Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Madam Jane predicts:  World Peace in ten years!

     Don't you just hate being lied to?  Apparently not.  We Americans all get systematically lied to every single time we turn on the TV -- and yet nobody seems to mind.  "Pharmaceutical side effects are worth it, the climate crisis is a myth,  Zionists have every right to murder Palestinians, banksters are our BFFs, the chemical attacks on Syria weren't staged, there are new well-paying jobs springing up like mushrooms...."  Whatever.  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/wikileaks-chemical-weapons-watchdog-ordered-deletion-of-all-traces-of-findings-that-syrian-chemical-attack-was-staged/

     "But I'm not lying!" Madam Jane told me this morning.  "I'd never lie to you!"  Yeah, right.  "There really will be world peace in ten years!"

     Sorry but I just gotta call bull-dookie here. "You really have the nerve to tell me that after Americans just spent seven trillion dollars on all kinds of deadly weapons, nuclear bombs, chemical warfare, drones, aircraft carriers and even hand guns, I'm supposed to believe the human race is actually going to get its shite together and suddenly become peaceful in the next 3650 days?"

     That there's no climate crisis hovering over us, that America's brutal attacks on Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian oilfields will suddenly come to an end, that Americans will actually give up their fossil fuel cars?  That Big Pharma's pricey little white pills are going to miraculously cure us?  Dream on. 

     "Are you really trying to convince me that we now live in a perfectly peaceful world?  That assault rifles are an absolute fashion-accessory must-have?  That there are oodles and oodles of affordable housing units available here, that homelessness doesn't exist, that America is a democracy, that mega-corporations pay their fair share and that our current President, various Congressional legislators and members of our Supreme Court all love women (but in a good way)?"

     The list of lies they tell us goes on and on.  "Coke Zero is good for you.  Our infrastructure is safe.  We can't allow big banks to fail.  Corporations don't need to pay taxes like the rest of us.  Al Qaeda's White Helmets are good guys."  And that America's so-called wars and proxy wars on Vietnam, Korea, Chile, Afghanistan, Russia, Honduras, Cuba, Bolivia, Libya, Guatemala, Iraq, Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Yemen are necessary to keep America strong?

     And now Madam Jane is telling me that I'm spozed to believe that America, the greatest war-mongering liar in history, will suddenly want to start acting like Mother Theresa in just ten short years?  That male White Nationalists will suddenly come to Jesus and no longer want to shoot you and me?  That the climate crisis will suddenly be averted and that even our two-year-olds will all get along and never ever fight over toys ever again? 

     "No No No!" said Madam Jane.  "I stick with my prediction.  In ten years there really will be world peace...because...in ten years...the entire human race will have killed itself all off."  Oh. 

     Happy New Year, everyone!  It's now 2020.  We only have ten more years left.  What can we do to prove Madam Jane wrong?


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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Day in America: To be old, hungry and Black....

     Christmas Day was a truly grim eye-opener for me this year.  "How many starving, homeless and desperate people existed in Jerusalem back when Jesus was alive?" I asked myself.  "And were there as many lonely desperate outcasts to be found in Bethlehem 2019 years ago such as the ones I had just seen standing in line and patiently waiting for food in front of Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco on this current December 25th?" 

      It's two millennia later.  Here in America.  The land of the free and the home of the brave.  2019 years after Herod.  After 2000 years of so-called hope and progress?  And yet there they all were on Christmas Day 2019, hundreds of them, stretching far down the block and around the corner, cold and hungry and homeless and desperate.  And most of them were old and Black, having been systematically ground down to the nub by America's racism -- from the day they were born in their mangers.

     I was so very shocked to my core to see so many hungry desperate people all in one place.  On Christmas Day.  In a land claiming to be "Christian".

     All I could do was go home to my cozy little apartment and try to block out these dreadful images with eggnog.  Eggnog didn't work.  I had just seen the ghost of America's Christmas future and it had terrified me -- a future where, if Americans don't finally start acting more Christ-like, we too, sooner or later, will all end up like the desperate people I saw yesterday -- and there will be no "Joy to the World" for any of us ever again.  https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Civilized-to-Death/Christopher-Ryan/9781451659108

     Let us hope that this horror never happens -- and then let's all go out and make sure that it doesn't.  It's time that we take Christmas back from the corporate billionaires, the war-mongers and the haters.


