Monday, September 12, 2016

Invasions:  Big oil, Syria -- and Standing Rock

     It's really hard to explain the concept of US-supported "moderate rebels" in Syria when trying to describe them to your average American.  Trust me, I know from experience, having tried and failed to convince friends that the 'moderate rebels' in Syria are simply al Qaeda goons paid for by American taxpayers, and that Syria's president Assad is not an evil dictator who should be overthrown but rather is merely someone whose country happens to be sitting on a shite-load of oil or is the perfect site for an oil pipeline.

     "Big oil companies just want to take over Syria's natural resources -- and they are using their 'moderate rebel' goon squads to do it," I keep telling people.  But no one ever believes me.  So I try to think up an example.  Here's one.

     "It would be as if suddenly oil was discovered on land that you yourself own here in America or they need your land for a pipeline and then suddenly Big Oil starts noticing your land -- but in a bad way.  And then the next thing you know, Big Oil's 'moderate rebel' goon squads are attacking your children and seizing your land."

     "Can't happen here, not here in America," you might reply.  Oops, it already has -- in a place in North Dakota called Standing Rock.

PS:  And speaking of getting attacked, I too just got arrested the other day -- but only as an actor in a music video.  Acting is fun.  Being invaded by 'moderate rebel' goon squads is not. 


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