Monday, November 22, 2004

Americans! Stop bickering among yourselves! We are in danger here.

You should see my inbox. "You lying liberals are the scum of the earth. I hope you die."

Last night I got another threatening phone call. The red state cult Christians do NOT like us blue states at all. And the feeling is mutual. "The Confederate states suck eggs. How can 59 million Americans be so dumb!"

This bickering is not a luxury we can afford. Right now, we are like some self-important mice trying to beat each other up -- while the cat just stands by and watches. Get over it, guys. We are ALL in danger here.

The very first thing we need to get straight is this: America is NOT a super-power. Just look at the map -- there are 193 nations in the world. Approximately four of them agree with George Bush's foreign policy.

There are six billion people in the world. Approximately 350 million of them agree with George Bush's foreign policy. The rest of the world was HORRIFIED by Bush's rape of Fallugah and they can't help thinking that, if Bush is allowed to continue with his temper tantrums, they too will be next on his hit list. These people recognize boys-behaving-badly when they see it. And, more importantly, they have the power to send the Dollar off to its room until the Bush brats learn better manners. These people can do that. There are six billion of them. They are BIGGER than us.
They CAN take away our allowance.

Red states? Blue states? We are ALL Americans. And we need to make friends with each other. Are our petty differences actually going to matter after George Bush has managed to piss off SIX BILLION PEOPLE?

It's time for Americans to start making nice with each other and -- if our little country is to survive the 21st century -- for us to find leaders who can "play well with others" too.