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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Michael Bloomberg at the AGU: Was gonna write a hit piece on him but...

    Front and center at a recent Michael Bloomberg event in San Francisco?  Seated within mere feet from an actual billionaire?  Hey, that's me!  Somehow I managed to score the absolutely best seat in a room that held 3,000 people.  Is karma my bitch or what!  Maybe I should play the lottery too, I'm feeling that lucky.  We were all waiting to hear Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg talk about the current climate crisis.

      Then a science guy from the Midwest in the seat next to me started man-splaining about how climate-crisis-denying politicians in the pay of huge corporations are constantly battling to prevent any sort of effort to stave off extinction of the human race.  "At first they denied it was even happening at all but now they just tell us that solar power will give us cancer."  Uh, no.  It won't.  "All you need is to use one-tenth of one percent of Michigan's farmland to solar-power the entire state."  Our fossil-fuel warlords don't want us to know that.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/walvanlierop/2019/12/06/yes-fossil-fuel-subsidies-are-real-destructive-and-protected-by-lobbying/#724279be417e

      Then Brown and Bloomberg walked onstage.  Damn it, I forgot my camera.  They were only 12 feet away.  But there's still the old-school option of pen and ink, right?  So I'm sitting here in the front row, totally ready to write a hit-piece on Bloomberg, the billionaire who has suddenly switched from being a neo-con Repub to being a climate-protecting Man of the People.  Humph.

     "No one in the Midwest has even heard of Michael Bloomberg," said the man seated to my right.  And does Bloomberg have a facelift?  I wish I look that good at his age.

     But then Bloomberg speaks.  Oh, crap.  He's really actually into this climate crisis stuff, has been since the 1990s, puts his money where his mouth is.  There goes my dream of an actual hit piece.

      "This is the most important time to be working in science," he tells the 3,000 science nerds who are avidly listening.  "And we desperately need politicians who are not purveyors of 'alternative facts' at this crucial time." 

      Yeah, we do need them.  Desperately.  Sometimes we Americans get so thoroughly involved in our own current soap operas that we forget the very real dangers of the Big Picture when we pull the levers of our (highly tampered with) voting machines. 

     "Ending the climate crisis is not a scientific problem.  We can do this.  It is a political problem."  Oh.  That's probably why he is running for prez -- not for fame and glory?  Hmmm.  "Climate-change deniers have gone from saying 'It doesn't exist' to 'It's a commie plot' to 'It may exist -- but it wasn't caused by me!'  Climate capture is our only viable solution.  And we need educated people to save the world."

     Tell that to the current administration.  America is currently # 22 in science education.  There are currently twenty-one other countries who are both smarter than us and have more science nerds in the pipeline.  That's just scary.

     "But this is a world-wide problem and it needs a world-wide solution.  We need China and India onboard with this too."  This is no time to go picking a trade-war with China.  "We need China to join us in this fight.  The trade war isn't helping here."

      Altogether Bloomberg gave a very impressive speech.  However, like the guy next to me just commented, "If he really wanted to get his message across, he should just spend all this money on simply buying Fox News."

     But still and all, I was impressed with the new "Mike" Bloomberg.  Why?  Because the climate crisis is really a big deal for me.  I gots grandchildren.  I would like to see them survive the next twenty years.  And Bloomberg is still far better than what we are stuck with in Washington now.

PS:  Neither Bloomberg nor Brown mentioned the greatest polluter of all -- war-mongering.   Imperialism.  "Humanitarian intervention".  Afghanistan.  Libya.  Iraq.  Yemen.  Korea.  Palestine.  Bolivia.  Chile.  Bosnia.  Vietnam.  Honduras.  Guatemala.  Ukraine.  Syria.  Bombs that go bump in the night -- and calculated slaughter of women and children by the millions.  Imperial "wars" that are murdering our climate too.  And us as well.  https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/new-attack-on-syrian-oil-fields-was-too-sophisticated-for-terrorist-groups-source/

     Let's face it, guys.  We Americans aren't never gonna give up our cars.  We're like those lung-cancer patients who smoke til it kills us.  But....  I think that Americans may finally be willing to give up on "war". 

