Friday, December 31, 2021

Fun and Games in Afghanistan: Globalists win, we lose


     Am I the only one who realizes that leaving all those billions of dollars worth of weapons behind in Afghanistan was a well-designed strategy on the part of the Pentagon and its masters, the Evil Globalist Bastards?  With all those state-of-the-art weapons in the hands of Taliban berserkers right next door, Russia has yet another outside threat on its borders to contend with in the Great Game.  And NATO just flooded Ukraine with high-tech missiles on Russia's border too.

     But who the freak is paying for all these childish war games?  The globalist gamers?  Uh, no.  American taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the Evil Globalist Bastards' mega-XBox gamer fun -- that could blow us all up.
Why does the British government's mortality graph go up in a symmetrical straight line?  It should be more scatter-shot, right?
And then there's Libya.  Americans should be truly ashamed. 


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