Thursday, February 19, 2004

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: The only presidential candidate willing to save America from a bloodbath

By Jane Stillwater

We have a situation here, America. "If we take our troops out of Iraq, there will be a bloodbath," say the pundits. Yet if we leave our troops in Iraq, we will be spilling the blood of yet more American GIs, bankrupting our country and stirring up the enmity of billions. There is no way that the hazards of this situation can be exaggerated. We are making enemies left and right over there; answering the pathetic civilian needs of that country with greed, corruption and death by gunfire. The war on Iraq costs us one billion dollars a week. America, continuing that war is a disasterous situation.

Despite the grave dangers to America posed by the occupation of Iraq, only one US presidential candidate has a plan for peaceful removal of our troops from a place where we have no business.

It is personally shocking and repugnant to me and to every other patriotic American that even one more American soldier might die in some far-off land for some stupid little war. Yet only Dennis Kucinich is thinking of saving him (or her).

In the new Mel Gibson movie, Jesus is beaten, tortured and whipped until his very skin hangs in shreds. Yet despite this unendurable brutality, Jesus Christ refuses to forsake his heart-felt creed of non-violence. And kindness. And love.

Despite Christ's inspiring example, people throughout the world are following leaders like George Bush, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladin -- leaders who tell them, "Killing is the solution to every problem." That's like telling us that serial killers are our only hope.

America, it's time that we see the bigger picture. Killing people won't get us into Heaven. We can't indiscriminately slaughter millions of women and children -- as America has consistently done in the past 50 years -- and then sit back and expect The Rapture to come knocking at our door. "If you can't bear the cross then you can't wear the crown." This the reason why Jesus Christ will be our hero for all eternity and people like Bush and bin Ladin will merely end up in jail.

What would Jesus -- and Mohammed and Buddha -- do if they were American registered voters? I'm willing to bet the farm that they would vote for Dennis Kucinich.

The majority of delegates to the Democratic convention are yet to be chosen. There's still plenty of time to vote for Congressman Kucinich -- and to put pressure on the powers that be to end America's lose-lose situation in Iraq before we witness even more American bloodbaths.

World Press Photo of the Year 2003: Iraqi man comforts his son at a regroupment center for POWs, Najaf, Iraq, 31 March