Saturday, November 13, 2004

Firing the Project Manager: Like the USSR in 1989, America under Bush is falling apart

On The Apprentice last week, the Project Manager got sacked. "Everything you did on this project failed. You're fired."

Everything America has done lately has failed too. Economically, militarily, politically and morally, the United States today is pretty much where the USSR was in 1989. Our country is falling apart.

What if George Bush had been an Apprentice contestant? What if he was this week's Project Manager? "Here's the task: Make America into a really great country. Use your resources wisely. If you mess up, someone WILL get fired."

Reporting back to the Boardroom, Bush would get nailed for a WHOLE BUNCH of failures. First, he would have to confess that he LOST the war on Iraq. Seven generals just came out and said that the war was a mess. One even stated that only way to win that war was to GET OUT. Now.

Then Bush would have to admit that he had mis-placed the Constitution too. "Sorry. I know it's around here somewhere." The environment? World peace? Education? The stock market? The national debt? On Bill Moyers last Friday, some economist stated that the national debt is probably now at FIFTY-ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! George, you lost the national debt too?

"How about the elections? Do people have confidence in the way that you counted the vote?" Surely you got that one right? What? It looks like the vote count is NINE MILLION votes off? Would Carolyn raise an eyebrow on that one or what?

"But what about the dollar? You've still got the dollar, don't you?" It's at the lowest it's ever been. "Well, tell me. What HAS your team accomplished?

"Let's see. We convinced 20 million Christians to give up the Bible in favor of the "Left Behind" series, we bankrupted the treasury, we demoralized the armed forces and we divided the country into warring states." Great. You are over budget, your employees hate you, 9-11 happened on your watch and now the CIA is falling apart under Porter Goss.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't fire you!" Silence in the Boardroom.

"George. You're fired!"

PS: Bush was so terrible as Project Manager that they didn't even give him a taxi ride home after the show. And then America hired Project Managers who knew what they were doing!