Sunday, April 22, 2018

Gaza: Where the remembrance of 6 million Jews goes to die

     I'm only human.  I watch the videos currently coming out of Gaza and I am horrified and shocked.  I see footage of Israeli neo-colonialist bullies and thugs, armed to the teeth, dressed in riot gear, backed up by missiles and tanks, holding the absolute latest long-range sniper weaponry in their hands and firing gleefully on unarmed Palestinians whose only crimes are to be born into an Israeli concentration camp -- and to refuse to just shut up and die quietly of malnutrition and disease.

     These Israeli snipers appear to be deliberately aiming at Palestinians' elbows and knees.  They know that there are very few doctors, hospitals and blood banks left in Gaza.  They know that they have just crippled over 4000 Gazans for life.  They plan it that way.  Creating instant piles of Palestinian corpses just isn't as much fun.

     And yet these same brutal Israeli neo-con villains then have the audacity to tell us that they are committing these vile atrocities in the name of the six million Jews who were murdered by Nazi thugs. 

     Every time I tour yet another Jewish holocaust museum or see yet another movie about the Jewish holocaust or watch yet another documentary about the Jewish holocaust on TV, I shudder over the sheer hypocrisy of Israeli neo-cons -- and I'm willing to bet that if there is an afterlife somewhere, the troubled souls of six million Jews there are shuddering too.

     Shame on you, Israel.


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