Monday, December 18, 2017

Freud, Jung, dreams...and nuclear weapons

     Let's take a look at the big picture first.  

     The Pentagon is currently in charge of approximately 9,600 nuclear warheads.  They also own approximately 9,347 lethally-armored drones.  And on the local level in America, SWAT teams here conduct approximately 50,000 raids a year -- cops driving around in wannabe tanks and dressing like Transformers.  Plus untold numbers of American militias and bad guys have weapon arsenals like you wouldn't believe.  And  if that isn't enough to give us nightmares, our very own President and Congressional representatives mostly consist of out-and-out warmongers working for Lockheed, Raytheon, that crook Netanyahu, Saudi baby-killers and the NRA -- and our very own CIA secretly slips billions of our tax dollars into the pockets of al Qaeda and ISIS.

     And then of course there are the more mundane dangers that Americans face on a day-to-day basis -- bill collectors, jealous ex-husbands, car accidents, stressful performance anxiety, irate family members, kidnappers, pederasts, rapists, terrorist threats, school shootings and violence on television 24 hours a day.  And then there's also the ever-constant threat of dying from cancer, Altzheimers, obesity, iatrogenic medicine, high blood pressure, toxic chemicals, radioactive waste and/or lack of health insurance. 

     In America, is there no place left that is safe?

     Yeah, there is. 

     There really is one place in America that is completely and totally safe.  We are completely and totally safe inside of our own dreams -- no matter what Freud and Jung have to say.

     And not only are we completely safe inside of our own dreamtime -- but we are powerful too.

     All the nuclear weapons and military might that those power-mad bastards and bullies in Washington have access to?  They are all totally worthless, impotent and useless to get inside of our dreams and hurt us.  "Nah-nanny-nanny-nah!"  You can't catch me, fool.  "This is MY dream."

      All of those wannabe American bullies' huge stockpiles of weapons can (and will) overwhelm and control us in real life, but they don't have any control at all in our dream worlds.  We do.  They, for all their sick firepower and weaponry up the wazoo, are helpless to do anything at all in our dreams.  They've wasted all their damn money (and ours too) for nothing.  In our dreams, they are merely pathetic playground bullies who are still afraid of being dragged off to the principal's office and sent to detention.

     And no matter how many dollars that wealthy men on Wall Street can stockpile in their bulletproof vaults, they still can't harm us in our dreams either.  They can evict us and leave us homeless in real life or steal our pensions or gleefully send our jobs off to China -- but they can never get to us in our dreams.

    Just the thought of this fact makes me feel better -- but only a little bit.  Because one other fact still remains.  We as Americans shouldn't have to be hiding out in our dreams in order to feel safe. 

     What is wrong with this country!

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.