Sunday, April 01, 2018

A Good Friday bloodbath: Gaza's "Selma, Alabama" moment

     "You must not lose faith in humanity," said Mahatma Gandhi -- and yet I have lost mine.

     On Good Friday, 2018, hoards of Israeli snipers deliberately took aim at nonviolent protesters marching in Gaza -- and then fired at will. 

     It was a deliberate massacre, worse than Parkland, like shooting fish in a barrel, cold-blooded murder.  15 dead so far and a thousand wounded as the unarmed men, women and children of Gaza, the world's largest concentration camp, vainly sought shelter.

     It was like Martin Luther King's rag-tag band of heroic protestors as they fought against the American South's  brutal, bloody and unjust caste system that we ourselves let go on so long.

     It was like the May 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, like the pile of bodies in "Schindler's List," like the tragic little girl in the red coat.

     It was like a Roman crucifixion on Good Friday or like Bloody Sunday in Derry.  How can we ever have faith in humanity again?

     Happy Easter.

     More chocolate eggs, anyone?

     How can any decent human being live with himself as, like at Parkland, like at Columbine, like at Guernica, like at Hiroshima, like in Syria, like in Yemen, like with Fire & Fury and Shock & Awe, we continue to brutally slaughter each other.


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