Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hitting the Oregon [paper] Trail: How to save billions & stop vote fraud too

Well, it's time for Americans to hit the trail -- the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Paper Trail.

Please explain to me why Congress is so hot and anxious to circle the wagons and spend BILLIONS of dollars on voting machines that don't work when they can follow the example of voting pioneers in Oregon and just have everyone MAIL in their votes. Why spend our hard-earned bucks on Diebold when we can chose the Pony Express instead?

And here's another Oregon [paper] Trail that needs to be looked at carefully. There was, according to prominent Republicans, a LOT of cross-party vote switching going on in Florida. Oh really? Why is that? "Abortion issues. Gay issues. 'Moral' issues," the Republicans told us. But those same issues are present in Oregon too. Many Oregonians think a lot like Floridans regarding these issues. For instance, Oregon just passed an anti-gay-marriage ordinance. And a friend of mine who just moved there told me that she was surrounded by right-wing evangelical types. And yet despite all this potential for vote-switching, Kerry still won in Oregon.

After noticing the pronounced differences between Oregon vote-switching patterns and Florida vote-switching patterns despite similarities in voter attitudes, it becomes ovbious that we need to check out the Florida Trail too. However, in far too many cases, there isn't any trail to check out. How sad for Americans. How convenient for Bush.

Our George is always talking about how much he needs more money to buy weapons with. Well. If Bush REALLY wanted to save more money to give to his scalawag friends in the weapons business, he would jump right on this here band wagon -- or, in his words, "catapult the propaganda" -- in favor of mail-in ballots. They are safe. They are accurate. They are CHEAP.

When it comes to eliminating vote fraud, acting like a free country and saving tons and tons of money, the rest of America needs to dump those high-falutin' lily-livered voting machine varmits in Washington and hit the Oregon Trail!