Friday, February 02, 2018

Flu vaccines: The biggest little con game in America this year

     "I'm SOOOO afraid of getting the flu this year," said my friend Richard.  "People are dropping like flies!"

     "But if you received your flu shot," I naively replied, "then you shouldn't have anything to worry about and should be protected from getting it, right?"  Wrong!  The drug companies have just reminded us that, because there are so many different types of flu strains out there, then getting a flu shot might not even protect us at all.


     So I began questioning my other friends.  "Did you too get a flu shot this year?" 

          "Yes, of course," most of them replied.

        "And did you also come down with the flu too, even after getting a flu shot?" I asked next.  Shockingly, a whole bunch of them answered "yes" to that question as well.  What a con game by Big Pharma!  We're talking genius here!  

     Drug companies sold millions of flu shots this year.  But then millions of people subsequently came down with the flu.  "Oops, my bad," says Big Pharma.  "Must have gotten the wrong strain."  Again.

     Then of course there's the drug industry's old-faithful fall-back con job too -- where they tell us with a perfectly straight face, "You would have gotten a much worse case of the flu if you hadn't gotten the shot."  Ur, what exactly could be worse than misery and death?  

     And while millions of us are all lying up in our beds wishing we were dead or else in the hospital actually dying, Big Pharma is happily laughing all the way to the bank.

PS:  I do gotta admit, however, that the "Biggest Little Con Game" lifetime-achievement award clearly must go to America's weapons manufacturers.  They have consistently screwed us out of billions and billions of $$$ every single year since the end of World War II.  What a racket.  "We will keep America safe," they constantly tell us, "by shooting up the rest of the world."  And how exactly is that keeping us safe -- when everyone in the rest of the world now hates us?

     "Pay no  attention to that man behind the curtain," they reply.  "Just give us another couple of trillion $$$ and you'll be even safer than lower Manhattan was on 9-11."  And so we cough up yet another trillion $$$ -- and then even more people in even more countries learn very quickly to hate us too -- especially those millions of folks whose families have been murdered by American guns and bombs.

     But I guess it could be worse.  Their families, like ours, could also be dying from flu shots.

PPS:  Whenever the Rule of Law fails to protect the least of us, then our society eventually fails too.   

     "Cough, cough, sneeze -- and then Boom!"  We're not being protected.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.