Monday, September 25, 2017

There's a McCarthyism app for that: Jumping on the anti-Russian bandwagon

     Did we learn nothing from the 1950s horrors created by Senator Joe McCarthy, the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee and that stupid disaster euphemistically called The Cold War?  Apparently not.  I don't know about you but I myself never want to live through that sorry-arsed shite ever again.  I'd rather eat worms.

     And do we really want a whole new generation of American children to spend their entire childhoods hiding under their desks at school, thinking that duck-and-cover will save them from nuclear attacks and having nightmares about atomic bombs -- when all this neo-McCarthyism is a made-up danger meant to sell weapons and further unmanly political gains -- just like the original McCarthyism was?

     Russia saved Syria from ISIS.  We should be proud of Putin, be glad to have him as an ally and not turn him into a villain when anyone who bothers to do even a modicum of research can easily find out that it was America that sponsored ISIS.  Geez Louise.

     And then there's this:  Israel tampered with our 2016 elections  Israel tampered with our 2014 elections.  Israel tampered with our 2012 elections.  Israel tampered with our 2010 elections.  Israel tampered with our 2008 elections.  Israel tampered with our 2006 elections.  Israel tampered with our 2004 elections.  Israel tampered with our 2002 elections -- and Israel also tampered with our humongous post-9-11 policy disasters.  How come no one is screaming bloody murder about Israel these days? 

    Saudi Arabia is a horrid dictatorship -- one that makes Putin look like freaking Saint Theresa.  So are we starting a New Cold War with the Saudis?  Don't make me laugh.

    And why the freak is America spending trillions of dollars in Afghanistan now -- as well as in the past 16 bloody gruesome gory unproductive years?  According to journalist Caleb Maupin, it's to give Russia trouble.  Do we really need to spend trillions on giving Putin a headache?  When it is you and I who are  getting the headache instead?

     "Russia Russia Russia."  America sounds like the Brady Bunch. 

     Do you really wanna poke at the Russian Bear -- who would much rather just stay in its cave and hibernate?  Well then go on ahead.  But don't be surprised when the Russian Bear (and the Chinese Bear and the Iranian Bear too) gets pissed off, comes out of hibernation and bites you in the arse.  But, unfortunately, it will also bite me in the arse too.  Sucks to be us.

     But go on ahead with your bad self, America.  Go ahead and jump on the anti-Russian bandwagon.  See what it got you in the 1950s.  See what it will get you now.  The new McCarthyism 2.0 app?  It's just as full of dangerous viruses and bugs now as it was way back then -- or worse.  Much worse.

     Russians aren't perfect -- but they are human beings.  Americans aren't perfect either -- but we also are human beings as well.  And to let our politicians and media convince us that Russians are demented animals and not actual people who we would enjoy meeting and talking to, is to deny our mutual humanity.  And to do that is just one small step short of cannibalism.  Is there an app for that too?

PS:  I can't believe that this is actually happening here in Berkeley right now.  Trump supporters just arrived at Camp Here & There and started threatening homeless people.  You gotta be kidding me! Why aren't those Trumps supporters picking on The Generals and Wall Street, their true enemies, instead of the vulnerable homeless?  Because they are bullies.  Duh.


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