Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who will be America's NEXT TOP CHRISTIAN? (Jesus need not apply)

In Los Angeles, they have a TV show called "Pimp My Ride". In the red states they have a TV show called "Pimp My God". Jesus need not apply.

Am I bitter or what? When I was a little kid, I LOVED being a Christian. Couldn't WAIT to go to church. I just loved all that stuff about loving one's neighbor and turning the other cheek. Yeah right. Then slowly I began to see what hypocrites that Christians were. I stopped going to church for a whole bunch of years. And then I went back.

"I KNOW these guys are all hypocrites," I told myself. "But I really do believe in Jesus." I forced myself to go back to church. I sat in the back pew and sang along. I was happy. Now here it is, 20 years later and my little back pew has become uncomfortable once again as the essence of Christianity is once again being ignored.

I LOVED being a Christian. Ah rats.

Any one who can kill 100,000 innocent human beings in the name of the Lord has GOT to be selling us snake oil. I can't tolerate that. I'm sorry. And Jesus is sorry too. Because it means that when we have the GLORIOUS AWAKENING and Jesus comes again, cult Christians and neo-cons will use election-tampering and vote fraud to make sure that He NEVER gets elected to a second term as Messiah -- and then He will be run out of town on a rail.

Who will be America's Next Top Christian? The one who can slaughter the most civilians in Fallugah.

From Jesus: "Whatever you did for the least of us, you did for me." Guess which unpopular liberal said that?

View from the Right: NewsMax actually ran an article stating how clever William Rehnquist was to announce his cancer right before the election -- and how stupid John Edwards was to wait until after the election to announce his wife's struggle with breast cancer.

From Marvin: The debt admitted by the Feds is 7 trillion but the actual debt -- AKA Enron-style hidden debt -- is probably closer to 20 Trillion. I have seen so many numbers that I cannot advocate any except it is more that 7 trillion.


Exit poll graph: Here is an incredibly shocking graph from my friend Bob regarding exit poll info versus electronic voting results. My jaw just dropped!

From CLG News CLG News has a whole laundry list of election fraud in Ohio, Florada, New Mexico, etc: "Alone in Ohio, officials cited homeland security --Warren's vote tally walled off --Citing concerns about potential terrorism [?!!?], Warren County officials locked down the county administration building on election night and blocked anyone from observing the vote count as the nation awaited Ohio's returns. County officials say they took the action Tuesday night for homeland security, although state elections officials said they didn't know of any other Ohio county that closed off its elections board.

Oops! More fuzzy math in Ohio... Franklin County, Ohio --A total of 638 votes were cast in the precinct: Bush received 4258 of them, Kerry got 260.


Concession doesn't matter: It doesn't matter whether or not John Kerry conceded. When they do the Ohio recount and Kerry wins it, he becomes the President no matter what.


From Wayne: "Sounds like angry sour grapes to me, you are indeed going off the deep end. Why not just shut up and deal with it, we won, you lost." But, Wayne, what did you "win"? The right to slaughter civilians, lose your freedom, violate MY religion and bankrupt the country? Big deal. Looks like you ARE a winner! My congrats.


From Nuc News regarding the depleted uranium "Mobile Armageddon": "All around the globe, our babies are dying from low-level radiation."