Wednesday, November 03, 2004

After the fall: Should I start my own country now?

What went wrong with the recent "election"?

So many Americans are jumping for joy that Bush was elected that I feel like Cassandra for even trying to point out Bush's flaws.

Bush ignored 28 different warnings that 9-11 was about to happen. He cost America over two million jobs. He's run up the largest debt in history, effectively bankrupting America, the richest country in the world. He has exhibited the ethical behavior of an alley cat. He'll promise ANYTHING for cash. And even his cult Christian backers' worst nightmares -- terrorism, abortions and homosexuality -- have vastly multiplied in the last four years. And don't tell me that nobody voted for Kerry -- we had voters standing out in the rain in Ohio at 4 am to vote against Bush.

So. What went wrong with this election? Why were the "official" results so much different from the exit polls. Ask Diebold. Ask Karl Rove. And ask the Americans who voted for Bush.

"Why did you vote for Bush?"

"Because we didn't know any better. Because we didn't WANT to know any better." I feel like Cassandra, standing out in the rain, saying gloomy things while everybody else laughs.

Nobody else wants to live in a progressive country where Christian values are still honored, our government doesn't lie to us, the buck stops here -- and we still HAVE bucks? NOBODY else wants that? Too bad for them. I still do.

I HEREBY DECLARE THE INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF 2009 STUART STREET! Stop me if you dare. I have my own army, navy, air force and White House. I even have my own Gross National Product. "Thou shalt not kill" is my country's motto. I build my own highways and salute my own flag. And I'm not going to recognize the USSRA either! (Unless of course they beg.)

Is this a good idea? Probably not.

Got a better one?