Friday, October 14, 2016

Is Hurricane Matthew coming to your hometown too?

    You never can tell about weather. 

     Here in northern California we used to have a saying, "Never plan an outdoor party after October 10 because it will probably rain."  But a few years ago we changed that saying to "You probably shouldn't plan an outdoor party after Christmas because it might turn a bit chilly." 

     You never know what weather is going to be up to these days -- but it's always a safe bet that it won't get very cold or rain a whole lot here until late Fall.  But at least we don't have any nasty hurricanes here like the one that just smashed into Haiti, a weather nightmare clearly caused by global warming and climate change.

      According to various news reports, apparently the Caribbean has now turned into a caldron of hurricane-causing hot soup -- and if the weather keeps heating up like it has been in the past 20 years, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean could turn into a caldron of hot soup too. 

     Hey it could happen.

     And if it does, then the saying here in NorCal will be, "Never plan an outdoor party until hurricane season is over -- whenever that is."

     So.  With this thought in mind, slowing down climate change now seems like a good thing.  But how do we do that?  How do we slow down global warming so that we can keep our outdoor party plans flowing without having hurricanes arriving as uninvited guests -- and without having to live in a storm cellar for the rest of our lives?  The most obvious way is to give up starting any more "wars".

     Fighter jets, Humvees and tanks are our number-one air polluters today.  So it's time to invite the Pentagon and the Department of Defense and Hurricane Hillary to the climate-change-hating party too -- but please tell Hurricane Matthew and his younger brothers and sisters to stay home.

PS:  I just heard from my friend in poor sweet hurricane-ravished Haiti.  Things are really bad down there.  Over a thousand people have died so far and untold crops are ruined.  "How can I help?" I asked my friend.

     "Send tourists!" he replied.  So if you've got a spare week or two of vacation time coming, please spend it in Haiti.  You'll be helping out Haiti's economy and also having a wonderful time.

     And while in Port au Prince, please stay at my favorite guesthouse.  Just tell the proprietor that Hurricane Matthew sent you.

      And if you can't get to Haiti yourself, please donate here:

PPS:  There was no mention of climate change at the first two presidential debates.  What's with that?  The biggest danger facing us today and not even a sidebar about it?  Huh?

PPPS:  Hillary Clinton just claimed that Donald Trump "stalked" her during the second presidential debate.  Clinton is now afraid of Trump?  Then imagine how afraid of Putin she will be!  But isn't she the one who started it first by stalking Qaddafi and Assad?

     Clinton, you can't have it both ways in politics.  You can't claim to be a sweet innocent girl stalked by a boogie man on the one hand -- and a fearless leader who will stand up to the bad guys on the other.  Which will it be?  Hell, you were even afraid of Bernie Sanders -- being so afraid of him that you rigged his election victory.  Is that not stalking or what!


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