Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Donald Trump: We've got an 8-year-old brat in the White House

     When you were a kid, did you ever dream about being able to fly?  Or that you were The Hulk or The Avenger -- or even PacMan?

     Power Ranger?  Flash Gordon?  Wonder Woman?  Crusader Rabbit?

     When you were a kid, did you ever dream that you were all-powerful, possessed a death-ray, was unstoppable and could do any freaking thing that you want?  Well, guess what?  Once he became president, Donald Trump started acting like even his wildest childhood dreams had come true.  Now every single day is Christmas Day at the White House for him -- all year long.  Now he gets to be the center of attention, just like some little kid.  Fantasy time!

     What would I myself do if I had super-powers like that?  I'd do what Supergirl or Red Sonja did and bring Truth and Justice to the world -- not just act like The Joker or Poison Ivy.  But "Holy Nightmare!"  Trump is acting more like a super-villain than like Super Mario these days.  Plus didn't we just sort of hope to elect an adult to the White House?

     Somebody needs to give Trump a time-out for acting like such a cruel and hateful brat.  His mother shoulda raised him better.

     But on the other hand, what about the real adults who truly do run our world?  The ones who actually do pull the strings and make Trump's weird Howdy Doody/Muppet show actually happen?  The 30-odd guys who always seem to show up on the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum at Davos, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, BlackRock, the World Bank, various federal reserves, the Atlantic Council and the IMF?

     These guys are the world's truly evil mean villains who we should be on guard against -- not just some stupid mean cosplay kid named Trump who avidly copies their disguises.  These guys don't just pull wings off butterflies or murder helpless children from Honduras.  The real adults who truly run our world?  They will do anything for money.  Anything.  And that's even more scary than having a mean 8-year-old playing dress-up in the White House.


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