Friday, July 08, 2005

One-trick pony: George Bush's "Bring it on" policies are NOT WORKING

"I think that I shall never see a poem as pretty as a tree."

I woke up this morning to the sound of chainsaws as a tree-service crew began to cut down the old pine tree in front of my home.

I threw on my jacket, ran outside in my braids and nightgown and cried, "Halt!" The tree crew just stared at me. "You are dealing with the ultimate tree-hugger here!" I warned them. They cowered visibly, backed off and put down their saws.

Then I went over to the big old pine tree and gave it a huge hug. "Bye bye, Tree," I told it. And to the amazed tree crew, I said, "Thanks, guys. You can carry on now."

That tree had to go. Everybody knew that. Even I knew that. The tree had wound its roots under the flooring of the unit next to me. It had already destroyed the sidewalk and was now working on the sewer system and the drainage. Having that tree there WASN'T WORKING. It was time to cut it down.

The same can be said of George Bush's foreign policy. It is NOT WORKING. And it is destroying the drainage. The monetary waste in Iraq, the senseless bloodshed there, the bombing in Madrid and now the London bombing -- it's time for the people of America to try something else. Let's start looking at different alternatives. Being locked into one policy is very limiting.

If you controlled Congress and the White House, what would YOU do differently -- instead of just re-hashing Bush's same old failed policies?

PS: What I think that WE should do -- and what seems to be our only weapon at this point -- is to do what Karl Roves does: Run a smear campaign. Subtly. On a backyard gossip level. Like Rove did with John McCain in South Carolina during one of those endless Bush presidential "elections" or what he did to Valerie Plame. The only difference between Rove and us is that WE have better material to work with. OUR stuff is more scandalous, more outrageous -- and, better yet, our stuff is even TRUE.

Bottom line: The London massacre has stepped up Bush's failed one-trick-pony show a whole other notch. As my friend Liz said, "We are now playing for our lives for real here." Bush's "Bring it on" policies are no longer just some tin-horn circus acts that we can safely ignore -- and there is now no telling what Bush will do next to escalate his failing policies. One of our crucial next tasks is to find a way to make his "base" to see this.

Bush is biting the hand that feeds him. "Hey, guys. He is biting YOUR hand." As well as mine.

How to do this? To counteract all the Bush Republican failed strategies, we need our own propaganda machine! We all need to get out there, win the lottery and use that money to run endless pro-peace, pro-America, pro-Bill of Rights, pro-do-unto-others, pro-enlightened-self-interest, pro-honesty-in-government, pro-democracy ads on every porn channel in America (those are the only TV channels you can seiously count on the "Religious" Right people to watch religiously!)

PPS: JReed just e-mailed me. "The problem is that you cannot apease factions like this. Clinton tried to apease them and have discourse. The Whaobi [sic] sect believes tht all non-Muslims must die. They want to dictate our foreign policy and who our allies will be and to whom we can assist. Why were we attacked on 9/11?" Good question. Here's the answer:

After staging the attack on the Third Reich and masterminding D-Day, Dwight D. Eisenhower was just sitting around the White House, bored as could be. I mean, after the Invasion of Normandy, just being President was sort of anti-climactic. That this exact vulnerable moment, the CIA came to him and said, "Hey, Ike! Let's destroy Iran's democracy...."

For Eisenhower, this was the snake in the Garden of Eden.

And almost every U.S. President since Eisenhower has funded, master-minded and/or launched at least one major, large-scale attack upon the Middle East. After having witnessed U.S. policymmakers happily sic at least 50 years of Shock and Awe upon various countries in the Middle East, we should perhaps be grateful that this stupid dog-and-pony show only resulted in 9/11.

Sorry, Eisenhower's ghost. Your "Bring it on" policies didn't work in the 1950s and they STILL AREN'T WORKING.


"Bring it on" didn't even work in the Old West. It was the small farmers and School Marms (and even the Native Americans) who brought civilization to the western territories.