Friday, October 06, 2017

"Road Trip to Damascus": My new online book-launch party!

     "How exactly does one go about writing a book," you might ask.  It's easy.  Write about something you know.  Write 500 words a day until you have a whole bunch of pages.  Get it published.  Sit back and be all proud of yourself.  But then comes the fun part -- throw yourself an online book-launch party including digital confetti, digital balloons and even digital cake!  Then invite all of your friends.

     Yes, I really did just finish writing my very first murder-mystery.  Yes, it is now available on Amazon and Kindle.  Yes, it has a hot new cover photo of me being far ahead of the current punk trend by dying my hair black, way back in 1965 (Abby on NCIS eat your heart out).  And, yes, the book is reasonably priced.  And interesting.  And fun.  Do please buy it now. 

PS:  I'll soon be leaving for this year's BoucherCon book convention in Toronto, and will be trying to get all the murder-mystery lovers there to buy my book too.  Wish me luck.

PPS:  Here' the blurb on the back of my book:

     How in the world can we expect a relatively naïve (and unarmed) soccer mom from suburban Virginia to be able to take on the meanest and most powerful super-villain in history—and then actually live to tell the tale?  And how can she also find time to search across the entire planet for a missing physics professor on the run for his life?  And can she also get her kids to soccer practice on time….

     As Marcy travels from city to city across the globe while desperately attempting to save Professor Ayyad and his earth-shattering new discovery that could change the international balance of power forever, our heroine is obviously into this mix way over her head.  
    These daunting tasks seem impossible for Marcy to accomplish—as she struggles to survive a dangerous mission that resembles playing "Where's Waldo" with the Devil.  But unfortunately she is the only person available who can save the professor, bring down an evil empire and even return to suburban Virginia before anyone in her family notices that she is gone.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books -- thus helping me support my addiction to Justice and Truth.

     Plus my latest book, a thrilling murder mystery entitled "Road Trip to Damascus" is now available!