     Bloody imperialism since 9-11 has been a really bad seven-trillion-dollar consumer decision.  We coulda bought solar-powered cars instead.  And perhaps in the future we Americans may finally wake up and chose American values and Jesus' teachings (and sustainable energy) here at home -- instead of the wholesale murder of babies abroad.  

     Hey, it could happen.


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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Trump?  Zionists?  Wha?

     President Trump's latest weird executive order to make Zionists love him has endangered Jews everywhere, right? 

     American Jews are no longer considered Americans?  They now all need to apply for green cards?  ICE can now hunt them down and bang on their doors?  They can now be deported even if their forefathers fought in the 1776 Revolution and at the Alamo?  Hell, their kids can now even be locked into cages under the Trump administration. 



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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The American Geophysical Union convention: 27,000 nerds -- and me

     How far am I actually willing to go in order to score free chocolate chip cookies?  Good question.  Exactly how much torture am I willing to endure?  Math has always been torture for me.  STEM is my worst nightmare.  And yet here I am, in San Francisco, actually surrounded by whole regiments of science freaks!  And yet, here's me -- actually having a good time.

     Even though the event is mostly sponsored by Google, Lockheed-Martin, Amazon and Chevron.

      But still and all, I'm learning some really interesting stuff.  And they feed us here for free too.  Clam chowder, Vietnamese salad and beer.  "Gots any wine?" I asked.  Uh, no.  Most of these 27,000 nerds are basically grad students and twenty-something STEMers, apparently hoping to land their first (or next) job.  Tired of working for Uber.  Definitely not a wine-drinking crowd.  But they are so cute -- with their pocket protectors, electronic gadgets and nerdware.  Gotta love them.

     However, a lot of these 27,000 nerds are going to invent things someday -- really important things, things that will hopefully save our lives and our planet within the next ten years.

     The first seminar I went to here talked about how Jules Verne had influenced the space race.  Who knew.

     The next seminar was given by panel members who talked about the various ways that the federal government has tried to discourage and intimidate any discussion by them regarding our current climate crisis -- but how, heroes that they all are, they risked their jobs and their future to try to make Congress aware that corporate America is playing with fire.  "The fire next time".  Literally. 

     Did you know that 97% of our climate crisis is caused by human activity?  That climate change in our national parks has doubled the temperatures there as compared to the rest of the country?  That wildfires have also doubled?  That carbon dioxide is now at the highest level it has ever been since the dinosaurs went extinct?  That American Natives are ten times more likely than the rest of us to have an oil pipeline forced onto their land?  Hell, even I can do that kind of math.

     Afterward I talked with one American Native presenter who had a PhD.  "How did that happen?" I asked him.

     "For over a hundred and fifty years, our tribe has valued education above all," he replied, "as a way to get out of our rut of defenselessness and poverty."  Ah.  Like how Palestinians also value education -- and why their universities are constantly under attack, sometimes literally.  And, as another presenter mentioned, why America has now become a diseased combination of First and Third worlds. 

     "Americans are either wealthy conspicuous consumers who think nothing of dropping half-a-million dollars in order to fly out into space with Elon Musk, Jeff Besos or Richard Branson -- or else they are just America's existential field hands."

      Up next at the convention?  After lunch, Michael Bloomberg is gonna try to explain to us how and why he suddenly became a Democrat and Man of the People.  Good luck with that one, Mike.

