Thursday, March 09, 2006

Deal or No Deal: If Bush attacks Iran, America stands to lose it all

George Bush is hinting broadly that he is about to "open the suitcase" and drop Shock and Awe on Iran.

Deal or no deal?

According to Mike Whitney and Uri Avnery, Iran will be much easier to invade if the United Arab Emirates can be bribed into helping Bush out -- hence George's gift to Dubai of 21 American ports. Great bribe, George.

Deal or no deal? That deal is almost a sure thing.

A war on Iran can only happen if the Federal Reserve can print up even more Monopoly money, greatly increasing the odds in favor of the U.S. suffering another Great Depression as America's economy continues to spiral hopelessly downward into debt because our money is no longer backed up with equity. We are already hopelessly in debt -- and Bush has already mortgaged the farm.

Deal or no deal? Hands have already been shaken on this one.

What if Bush has a bad hair day, decides that his conquest of the Middle East is going too slowly and pushes the Red Button? Full-out planetary nuclear war!

Deal or no deal?

George Bush and his cronies have systematically destroyed America's values, broken its laws and looted its treasury. They belong in jail.

Deal or no deal?

America? Are you listening? Obviously not. Will you sign your deal with the devil? Yeah, duh. "I'm going to make the deal!" you cry. "I want the money!" And so America makes a deal with George Bush.

Your deal sounds really good on paper, America. But the prize that you will actually be receiving is not the prize you expect. The prize that you WILL be receiving is the same prize that Bush gave to Afghanistan and Iraq -- and that he now plans to give to Iran: Corruption, dictatorship, poverty and chaos.

Deal or no deal? It's still not too late to back out.