Monday, September 26, 2016

ISIS: Replacing America's "volunteer" army one grunt at a time

     I just finished reading War Porn, Roy Scranton's excellent, violent and scary new book that vividly describes what it was like to be in the US Army while actually fighting in the 2003-2011 "war" on Iraq.  But times have changed since then.  America's "volunteer" army has now been replaced with a new kind of G.I. grunt altogether:  ISIS.

      "Jane, that is crazy talk," you might say at this point. 

      Maybe.  Maybe not.  But as Sherlock Holmes always told us, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."  So let's take a look at the history of America's armed forces within the last 100 years to see what is impossible -- and what is not.

     From the first world war back in 1917 to Vietnam in 1961-73, America's soldiers were mostly recruited through the draft.  Americans hated Vietnam -- and what they hated most about that horrible "war" was being drafted into it, into the blood and horror and death signifying nothing.  Vietnam was fought by draftees and nobody here liked that -- so eventually public opinion forced that stupid "war" to end (that and the fact that America also lost).

     And then along came the invasion of Iraq in 2003 -- and America's new "volunteer" army fought in that one.  The "war" on Iraq was fought by salaried American "volunteers" -- but still nobody here liked it when these so-called volunteers started coming home in coffins or without limbs or with the sick and twisted minds described in Scranton's book.  So the pressure of public opinion forced the end of that "war" too (that and the fact that America lost that war as well).

      Now, however, all the current "Endless Wars" in the Middle East may never come to an end.  Why?  Because America's neo-con war hawks have learned from their past mistakes and now have whole huge battalions of new soldiers who will fight these wars for them -- soldiers who nobody in America minds if they get blown up or killed or get PTSD.  

     Now America's neo-con war hawks are paying ISIS thugs to fight their (not our) "wars" for them -- and nobody here cares if ISIS thugs get blown up or have a bad day.  Clever, yes?  The possibilities here are indeed "Endless".

     Sadly, most Americans don't object to all these current evil blood-thirsty unjust "Endless Wars" for profit going on in the Middle East -- unless Americans themselves are affected personally.  If Americans don't have to look at all those veterans' cemeteries, grieving widows and returning soldiers without limbs, then apparently they're totally cool with all kinds of slaughter in the Middle East.

PS:  Here's an interesting video that clearly demonstrates that American recruiting offices in the Middle East are open for business and going strong:  "White Helmets:  Al Qaeda with a facelift"

      Funny how the so-called White Helmets only help wounded al Qaeda terrorists.  You never see them give a helping hand to ordinary Syrians -- unless of course there's a photo opportunity for Facebook, Netflix, Fox News or CNN.


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