PS:  Getting a press pass to the AGU convention was extremely hard.  The press liaison kept asking me, "But do you work for a major publication?"  Who me?  Definitely not.  If you are a reporter for the New York Times, say, then you gotta toe the corporate line, right?  Sorry, guys, but the Times doesn't want me -- and I don't want it either.  However.  Will still work for chocolate chip cookies!  https://sana.sy/en/?p=180156


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Friday, December 06, 2019

November in retrospect: Neo-cons giving thanks & my six (6) Thanksgiving dinners

    What the freak is a neo-con, actually?  We're about to find out.  "Any person or persons who try to conquer the world at the expense of everyone else in it."  If you plan to turn the world into your own little fiefdom and put everyone else to work as your field hands and maids then you are probably a neo-con.  Neo-cons just wanna have fun -- at our expense. "What's mine is mine -- and what's yours is mine too."  https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2019/11/24/ukraine-trump-biden-the-real-story-behind-ukrainegate-part-2/

     And this year neo-cons are really having Big Fun -- especially in places like Chile, Palestine, Yemen, Bolivia, Iran, Afghanistan, Hong Kong and Flint, Michigan.  "But mostly we are happy, thankful and grateful that we have taken control of and completely colonized Washington DC."  https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/12/06/bolivias-coup-government-a-far-right-horror-show/

     But enough about them.  America gets what it deserves.  Let's talk about me

     For many of America's jobless and/or homeless and/or overworked and/or underpaid and/or bankrupt and/or educationally deprived and/or food insecure and/or medically uninsured citizens, there hasn't been much to be thankful for this past November.  Sorry about that.  But as for me?  Best Thanksgiving ev-ah!

     On November 26, the Golden State Warriors, the Oakland Athletics and City of Oakland sponsored a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings for 1,500 low-income residents and seniors.  Seated at my table were two blue-collar workers, four kindly Chinese grandmothers, a homeless man, a handicapped man, a young woman down on her luck -- and me.  Instant family!  We didn't fight about one single thing!  Lovely.

     On November 27, my doctor's office sponsored a buffet table for all of us patients.  Guacamole, potato salad and Korean barbecue.  Not exactly traditional but it worked.  More instant family.  More gratitude.

     And even more special was a very very special family un-Thanksgiving dinner celebrated by the American Indian Movement over in San Francisco that night.  An elder from a tribe of American Natives spoke -- telling us all about how Trump's border wall had forced the separation of half his tribe into Sonora, Mexico and the other half into Arizona, a tribal family split apart by politics after having been together for thousands of years.  

     "What we all need to know are two things," he told us over green beans, dark meat, white meat and corn-bread stuffing.  "We need to know where do we want to go, and also what do we want to do."  Where to go and how to get there.

     He also said that our government is currently building Zionist-designed 100-foot-high spy towers on his tribal land in order to keep his family separated forever -- not just at each yearly un-Thanksgiving.  Neo-cons are gonna be grateful as hell for that!  https://www.newyorker.com/books/second-read/how-dreams-change-under-authoritarianism

     The next morning, everyone who had been at the un-Thanksgiving dinner sailed over to Alcatraz Island to celebrate the 50th year of the A.I.M. take-over there back in 1969.  Colin Kaepernick spoke.  Damn, I wish I hadn't overslept.  Colin K. is my hero.  https://www.thefader.com/2017/11/24/colin-kaepernick-unthanksgiving-alcatraz

     On November 28, an employee of our neighborhood CDB store stopped me on the street and gave me a to-go plate of gourmet turkey, cranberry sauce, candied yams, stuffing, green beans and asparagus.  Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

     Then my friend down the street had me over for a huge family gathering for her friends and their children.  Cute little toddlers running around in party dresses!   I felt like I was in the very bosom of the wonderful happy family that I had always wished that I had.

      But, wait!  Thanksgiving wasn't over quite yet!  My friends Hayley and David took me down to the Long Haul community center and we celebrated even more as they served us yet another Thanksgiving dinner, this time consisting of tofu turkey with brown rice stuffing and umeboshi dressing.  Hey, I was totally grateful even though tofu turkey might not have been my first choice -- grateful as hell that there were still some Berkeley types still left in Berkeley.

     Then Hayley, David and I wandered home in the moonlight, drinking eggnog as we went and eating pumpkin pie when we got home.  Neo-cons may yet conquer the world and enslave us all if we aren't constantly watchful -- but in the meantime there is moonlight and friendship and pumpkin pie and eggnog that they haven't snatched away from us quite yet.


