Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Plame off": How Rove will get away with outing a CIA agent

The Fantastic Four have been at it again. Karl Rove, also known as "The Human Torch", should have been in big trouble after flaming CIA agent Valerie Plame. Exposing a CIA agent is a felony and an act of treason -- a crime worthy of Doctor Doom himself. "Not to worry," said Rove. "Nothing will come of it. The storm will pass over. I'll get away with this one too."

And Rove is right. All he has to do is play "Invisible Girl" for a week or two until the press and the bloggers either move on to the next Rove-generated crisis or are accused of not supporting the troops. "They've been blogging us about 9/11for four years now," commented The Torch, "and NOTHING has come of it. We got caught with our pants down totally -- yet we are still here. Why get our knickers all in a twist over this?"

Why indeed. With Bill "Mr. Fantastic" Frist ruling Congress with an iron hand and the Supreme Court presided over by Antonin "The Thing" Scalia, just exactly WHO is going to persecute Mr. Rove? Not you and me.

Face it, America. Rove OWNS the USA. As our Karl so aptly described his tenure in the White House, "The Fantastic Four will prove to be the longest-running comic book series in history."

Like "The Thing", the Rove administration has also become "a hideously misshapen monster with superhuman strength." You can bet on it -- there will be no resignations, no impeachments and no jail time for this fantastic foursome. Why? Because Rove has torched all of our executive, legislative and judicial checks and balances. But setting justice on fire is not Karl Rove's only super-power. While he is busy being invisible, he can also render other objects invisible too -- such as our Bill of Rights (not to mention the economy).

Yes, we can expect the Plame incident to go the way of the 9/11 Commission, in-your-face election fraud, Gannongate and Downing Street.

"Plame off."

PS: It's still not too late for America. We could still be super-heroes. We could still show some balls. If those DC comic characters aren't going to listen to us, then let's let our local city councils and courtrooms and newspapers know. "We want our country back!" The Fantastic Four's evil clones only hold power over us if we let them. "Plame on!"