Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Plame season finale: Suspense builds as Rove & Cheney turn on each other. Who will win?

It's that time of year -- when Desperate Housewives and Survivors and Apprentices all have their season finales. But they are not the only ones gearing up for that last nail-biting final episode. It looks like there's going to be a HUGE season finale on CSI Washington DC as well.

The suspense has been building all season. Fitzpatrick has already nailed Scooter Libby. Who is going to be indicted in the last climactic episode? Cheney or Rove?

All season long, Fitzpatrick let us believe that he was gunning for Cheney but subtle hints in last week's episode point to a dramatic last-minute indictment of Rove.

And if it comes to a stand-off between Cheney and Rove, who is going to survive? And who will be fired? I bet you anything that if I'm right and there IS a final showdown between Rove and Cheney in the last episode of CSI Plame, Rove will NOT be the one going to jail.

Here's how I predict the final episode will go: As Fitzpatrick gets closer to the truth of who leaked the Plame documents, Rove will point the finger at Cheney in order to save himself. And Cheney will try to have Rove take the fall.

Can Rove rat out Cheney fast enough to save his own skin -- if Jason Leopold is right and Rove has already been indicted? Or will Cheney be able to outwit, outplay and outlast? I bet you ANYTHING that it will be Cheney whose torch will be doused.


Because when Leopold claimed that Rove had already been indicted, what did Rove do (besides of course getting TruthOut's unlisted cell phone number from the NSA)? Rove swift-boated Leopold. REALLY swift-boated Leopold. And he will try the same trick on Cheney. If Rove is cornered, he will turn ugly. What do you want to bet?

If Cheney thinks he can go up against The Karl and win, of course he's not gonna Survive. If we know anything about Rove, it's that he plays dirty. And he plays to win -- no matter the cost. Rove won't be fired. My money is on Rove.

However, the final episode could prove to be even MORE exciting than that. Suppose Rove and Cheney formed a last-minute alliance and double-teamed Condi and Bush!

One bet is sure, however. This season's finale of Plame CSI is gonna be the most gripping finale of all.