Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Stop the vote theft! Speak at your city councils, call your Secretaries of State!!!!!!!

Please send this out to your lists if you agree:

I'm going to speak at the open mike at my City Council meeting tonight and BEG them to send a resolution to the GAO requesting a ballot re-count -- if not a whole new election. Would you please do the same in your home town? Our future democracy and the lives of our children depend on this.

Further, according to the federal Election Assistance Commission (866-747-1471), we need to protest this fraudulant election at the state level. So. Phone your state's Secretary of State and VENT! Especially in Ohio.

And while you're at it, find a lawyer who will file a federal appeal.

And while we are at it, let's mention that the massacre in Fallugah is immoral, ineffective and just plain WRONG.

Sign the petiton: Click here: A Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the Presidential Election of 2004 Petition