Saturday, February 24, 2018

Water water everywhere: Too much of it -- or too little?

     I've been told that you can get instructions for making a freaking atomic bomb right off the internet.  All you need is uranium, a cyclotron or two and a stick of dynamite.  Just score some of that stuff and you're good to go.   Easy-peazy.  Hell, even North Korea could do it.

     And ever since Hiroshima, some of the best minds of our generation have been dedicated to the proposition of blowing stuff up.  But is this really what the world needs right now?  Yet another way to make things go ka-boom?  I think not.  We've got way much bigger challenges facing us right now.

     For instance, on one hand the world's ocean water levels are currently rising even faster than America's national debt.  And on the other hand, deserts are spreading all across the world even faster than school shootings are spreading across the U.S.  One part of the globe has too much water.  Another part has not even enough.

     What to do?

     Wouldn't it be nice if our top scientists would put away their childish things and start working on stuff that really matters?  Like how to desalinate all the oceans' extra water and transport it to the Gobi and the Kalahari and the Sahara and Death Valley?  Where it can really do some good.

     I've been to some of these desert places.  All you gotta do is add water to the dust there and then stir.  Voila!  Instant dirt.  It's magic.  It's like making Kool-Aid.  Instant Eden.

     Why aren't our scientists working on this?  Instead of dedicating their lives to making our planet uninhabitable and radioactive?

PS:  And of course I'm going to somehow tie all of this stuff back to the Middle East as usual -- and why not?  I love visiting the Middle East.  The people there are friendly, hospitable and not really deserving of being bombed, napalmed and slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands.  Mass murder is never a good idea -- whether it's done by Hitler, Stalin or the Pentagon.

     "But," you might say, "what about ISIS and Al Qaeda?"  Do your research.  Most of them are using missiles, deadly gases and even Toyota trucks that America gave them.  Humph.

     And as for election tampering, parts of the Middle East really do have their hands in the American electoral cookie jar.  Here's an article that mentions in passing just how much influence Saudi Arabia and Israel have on American elections:;

     Places in the Middle East such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria, etc. could easily be turned from killing fields to paradises -- if only all those evil vicious bastards in America didn't make so much money on weapons sales.  But then in in places like Parkland and Sandy Hook and Columbine,  I'm probably preaching to the choir. 

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.