Thursday, October 04, 2007

Joe T, they've gone and cancelled POPCORN!!!

This time we're really screwed. I went to check what time it was this evening in order to re-set the VCR so I could tape "Ugly Betty" and guess what? There was a message saying, "Effective September 19, 2007, the time announcement information service has been discontinued." America is going downhill fast!

James Coburn was right. The evil empire taking over the world really IS the phone company. We're doomed. All those soldiers fighting and dying over there in Iraq for the American Way? POPCORN is the American Way! And now it's gone. Why? Because it was getting in the way of AT&T's profit scheme? Humph.

Remember back when we were little kids and you were supposed to dial ROchester-7-8900 to hear some lady recite the time? But everyone just dialed "POPCORN". And now another American tradition is gone. At the rate that the "Conservatives" are conserving America, there's gonna be nothing left of us in less than a decade.

With all the people starving in this world, why I should be so upset about such a small thing as losing POPCORN? It's the principle of the thing. AT&T should be ashamed that POPCORN got shot down in flames on their watch.

"Jane, back then we had the crank telephone," Joe Thompson replied, "and everyone knew the operator. And it was a party line to boot." I remember party lines. You could listen in on your neighbors' phone calls. Now the only people listening in on our phone calls are the Attorney General and the FBI.