Monday, October 02, 2017

Saudi Arabia: House Arab or field Arab?

    "Black Lives Matter" is a slogan that is frequently used in America today.  But do Black lives really matter in America right now?  Probably not.

     And also, do Arab lives in the Middle East matter either?  Clearly not.

      But what about all those rich dudes in Saudi Arabia?  Will all their crazy-rich moola save them from ultimately being seen as just a better-dressed version of "raghead" by the West, where Islamophobia is rank?  Do Saudi lives really matter?  Or are the Saudis only there to serve Western leaders their sweet tea before being sent back out to pick cotton again? 

PS:  Between the massacres in Yemen, Gaza, Mosul, Raqqa and Las Vegas as well as the callous treatment of victims of Irma, Maria and Harvey, one beings to wonder if any human life matters any more.


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