Sunday, June 12, 2005

Batman begins at 9-11: "Fixing the facts" on Gotham City as well as on Iraq

Holy nightmare, Robin! Bush lied to us about Iraq! So why should we continue to believe that he told us the truth regarding 9-11?

According to newly-released Downing Street memos, the Bush Republicans "created the conditions" and "fixed the facts" to get us involved in the War on Iraq. There is a pattern here, Batman.

They probably "created the conditions" and "fixed the facts" on 9-11 to get us involved in the War on Terror too. I can just hear The Penguin now as he whispers into Two-Face's ear on that fateful morning in the fall of 2001. "The conditions are right. The facts are fixed. Get out your goat book and practice your reading."

To the Bat Cave, Robin! Let's send these Jokers to jail.

PS: If you have ever heard the mating call of a penguin, it sounds just like a little old lady who is totally furious because her purse has just been snatched.