Monday, March 27, 2006

Katrina fatigue: 7 months after Katrina, 2 months before the next hurricane

I'm down in New Orleans, visiting my son who is on the American Indian Movement's Sacred Run from Alcatraz/San Francisco to Washington DC. If this e-mail looks a little spotty it's because I'm writing you from my son's laptop computer in the basement of the United Houma Nation's hurricane relief center.

Yesterday, we spent the night sleeping on the floor of the minister's study in a church in Baton Rouge. Today, the runners covered the 65 miles into New Orleans. They ran. I drove. And walked.

Since I've been down here, I have asked everyone I've met the same question. "Has FEMA helped you out?" I always got the same answer.

"Ha ha ha ha ha." Although some people simply snickered.

"Have you recovered yet?" was my next question.


Next question: "When will the next hurricane season arrive?"

"In about two months."

"Are you ready for it?" I asked.


While the rest of America suffers from "Katrina fatigue" and doesn't really want to hear any more sad Katrina stories, the brave people of New Orleans are bracing themselves for the next Category 5.

And this time George Bush needs to start watching The Weather Channel so he will be better prepared.