Sunday, February 18, 2024

Yeah, America is still racist


 Yeah, America is still racist

     No matter how "woke" our U.S. Congress claims to be, the truth is that if there were nothing but blonde blue-eyed babies living in West Asia, at least 10,000 children in Gaza would still be alive right now.  And hundreds of thousands of babies in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and Lebanon would not have been forced by gunpoint to fly up to Heaven.  

     It seems to be a piece of cake for Congress to spend trillions of dollars on hundreds of thousands of mega-tons of weaponry to bomb brown-eyed brown-haired babies. 

      Just sayin'.

PS:  My editor just pointed out that America had also slaughtered lots of blonde blue-eyed babies during the fire-bombing of Dresden as well.  So.  I guess that the real moral of this story is that if any shade of baby stands the way of weapons manufacturers making a killing then those babies had better watch out.

      Maybe America isn't racist after all.  Maybe America is just a power-hungry blood-thirsty ghoul with no morals.

PPS:  What is the major difference between 1944 and 2024?  That's easy.  In 1944, Americans all made voluntary economic sacrifices to support the war effort.  In 2024, however, we are all making involuntary economic sacrifices in order to commit genocide in West Asia.

     Every single bomb dropped on helpless babies in Gaza costs America approximately one million dollars.  Surely that money could be used for stuff that is far less pure evil.   


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