Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election report: THOUSANDS are voting for Kerry in Broward County -- and Reno hates Cheney

I just got off the phone with a lawyer friend who is poll-watching in Broward County FL, in a primarily Democratic neighborhood.

"People started lining up to vote at 5:30 am this morning," he said. "The wait is now two hours long. Voters are letting older people go to the front of the line to vote. EVERYONE is voting for Kerry. The voting machines are working well. It's perfect voting weather. There are lawyers everywhere here. Precinct workers are checking every prospective voter to make sure they get to the polls. It is an exciting and wonderful time. Everyone is enthusiastic and inspired."

Just in from another swing state -- Nevada! A hot dog vendor in downtown Reno just told me that, "This is a Republican stronghold. Has been for 150 years. But no matter how people feel about Bush around here, the general consensus is that it's time to get rid of DICK CHENEY." Interesting. "Cheney was in Sparks the other day. I figure they only send him to the states where they are losing. Bush was in Ohio this morning. As soon as they think they are losing, they start pounding the area." Apparently Nevada is taking a pounding from Bush/Cheney.

Democracy in action, America at its best!

From Ed: bin Ladin's evil scheme to win the "War on Terror" by bankrupting America seems to be working -- thanks to our George: