Wednesday, July 20, 2005

OMG, Roberts looks just like a Young Republican: Putting SWM back in control of the Supreme Court

My first impression of the new supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr was, "OMG, he looks just like an over-grown Young Republican!" And he does.

So I spent a whole HOUR Googling John. Nope, he wasn't a YR. But I did find some interesting stuff on him. He's definitely in George Bush's back pocket -- made a whole bunch of campaign contributions to the "Elect Georgie" slush fund.

In the law office where I work, there is a a framed document hanging on the wall -- showing the members of the "1923 Alameda County Bench and Bar Association". It is there to remind us. In 1923, there were 249 lawyers and judges in our county. Two of them were women. Perhaps four were Jews. There were no African-Americans. Period. Welcome to the good old days, Judge Roberts. Too bad for us women, working people and minorities. Rich white men are back in control!

I'm sure that Judge Roberts is a wonderful guy. But his nomination tells us something loud and clear. Bush Republicans are sending the likes of you and me a clear message. "The days of working people and small business owners and students and women and minorities and unions trying to run this country are definitely over." Too bad. It was nice while it lasted. There for a while, it looked like America was gonna be a beacon to the world.

No, those days are over. Now America is just gonna be yet another example of folks at the top bravely shouldering "The White Man's burden". But not to fear. The rest of us can always get jobs as cannon-fodder and scullery maids.

PS: I am currently reading George Orwell's classic, "Burmese Days" wherein Orwell insightfully shows us verbal images of what it was like under the British Raj. I highly recommend it. Bush Republicans would love this book. I am sure that the thought of evenings spent drinking at the club while "native" houseboys cleaned up after them would make Bush Republicans all positively DROOL!

PPS: At a recent Madison Square Graden convention, several Young Republicans were asked if they would be willing to serve in Iraq. Many answered that, while they supported the War on Iraq in principle, actually joining the Army and going there themselves was a Bad Idea. "We don't have to be there physically to fight [the war]," one YR stated. How patriotic! They are taking the same position taken by Cheney and Bush.