Friday, July 01, 2005

The Supremes & the War of the Worlds: Saving America from corporate tripod aliens

For our semi-annual movie day event yesterday, my boss closed our office and we all went off to see "War of the Worlds". What was so amazing about that movie was that it exposured the sheer fragility of our existence here in America. Suddenly, everything that everyone had assumed to be completely secure and permanent was being totally destroyed. Houses and bridges and people and cars -- gone in a moment!

Too many of us currently take the American way of life for granted. As Steven Spielberg just REALLY GRAPHICALLY pointed out to us in this movie, there is nothing lasting or guaranteed about the way we now live. And I equate the three-legged tripod monsters driven by the aliens that tried to destroy America in that movie to another set of three-legged tripod monsters -- The White House, the Congress and soon the Supreme Court -- that are now being driven by giant corporate aliens who are happily destroying the world as we know it too.

Like Spielberg aliens from another planet, giant corporations like Monsanto, Lockheed, Halliburton, Enron, WalMart and Coca-Cola have NO COMMITMENT to the American people. To them, we have become just another bovine feedlot, to be harvested at will. Corporations in America are above the law. They are not chained by the Ten Commandments and morality like we are. They are aliens. They are here to destroy and to take -- not to create or to build.

Corporate alien giants are erupting up from under the pavements of Main Street America and they are destroying us as surely as if they were Men from Mars. You think America is too strong to be taken down by blood-sucking alien invaders? Go see the movie.

Interruption here, folks. My Aunt June just called to wish me happy birthday. She's 80 years old and she's a smart cookie. "Thanks, Aunt June. I had a great birthday. My children took me out to dinner and I had a GIANT birthday cake."

"Speaking of birthday cakes," she replied, "I just found out that I have diabetes. Too much sugar. But, frankly, I am beginning to suspect that being sick is so profitable that corporations encourage us to eat sugar so they can sell us their drugs." Wow!

There's hope for America, Mr. Spielberg. None of those corporate aliens are able to fool my Aunt June!

Meanwhile, back at the "War of the Worlds" -- how can we stop the corporate monster tripods and the aliens who drive them? The same way that they were stopped in the movie. I don't want to give away the plot or nothing but it was small things that stopped those blood-sucking alien giants. It was little things that acted locally. Let's do it too.

City Councils across America can override Congress. White House functions can be replaced by the over 20,000 determined American mayors who are sick and tired of seeing their cities crumble under the alien onslaught of immoral corporate tripod monsters. American mayors are sick and tired of seeing federal funds trot off to line corporate pocketbooks while local communities' houses crumble, schools fall into decay, jobs disappear and roads become dysfunctional.

This movie is going to have a happy ending because us little people are going to finally stop our disorganized flight away from the destruction, slowly start to band together and then we are going to scream "Stop!" at the top of our lungs.

For instance, the City of Berkeley just passed a resoultion to develop a Department of Peace! We're not giving our tax money away to war profiteering Bush Republicans' Swiss bank acounts any more. No no no. We stand with Dakota Fanning, Gene Berry and Tom Cruise!

And replacing the Supreme Court is easy too. George Bush, the ultimate corporate lobbyist, is gleefully getting ready to hand the corporate tripod its third leg now that Rehnquist and O'Connor are about to leave two empty spots. But we small people still have the power. We can still take the corporate tripods off to Small Claims Court!

PS: Even though Bush has committed a whole law book's worth of impeachable offenses (the Plame case, the Gannon scandal, the Downing Street memos, the National Forest sell-offs, declaring war without a license, etc.) we would have an extremely hard time successfully suing him in federal court because he has spent four years stacking the courts in his favor and it would take a battalion of lawyers to win just one case against him. But not so in small claims court! LAWYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT. And the judges are all local people. In small claims court, we would still have a chance for justice.

To take our George to small claims court, all we have to do is to find something simple, small and personal to charge him with. If we can find evidence that having a lunatic in the Oval Office has cost us -- personally -- an amount up to the $5,000 (the small claims court limit) then we are good to go. And with all the hanky-panky going on in D.C., we should be able to do that in a heartbeat!

Having Bush instead of Gore in the White House between 2000 and 2004 has already cost every man, woman and child in America over $37,000.00. But I digress.

In my own case, Bush's presence in the White House has cost me personally bigtime out-of-pocket expenses. For example, when Bush lied about the war on Iraq, gas prices went up over $1 per gallon. At ten gallons a week for two years, that's $1,400.00 extra of my own personal money that I have had to spend at the pump in the last two years because GW. Humph.

My daughter starts college this month (Yea!!!! She graduated from high school!!!!! Go Class of '05!!!) and her FAFSA grant is $2,000 a year less than when her brother (high school class of '97) went to college. $2,000 is a lot of money. Bush, you owe me!

My heating bill has sky-rocketed. And I broke my arm on federal property because there are no funds to repair the sidewalk in front of the White House when I went there to evict Bush for violating his lease the U.S. Constitution (you gotta be ELECTED to live at the White House). My hospital emergency room bill? $800.

And I'm not the only one who has personally lost money because of George Bush. ALL OF US need to take Bush to court.

If five or ten million of us sued him, Bush would have to spend the rest of his life going from small claims court to small claims court throughout our nation trying to represent himself. Then he won't have enough time left to keep on destroying the world.

That's a good thing.

PPS: My friend Michael just told me, "Unfortunately, no one can sue the president while he is the president." No problem there. Bush wasn't legally elected. He committed major, well-documented election fraud in 2000 AND in 2004. And his friends on the Supreme Court such as Sandra Day O'Connor also conspired to put him in power illegally. Bush has stolen the White House. Twice. There is no WAY that George W. Bush is our President. Sorry, Michael but that dog just don't hunt.

We've got the grounds to sue George W. And we got the venue. So. Let's all go down to small claims court, fill out our forms and sue him. Get a Judgment against him. Garnish his billions. And get all our money back too.

$5,000 apiece payback from the Bush family Swiss bank account to every man, woman and child in America? That would be no small claim if that happened. THAT would be SUPREME JUSTICE!