Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Drama on a personal level...

     And just in case drama on a national and international level isn't enough these days?  Everyone also has drama on a personal level too.

   For instance, I have a "friend" who has a daughter.  Said friend loaned said daughter money and then politely asked said daughter to pay it back because said mother really needed it. 

      Said mother then politely asked for said money back -- about five or six times.  Said daughter, however, rudely ignored said mother.  So said mother finally gets a bit pissed off and says, "Just pay me back and then I'll stop being your mother." 

      Said daughter then goes around telling everyone she can that said daughter is broken-hearted that her mother had disowned her -- but doesn't tell anyone the real reason why there's a problem.  Said daughter then unfriends her mother on FaceBook, won't speak to her mother, won't let her mother see her grandchild. 

      So I would like to ask said daughter this question.  "How could your mother disown you when the terms of the contract clearly state that the act of disowning can only take place AFTER you have paid your mother back?"  Shouldn't a "crime" take place BEFORE the punishment instead of vice-versa?   Shouldn't said daughter pay said mother back first before said daughter can claim to be an orphan?

And what kind of daughter unfriends her own mother on FB? 

      And what would you yourself do if you were in said mother's situation?  But please be aware that "Just go back to being a doormat and cash cow" is no longer an option.


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