Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Madame Jane predicts: The Fall of the House of Bush

In my crystal ball, I see that George Bush will attack Iran, the resulting radioactive bunker-buster fallout will contaminate the entire world and Americans will forget all about bird flu as we struggle with lung cancer and mutated babies.

And our George will go to jail forever. End of story.

But what will happen to the USA after that?

Of course I predict the Fall of the House of Bush. You don't have to have been born with The Sight to see that one coming. But what separates the great fortune tellers from your average hack tarot-card reader is this: What will happen to our country After The Fall?

Will we once again fall prey to empty promises and be taken to the cleaners by yet another corporate-welfare shill? Will we watch our beloved country fall apart under the burden of having kept the empire-building shell game in play for too long and end up like the Roman Empire, the Third Reich or the USSR? Will we plunge into an abysmal Depression due to years of federal fiscal credit card scams and all end up living in bleak shanty towns with no electricity while our kids pick through dumptsers? Or will democracy flower once again and the hearts of men evolve into goodness and love? "Madame Jane, what WILL happen after George goes to jail?"

I predict a power vacuum.

I predict a moment in history when America can go one of two ways:

Door Number 1: More of the same. Yet another Little Napoleon, sponsored by TV commercials paid for by electorial bagmen like Abramoff and Delay, arrives on the scene and the great dream of democracy and the Perfectibility of Man takes another step back. We settle for less. Again.

Door Number 2: A miracle happens. We all put aside our obsession with material things and power plays and work our butts off -- like all those students who went down to New Orleans to help with the Katrina clean-up on their spring break -- to change the world and make it a better place.

The odds are in favor of Door Number 1. It would take a miracle to open Door Number 2.

What do I predict?