Saturday, February 07, 2004

Just as abused children pray that Superman will save them, I am praying Palestinian civilians will be spared MORE abuse and death

I send all my good wishes to ANY victim of injustice and tyranny; that they may be spared their agony. And I am aware of the fact that Palestinian have suffered hell daily at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force for these last four decades.

Just as abused and kidnapped children pray that Superman will come and save them, I am praying for such a miracle for the abused and kidnapped Palestinian people -- knowing the hell of injustice that they go through for daring to protest their imprisonment, starvation and loss must stop.

I wish this for selfish reasons because I know that whenever ANY bully can brutalize ANY victim, then I myself am vulnerable to bullies -- and the bullies here will continue to get away with injustice in America as well.

Whenever ANYONE suffers from violence, EVERYONE suffers. Whenever ANYONE is safe and happy, EVERYONE wins. My heart is with you.