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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bush's Presidential Library: What, no "Mission Accomplished" photo on display?

     "I absolutely must go see GWB's new presidential library while I'm here in Dallas," I told the friend I was staying with.

     "Why in the world would you want to do that?" she replied.  I just shrugged.  Is it going to make me feel any better knowing that the traitorous scoundrel who stole two (2) presidential elections, unleashed a whole new level of corruption on America, failed to stop the 9-11 madness and murdered a million Iraqis, is not rotting away in jail?

    "Perhaps I could just flip him the bird?"  That probably won't happen either.  Still and all, I was determined to go see just how bad that Bush Junior's presidential library actually was.  But it was even far worse than even I had expected.  I was totally shocked. 

     First there was the 9-11 exhibit, making GWB appear to be the hero of 9-11 instead of the cause of it.  If only George had read his NSA briefings instead of going out for a beer with the boys.  But he did not.

     Next our George shamelessly took credit for being the hero of Hurricane Katrina, even strongly hinting that it was those uppity Blacks who caused that disaster.  "It was them not me, honest!"  Say what? 

     Moving on to the exhibits praising George Jr's glorious triumphs in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Might he be referring to those so-called wars that Americans are still fighting almost twenty years later?  That cost American taxpayers over seven trillion dollars?  Those glorious triumphs?  Gag me with a spoon.

    But wait, there's even more.  Dubya was also the hero of the environment.  And then he actually had the gall to take credit for saving our nation from financial ruin in 2008.  Shameless.

    But I got my revenge -- well, sort of.  I approached almost every employee in the museum and sweetly asked, "But where is the famous 'Mission Accomplished' photo?"  Some of the employees actually had the good grace to blush.

    My advice to any of you wannabe tourists in Dallas?  Don't never plan to go to the Bush Presidential Library unless you bring your own barf bag.  All those lies could make you actually physically sick.

PS:  What also makes me sick at heart is that Leonard Peltier, a true American Native hero and leader, has been languishing away in various maximum-security prisons, lock-downs and solitary confinements for the last 50-odd years for a crime that he didn't commit -- while that lying bastard GWB is having a good old time living the good life in Dallas's ultra-rich Highland Park part of town.  

     If there was any fear of the wrath of God in America at all or any Christians left in this god-forsaken land, their situations would be totally reversed.  https://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/

PPS:  When I was an embedded reporter in Iraq and also blogging everywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe back when Number 43 was (illegally) in office, I never even imagined that America could ever manage to have a worse person in the White House than GWB....


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Friday, November 15, 2019

To paraphrase Joe Biden, "Gaza has a right to defend itself"

     When you were a little kid, did the schoolyard bully try to steal your lunch money?

     When Hitler invaded Poland, did the Poles have a right to fight back?

     When terrorists bombed the Twin Towers on 9-11, Americans felt violated, naked, afraid -- and pissed off.

     When I was attacked by a wannabe rapist with a knife to my throat and he told me, "Don't scream," guess what I did?

    This week, impeachment proceedings in Congress have taken up much of our news cycle.  But somewhere in the deep recesses of FaceBook there are sad photos of babies in Gaza being blown up by Zionists wielding huge missiles and bombs.  https://www.facebook.com/alsheikh.fawaz/videos/168358650893188/UzpfSTEwMDAwMDU1NTczNzY0NDoyOTc5NTg3NTE1NDAzMDc3/?fref=hovercard&hc_location=none

     Doesn't Gaza have a right to defend itself too?

     Don't the West Bank, Palestine and even Syria and Yemen also have a right to defend themselves?  https://mondoweiss.net/2019/11/joe-biden-declares-that-israel-has-a-right-to-defend-itself-after-its-military-kills-multiple-palestinians-with-missile-attacks/

     Let's stop paying these vicious Zionist schoolyard bullies the blood money that they use to attack and metaphorically rape the defenseless people of Gaza again and again.


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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

 Homelessness in Dallas: Dangerous symptom of a deadly national epidemic

     I arrived in downtown Dallas on a furiously cold windy wet rain-soaked night, so cold that teardrops almost froze to my face as I desperately searched for the bus stop that would take me to my friend's warm cozy nest in Oak Cliff.  I asked everyone that I met on the street, "Where can I catch the #21 bus?"

