Survival of the fittest?  Guess we are all a lot stronger than those evil globalist bastards thought.  Their Plan A failed.  Time to switch to Plan B -- give us yet another booster shot of that gunk and just keep on doing it until only themselves and their A.I. robots are left.

     But what can I myself do to stop all this carnage?  Little old me?  Apparently nothing.  Everybody in my neighborhood already hates me for even trying to act like Paul Revere.  "The Bastards are coming!  The Bastards are coming!"  So I've decided to stop fighting the inevitable and join the rest of us pod people -- become one of the Vaccinated too.  Who wants to be the only moral person, sad and lonely, left on earth?  If all of the world's useless eaters are gonna have to die off together, then I wanna join them and die too.  Goodbye cruel world, I'm off to visit Walgreens!

PS:  Are you depressed?  Bankrupt?  Homeless?  Hungry?  Unemployed?  There's always a way out of your misery -- suicide by booster shot!

PPS:  Once I get a couple of those shots inside of me, I will be like Father Damien, that priest who heroically preached to the lepers of Moloka'i -- until one day he said,  "Now I am one of you too."

PPPS:  Those evil globalist bastards weren't so naive after all.  Some of them must have known that just one Jab wouldn't get the job done, and so they were thinking ahead just in case --  at the very beginning of this vaccine frenzy they made space on our COV$D-19 Record Cards for at least four doses.

Halloween was a great time to watch The Invasion of the Body Snatchers -- and then run out and get your Boo-ster shot!

That infamous TED talk:  "The world today has 6.8 billion people.  That's headed up to about nine billion.  Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent."

Some vaxx batches are benign while other batches are killers.  Which states got the killer batches?  We may never know.  Or perhaps VAERS deaths were just under-reported in some of our states?

And our human immune systems are getting into more and more trouble these days.
Day 598 of this COV$D craziness?  We have far more to fear than just a nasty flu bug.  Our true economic reality sucks eggs:


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