Sunday, April 15, 2018

From a friend in Aleppo: Syrians are laughing at us!

     Just got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Aleppo regarding the recent "Friday the 13th" missile strike there -- brought to the Syrian people courtesy of FUK-US (France, the United Kingdom and the U.S.)  My friend watched the event on Syrian TV and apparently it was like watching a low-budget horror movie -- not all that scary.  70% of the missiles were shot down by Syrian equipment left over from the 1960s.  So much for Fire and Fury.

    "Yes, it was was a very long day here," wrote my friend, "and I watched Trump's ‘made-for TV movie’ from beginning to end.  I woke up around 3:50 am and switched on the television in time to see the terrorist Trump, live, giving his signal for the attack."  And my friend then stayed awake until 11:30 pm the next evening, not wanting to miss any part of the show.

     "So I kept following the news and by the second night there were around six or seven variations and narratives of what had happened.  Gossip and rumors were  everywhere here." I can just imagine.

     "The final and most corrected version so far, however, coming from several media sources and on the ground here, is that most of the NATO missiles had been downed by the Syrian defense system, and that damage was limited to one (1) building (a research center) being destroyed and three soldiers injured.  The other targeted buildings had already been targeted from last year or even previously blown up by terrorists and were already destroyed partly or completely, or were abandoned, so targeting them wasn’t a heroic job by the FUK-US alliance."

      Rumor in Syria also has it that "Everyone from our side (Syria, Iran and Russia) already knew the targets in advance (conspiracy 😎), or that they were all ready for it and well-prepared to face it.  Downing 70%-80% of the missiles was an amazing job!  People were celebrating in the streets around midday in the cities (Damas-Aleppo-Tartous-Latakya...etc)."

     Since America's 2011 illegal and criminal invasion-by-proxy, Syrians have been forced to develop a sense of humor in order to cope with the horror of having hundreds of thousands of Syrians blown to bits by FUK-US and its proxy mercenary/terrorist boots on the ground.  "We were all forwarding jokes both before and after the strike regarding Trump and the strike.  I mean no one was really afraid.  That is a big difference between now and the first years of the crisis where everyone was [pooping] in their pants, and when such a threat took place by Obama in August of 2013.  We finally are having a good survival experience now after seven years of this filthy war."

     And then there's the economic downside of the US criminal invasion of Syria.  "The dollar price of goods was getting lower a week or two ago as Syria made great gains in evicting the terrorist invaders, but then prices started bouncing up and down after the Trump threats and delaying of the strike.  Some merchants took advantage of that to take more money from the people’s pockets when goods’ prices got slightly more expensive.  But everything will go down now that monsieur Trump accomplished his mission!"

      And here's some more news we can use.  "The Saudis paid for the strike, and so the FUK-US obviously felt that they had to deliver the service.  This means that those mighty armies of those three great nations have become just grubby mercenaries today, ready to attack anyone if you have the cash!  Everything is for sale!  Even dignity and honor."

     Trust me, my friend in Aleppo is truly pissed off. 

     "We are also just learning now that among the missile targets were some already-abandoned buildings that had already been targeted previously last year.  It means that they targeted rubble over and over again!  This means that FUK-US is out of targets so they are targeting the same targets over and over again.  If so, the Saudis paid a whole lot of money to have those missiles dumped on rubble and abandoned buildings. Good investment!"  Or not.

     "Trump, the one-man show, wanted to make a huge propaganda move with those missiles and to play the role of a great leader who accomplished his mission!  But he’s only a joker in the eyes of many.  For the sake of the western media, the three attackers stated that they did what they had to do for ethical reasons.  Of course they did so!!!  No kidding!! 👏🏻 Bravo!!  I’m having tears in my eyes right now..... 😂 laughing tears, I mean!  That joker is making me laugh."

      And then my friend in Aleppo pretty much nails how the rest of the world sees America now.  "Those criminals know nothing about ethics and morals and they don’t care about millions of dead people, including children and women all over the world (even as they always show themselves as the #1 in humanitarianism).  All that they are interested in is their pocket money 💰, oil, ⛽️ gas, greed, the protection of Israel and the lust of power.  They are ready to do whatever it needs to reach their goals."

    Then my friend regaled me with some of the more interesting gossip floating around Aleppo right now, including the following:  "Some are saying that 'there is a conspiracy between all players together.  It’s all a set-up!  Everyone is dealing with the other under the table.'  I have no comment on that one."

     Next rumor:  "That 'the Syrian Defense didn't down any rocket or missile, that was fake news, and the damage is so big that hundreds lost their lives!'  No comment on that one either."

     And regarding chemical weapons, "Gossips are saying that there was 'a deal to collect all chemical weapons somewhere in the desert, to be targeted all together by the 103 missiles!'  However, if there actually were any chemical weapons in Syria and they had been hit, their damage would have been spread to the whole region.  Plus it’s obvious that Syria doesn’t have that type of weapon anymore, and that the White Helmets' screenplay featuring crisis actors was pathetic, fake and staged -- so I’m not buying that silly analysis."

    Here's another rumor: "Some are saying that they targeted Aleppo and Damascus military airports.  But I heard nothing that day in Aleppo (yes, it’s far away, but on calm nights you can hear gun clashes from miles away, let alone Tomahawk missiles hitting a military airport).  And the Damascus airport is still working and didn’t stop, both the military and civilian ones."

     My friend continues to have other questions too.  "People in Aleppo are also asking themselves, 'How come all these multi-million-dollar FUK-US rockets and missiles injured only three soldiers -- while in the past, before Aleppo was liberated by Syrian troops, just one random shelling by terrorists using only a hand-made cooking-gas container used to kill and injure dozens of people?'  Good question.  Those were random shells targeting people in markets and crowded areas.  However, while the FUK-US strike was well planned, the Syrian defensing was well-prepared to face it and all their missile targets were not occupied by civilians.  I admit, a lot of arguments could go on this point back and forth.  But time will reveal the truth."

       And my friend also sent me some of the latest jokes making the rounds in Aleppo.  "People in Homs are gathering in the city center, begging Trump to re-strike Syria because they had been asleep that night and missed the first show!"

     And of course a lot of Syrians are riffing off the timing of FUK-US's missile strike.  "It was Friday the 13th when Trump launched the strike.  Does that mean he's a witch?"

     A popular meme going around on Syrian FaceBook (if there is such a thing) shows a Syrian soldier holding up one of his fingers with just a very slight pin-prick of blood on it.  The caption reads, "Of the damage of the tripartite aggression on Damascus, the wounding of a Syrian soldier with Tomahawk missiles!"

     Then there's this one:  "Trump promised to send new missiles to Syria -- causing one reporter in Homs to ask, 'If they weren’t brand new as promised, in their original packaging and with the plastic seals still intact, can we then reject them and send them back to Trump by UPS or FedEx?" 😂


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