Saturday, April 29, 2006

Home invasion: Why haven't cops taken the White House back yet?

About ten years ago, there was a punk who lived in our neighborhood and he and his gang of sleazy criminal wannabes were specialists in "home invasions". They would enter a house in the middle of the night with their guns drawn and take over the place. This worked out pretty well for the punk for a while and he was soon seen driving up and down Stuart Street in a new Mercedes and wearing designer clothes.

One night, however, something went wrong -- the owner of the house the gang had just invaded fought back. The punk was shot in the leg, got arrested and was thrown into jail. (Here's the funny part -- when the punk got out of jail, he filed for disability pay because he was injured on the job!)

I look at George W. Bush's illegal seizure of the White House in the same light as what my punk neighbor did for a living. It was a home invasion.

If what had happened to the White House -- OUR White House -- had happened to any other house in America, cops woulda surrounded it immediately, the street would have been sealed off and SWAT teams with bullhorns would have demanded that the criminals surrender or else get their heads blown off. And if the criminals didn't come out with their hands up as ordered, the house would have been raided -- see, I watch COPS -- and the miscreants dragged off to jail.

How come 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the only house in America where a home invasion is allowed, permitted and even encouraged? Does that mean that a home invasion to my house are gonna be allowed to happen too?

PS: Speaking of home invasions, I just read where Mexico's Cantarell oil field is the second-largest oil field IN THE WORLD. Wow! So why is that country so poor? And, if Mexico has all that oil, why are poverty-stricken illegal immigrants invading our home? Maybe they are just following the trail of booty stolen from their own looted homes.