Saturday, March 11, 2006

What's the difference between Jews and neo-con Israelis: Jews believe in God?

I went to a talk by a Hebrew scholar from Israel recently and he was talking about the Neo-cons who now run Israel. "You can be a Jew in Israel these days and not believe in God. That's okay," said the scholar. "But whether or not you believe in God, you MUST believe in the Promised Land." Yeah but.... That's ridiculous. If there is no God, then who exactly was the Person who promised the Jews the Promised Land in the first place?

That is the Israeli Neo-cons' big dilemma. Do they believe in God? They must not believe in Him because they are breaking a goodly number of His Commandments on a daily basis. But if they don't believe in God, then they are just mucking around in Palestine, stealing real estate for no reason.

Guys. Either you believe in G-d or you don't. If you do, stop butchering Palestinian children because "God don't like ugly". And if you don't? Then the Promised Land was not promised to YOU and it's time to get out of Dodge. And Jerusalem too.