    And every single person I met that night was homeless.  Soon the #21 bus arrived and I gratefully climbed aboard, into the light and the warmth.  But for the homeless people I left behind me?  They were faced with the sole option of spending an entire night in this frozen gunk.

     I had just flown in from Berkeley, CA, where homelessness is a real problem.  We have numerous tent cities, homeless encampments and homeless shelters there.  But now I'm here in Dallas and things here are even worse.

          It then became instantly clear to me that homelessness isn't just some low-level outbreak in just a few cities.  It's a freaking national epidemic.  It's everywhere in America.  And it's highly contagious.  Far worse than the so-called measles epidemic, where perhaps four (4) people died last year.  Even worse than the horrific AIDS epidemic, where 15,807 people died.  1,047 homeless people died last year -- in Los Angeles County alone.  Even despite all that California sunshine.  https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/oct/30/homeless-deaths-los-angeles-county

     A lot of the homeless people I met here in Dallas were older Black men, intentional products of America's endless conveyor belt of racism and discrimination.  But a lot of them looked just like you and me -- only with a shopping cart and shabby clothes instead of haute couture from Macy's or Target.  Homelessness is highly contagious here in America today.  You and I could catch it too.

     We could catch it from our bosses, from our government, from the billionaires who exploit us, from banksters, from student-loan sharks, from our children's lack of education and even from our freaking healthcare medical plans.

     In America, no place is safe from the homelessness germ.

     But the truly sad part of this story is that the our Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is doing nothing to prevent this terrible contagion from spreading!  In a country gone mad with its addiction to vaccinations, how come there is absolutely no vaccine against being homeless?  No vaccine against a disease far more deadly than measles and HIV combined?  Don't tell me that there are no homeless people in Atlanta.  We all know better than that.  https://prepareforchange.net/2019/02/03/vaxxed-ii-the-peoples-truth-coming-in-2019/

     Victims of this deadly plague in Berkeley, Dallas and even Atlanta are not just lone samples in a petri dish somewhere in a medical lab.  They are the canaries in the coal mine.  You and me could easily be next.

     C'mon, CDC, show us some grit.  Build houses.  Provide shelters.  Give out weighted blankets and front door keys and central heating and bathtubs.  Bring all those trillions of American dollars back from Israel and Iraq.  Let Afghanistan and Syria sort out their own problems.  Give that money to Berkeley and Dallas.

PS:  Have you ever heard of Dallas's Silicon Prairie?  It's a totally weird place.  I was taking public transit in from the airport and suddenly right out in the middle of nowhere there were about 10,000 new high-end townhouses and condos, sprung up like mushrooms.  Get my point?  Housing can be easily provided.  In a hurry.  Even for the homeless.  In a prefect world.  "I want a Perfect World so bad!" cried Jesus.

PPS:  From the top of Dallas's high-rise Reunion Tower, I looked out over all of Dallas's sprawling urban metroplex, floating far down beneath my feet.  And what did I see?  Freeways.  Lots and lots of freeways.  It looked as if at least one third of Dallas's former housing stock had been horribly disfigured and decimated in order to put in this bloodless and useless freeway octopus.  Let's tear it all down and build housing instead.  Let's stop this deadly epidemic in its tracks.

     Let's get our priorities straight.

PPS:  How can Americans keep swallowing that bare-faced lie that President Assad of Syria is an evil dictator?  At least in Syria, people aren't systematically made homeless like they are here in the U.S.A. under our current government-by-oligarchs as our jobs melt away to Haiti and Bangladesh.  In fact, the only way that a person in Syria can end up homeless is after we Americans and our partners in crime ISIS, the Zionists and the Saudis have bombed the shite out of his or her home.  https://www.globalresearch.ca/america-created-al-qaeda-and-the-isis-terror-group/5402881


       Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.  And while you're at it, please buy my books:  https://www.amazon.com/Jane-Stillwater/e/B00IW6O1RM