Friday, December 14, 2012

It's terrible to kill kids in CT but fine to do it in Afghanistan and Palestine?

      President Obama has just promised to take action against those who kill children in cold blood.  One thing that he could do immediately to carry out this promise is to stop killing innocent children with all his guns, missiles and drones -- for no other reason than because they were born in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Palestine instead of in Connecticut.

400 innocent Palestinian children were shot in cold blood in Gaza during Cast Lead I.  48 innocent children and 12 innocent women were shot in cold blood in Gaza during Cast Lead II.  Unarmed, these innocent women and children were slaughtered as they stood and had no weapons in the face of their killers -- who were armed to the teeth.  Tell me again how this is different (and more justified) than what happened in Connecticut?

PS:  The shooter at Sandy Hook pretty much fits the national profile of a young person who had been prescribed anti-depressants and consequently the drugs made him nuts -- a la Columbine. Also, here's a link to Dr. Gary Kohl's article on the sad effects of anti-depressants on adolescents.  Scroll down to the bottom to see the impressively long list of young shooters who have gone postal while taking anti-depressants.