Monday, May 01, 2006

Lost: Why I will NOT abandon America

"You abandoned me when I needed you most," cried my daughter. She thought that she was referring to an incident that had happened last year but I think that subconsciously she was referring to something that happened a long time ago, the day she was born.

"I did not abandon you," I told her.

"When you were born, the hospital told me that you had a high Billiruben count and that they needed to keep you in isolation for five days 'for your own good'. And in the name of sanitation, the cold-blooded bastards who ran that hospital unilaterally declared that I, your mother, would not be allowed to see you, hold you, touch you, nurse you, sing lullabies to you, change your diapers or cuddle you -- for the crucial first five days of your life." And they instructed me to stop making a scene and do what I was told.


I did everything I could to be allowed to hold my newborn child. I stormed at the administration. I wrote letters. I made phone calls. I haunted the halls of the maternity ward. I cried, I pleaded, I begged. "We are doing this for your daughter's own good," they kept telling me.

Finally, the best that I could do was to go down to the hospital during visitors' hours each day and ask to see my wonderful baby girl through the nursery room glass so that a nurse would hold her up to the window so that at least twice a day for five minutes I would know that my baby was being held.

I was never able to get those cold-blooded bastards to allow me to hold my own child. BUT I DID NOT ABANDON HER. And I made that administration fully aware that I was one pissed-off mom. And other mothers joined me. And the hospital's policy changed. And the way that the bureaucracy acted back then is now considered barbaric.

Like the hospital control-freaks of 35 years ago, the same cold-blooded bastards have gotten their hands on my country right now and they are systematically isolating US too -- and using the same phony scare tactics as well. "This is for your own good," they tell us. "We are only protecting you." By taking away our privacy, our income, our savings, our education, our jobs, our health, our elections, our morality and our rights.

I did NOT abandon my daughter back then and I will NOT abandon my country now.

Most Americans, like my poor baby daughter, are alone and afraid and isolated right now but there are still some of us -- just simple men and women like you and me -- who still care.

And we have not abandoned our country. We are not lost. And it is our privilege, right and patriotic DUTY to make those bureaucrats in Washington know that their current policies are barbaric too.